Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Life And Death In One Punch

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A dazzling fire rose into the sky, and the spirit sword in her hand suddenly seemed to be a blazing sun, illuminating the entire space, the terrifying temperature swept on the spot, countless cultivators living in the world of Snow God, all the virgins with ice bodies were subconscious Backed away.

At this moment they felt that the source of ice in their bodies seemed to be melted!

All of Zhao Yixin's attention at this moment is on Zhu Luan. As long as she hasn't grasped the timing, he will rush to rescue her as soon as possible.


The tauren seemed to feel the tremendous pressure, and suddenly roared up in the sky, and a icy air burst out of his throat. Everyone felt a powerful force that was brewing to a certain point and was about to erupt.

But just at the moment when this power was about to erupt, the fire light struck the tauren's neck.

A huge head fell to the ground at once, and the blood-filled fountain filled the sky, and the kind of bursting power was discharged at once, as if it was a gas balloon, and the flooded river, completely Lose the power to do blame.

Zhu Luan returned to Zhao Yixin as if the leaves were blown by the wind.

She looked at Zhao Yixin with a smile, as if waiting for her appreciation.

"It's not bad! But it's too publicity, you should start the lore, this delay for a while so that many people can see your strength clearly, so that they have time to find out your weaknesses, to deal with it!" Zhao Yixin to her 'S performance is quite satisfactory, but she focused on her shortcomings and warned him.

"Oh!" Zhu Luan was a little disappointed, but not discouraged. This battle just made her have a certain understanding of her combat power. She will run more smoothly next time.

The audience was silent for a moment, and then there was a cry of exclamation.

"This woman is so powerful! Her physique seems to restrain my body of ice!"

"This is definitely a super genius, her physique is definitely the best flame physique, it may be the body of true inflammation, the body of the sun!"

"This team is not easy to deal with! Two super powers appear in a row, and the cost of trying to win them is too high."

"Look again! Maybe we can pick up some bargains from it."

"There must be someone else who will experiment, and I will talk about it later."


The scene was silent for a while, and suddenly a voice came.

"I want to challenge the thirty-eighth!"

Everyone seems to be a common-looking saint. Although the common-faced saint is very powerful, she has reached the realm of sixfold heavens. There are not many people beside her, but all of them are terrible. The strong man, just looking at Xiu, completely crushed Zhao Yixin on their side.

"Why is she! The forty-fifth daughter of Zhuo Lun, this is a big hit, some people even predict that he can challenge the existence of the top ten!" When someone saw this virgin, she suddenly changed color and exclaimed sound.

Some people even disappointed and shook their heads, giving up the mentality of wanting to pick up cheap.

Because they think that Zhao Yixin will lose this time, and want to pick up cheap from the sage of Zhuo Lun, basically they are dreaming!

The old lady in the sky was also a little stunned. She did not expect that this lady of Zhuo Lun could challenge the 38th. Even she had paid attention to this team. She felt that this team should have the top 15 position.

Zhao Yixin looked at the seven people who came, and was thinking about the combat effectiveness of Po Tian and Zhu Luan. Are they likely to defeat one of these people?

A bald man with a short but slightly muscular body walked out of the troop of Virgin Zorren, came to the center of the field, and gently hooked his finger against the broken sky. This person has already found out. Own goals.

This bald-headed man's cultivation practice is also the king's realm, and it seems that he will soon be promoted to the next realm, completely suppressing the cultivation practice to appear here. This powerful existence can already fight the world's powerful players!

Zhao Yixin looked through the sky, and if all were released, he could indeed defeat the other party, but this would expose his identity as a tiresome beast of Zhu, and he felt a little risky!

Although Zhu Yan is a mythical beast, he has received the attention of innate gods and demons, but here is the site of the Snow God. In case there is any conflict between the Snow God and the Zhu Yan family, the exposure of breaking the sky may be implicated.

She stopped the broken sky that was violently flapping on her chest. After calming him, she walked lightly to the bald man.

"Wow!" Everyone on the scene was boiling. This little girl was only in the later stage of yin and yang's unity. Is it possible to defeat this strong man again and again?

Only the old lady in the sky stared at her deadly. The old lady always felt that there was a layer of impenetrable mist on the girl. It seemed that the realm she showed now did not match her. There was something that made her feel trembling. Powerful force seems to be hidden in this girl's body!

"Hey! Little girl, you look so beautiful, how can I get rid of it! It's not as good as you admit defeat!" The bald man saw Zhao Yixin walked up and couldn't help but slightly.

What is this operation? Is it the rhythm to give up?

"No! For your life considerations, you still admit defeat! I was a little scared as soon as I shot!" Zhao Yixin smiled at the corner of his mouth, seeming to ridicule.

"Okay! Don't say I didn't remind you, little girl!" How could the bald man not hear this ridicule, and his face suddenly fell cold!

His body stretched slowly, and his body's momentum grew a little, as if a volcano about to erupt was gaining strength!

"You're a waste of time too! It's a punch in life and death! Take a punch!" Zhao Yi sneered impatiently, reaching for each other with a punch.

This punch has no terrifying power, no terrible power to accompany it, just a plain punch.

The bald man grinned loudly and greeted him with his fists, vigorously and aggressively, the void around him cracked like a dense web of spiders!

But just when the bald-headed man's fist was about to touch Zhao Yixin's fist, his face suddenly changed greatly, because of an extremely dangerous feeling in his heart, and his eyes seemed to suddenly darken and vanity. There was a black shadow coming towards him, and the soul in his sea of knowledge seemed to be torn by a large invisible hand, and it was torn out by force. He felt that he was breathing tightly, and the air could not be sucked. Suck into the belly.

This is a lot of illusions before dying. This is a warning before a person experiences a major crisis and disaster.

He desperately wanted to retreat and want to confess his defeat, but it was too late. His fist had already touched the opponent's fist, and an irresistible force instantly struck him.


He clearly heard his hand bones shattered, and then his arm bones, shoulder blades, sternum... All the bones in his body were shocked by the powerful force in a flash!

At the same time, his muscles and bones, everything in his body is also broken up and broken down into small pieces of flesh and blood, bursting in the air, and turned into a **** rain.

Even the spirits of bald men were wiped out in this terrible shock and disappeared in this world.

Countless people looked at the unbelievable scene, their mouths opened, as if they had left the water, they couldn't breathe and chuckle.