Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Solve Future Problems

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Many people were covered with blood and rain in the sky, and they didn't know it yet.


Suddenly there was a woman screaming, and Madame Zhuo Lun suddenly ran out, crying to the empty blood rain!

This man is her elder brother. She is a strong backing and backer. Without her elder brother, she cant go to this stage today. I didnt expect that today I just want to compete for thirty-eight. My elder brother was beaten alive. A blood rain, how could she not be sad.

"I'm going to kill you!" Madame Zhuo Lun suddenly looked at her eyes, this **** **** killed her brother, the first thing she thought of was revenge, but even her brother could not use her fighting power Conquer, not to mention the **** in front of you.

"Give me all, kill her!"

She roared wildly towards the five people around her, venting the flame in her heart, and expressing her helplessness!

After a little hesitation, the five rushed to Zhao Yixin with this crazy saint.

Zhao Yi leaned on his hind legs and said to the old lady in the sky: "Senior, can I kill them?"

He didn't want to kill these people, causing trouble and looking at the best.

"Yes! But the sage girl is a sage girl after all, can't kill!" The old lady took a deep look at Zhao Yixin and had a huge sense of curiosity about her. The girl faced so many powerful opponents, she was the first time Ask yourself this, is she really so powerful, that she can kill everything?

After receiving a satisfactory answer, Zhao Yixin suddenly relaxed, and he couldn't kill or hurt the disabled.

Her little body passed, not only did she not retreat, but rushed directly into the crowd.

She doesn't have many fancy, or any earth-shattering momentum, but just like this, he randomly punches, swings his legs, and whirls. The five powerful domain rushers, all around the body have opened their own domain strong, all seem to be The scarecrow was blown away.

The end of these people is like a bald man, their bodies explode in the air, and they turn into blood and rain, covering half of the sacrificial hall!

The people were still immersed in the shock just now and did not sober, and then they came to them with a stronger shock!

At the moment when the five people exploded, Zhao Yixin directly caught his hand and drew into the ice field of Saint Zhuo Lun, pinched her neck directly, and poured her into the ground!

This lady of Zhuo Lun on the forty-fifth is like a wooden pile that was nailed into the hard ground hard, leaving only one pair of legs constantly struggling and trembling!

Zhao Yixin patted the dust in his hand, and Youzai wandered back to the team.

Li Rushuang looked at her as if she were a monster. Her attempt was completely subverted by Zhao Yixin. A person can be so powerful with her flesh alone, which she dared not think about before!

Although Zhu Luan was shocked, it was not too ridiculous. This person once gave her too much shock, but now it is just a little more shocking.

The eyes of the broken sky were glaring round, as if they saw the idol of worship, and they were very excited.

In his mind, Zhao Yixin's state is his best long-awaited body. He can't help but yearn for another day when he will become so powerful.

The most shocking thing was Qin Xingyu. He used to be somewhat repulsive towards Zhao Yixin. He felt that this realm was not much taller than him and how old was he. How could he qualify as a master?

But after this battle, his mind changed suddenly. Isn't such a powerful force what he expected? What are you hesitating about? After this battle, be sure to visit the teacher directly!

Zhao Yixin smiled happily and looked at Qin Xingyu's flushed face, which was exactly the result he wanted!

Otherwise, she would be crazy and want to be so high-profile. This is knocking on the mountains and shaking tigers and sounding the alarm for the land in the future. If your kid doesn't follow the teacher anymore, I will choose someone else!

"Hey!" The old lady in the air sighed and waved her hand casually into a hurricane to roll out the Virgin Dollen from the ground and throw it out of the sacrificial hall.

This sacrificial woman who breaks the rules can save death from living sins. More than a dozen snow **** guards rushed up and grabbed it, I dont know where they were sent!

"The challenge continues!"

The old woman's voice sounded faintly, which shocked everyone.

She understands that the girl's power just shocked everyone and made them lose all their fighting spirit at once!

Although these people are not weak in the initial realm, but they are not the top group, otherwise they will not follow these saints into the world of Snow God, and the girl in the initial realm at least can be ranked into the younger generation. Top three.

It's like the difference between the gods and mortals. After seeing the power of celestial beings, mortals dare to fight the gods without being scared to death.

But fortunately, the No. 38 Lady of Frost can only challenge one team at the moment. She generally chooses the first team, which has nothing to do with them!

At this moment, a team was shaking, and there was a young man with extraordinary temperament. At this time, his head was buried in his arms, as if it was a frightened ostrich, and the ten people around him were obviously different. The degree of tremor, they seem to be mortals named by the death, have foreseen their own death, they are now alive and waiting in the torment!

They are another team of saints from Luoxue Palace, and the extraordinary is Li Feng, the seventh prince of the Dali dynasty. Just now Li Feng saw that the girl was smiling at herself, showing her white teeth!

With a soft drink from the old lady, she slowly woke up from shock and panic, and some people only found themselves covered with blood and wiped her face in a hurry.

The challenge restarted, and the battle continued in an orderly manner. No one dared to challenge the 38th!

After a battle in the past, people gradually came out of the shadows. At this time, the first-ranked glorious woman looked at Zhao Yixin from time to time, they had no challenge, she was waiting, waiting for the first After being deprived of his position, go to challenge other teams.

And the top ten teams did not challenge at this time, they also had the same idea as the first team, the challenge was carried out in this weird atmosphere, the top teams were all waiting for thirty-eight Only after the challenge on the 38th did they dare to really start their challenge.

The challenge took place for seven days and seven nights, and Zhao Yixin did not shoot them. At this time, almost all the teams behind the challenge were completed. Almost everyone's eyes were on them, waiting for their challenge.

"Do you want to stay here as a saint?" Zhao Yixin asked softly in Li Rushuang's ear.

When asked by Zhao Yixin, she looked back a little bit puzzled.

"I don't want to!" Li Rushuang's answer was clean and clear, and the expression was very clear.

"Okay, then we won't fight for the first, let's solve an enemy first!"

Zhao Yixin smiled slightly and walked in front of the stele under the eyes of everyone, pointing to a dark team: "I challenge you on behalf of Lady Frost, number 731!"

No. 731 is the team where Li Feng is. At this time, he has a pale face, looking at someone around him, and some trembling: "The time has come for the Li family to need you. Today you will die for the saint. Right!"

This is a young man in black, with a face full of wood, and when he heard Li Feng's words, he seemed to have expected it for a long time, and nodded indifferently!

He could have been immortal, they could have conceded defeat, but for such an illusory qualification, he would have to give a fresh life! He was so unwilling in his heart, but the deep imprint in his bones prevented him from making rebuttals, and he dared not rebut them.