Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Open The Fairy Channel

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The No. 731 was named Jin Zhu, and she took some ten people to the battle platform with some fear, waiting for the end of the challenge.

"Li Shiyi played for the saint!" The young man in black walked to Zhao Yixin lifelessly and closed his eyes gently, waiting for the end of his life!

Zhao Yixin glanced at the young man in black, she could feel the death will in the other person's heart, and there was a hint of unwillingness, but he would not be merciless because of this, this is the cruel reality, the strong gives birth to the weak and dies!

Everyone in the field saw this scene, and many of them could feel the helplessness of this young man in black because they are also one of them. As long as the master needs them, they will die without reservation!

Zhao Yixin exhaled gently, in order to be able to do it once and for all, this time it seemed that he would consume more power from the soul.

"You can die in my hands, you are proud of yourself! But I will give you a surprise today!" Zhao Yixin approached step by step, her voice was low, but still many people can hear, Especially Li Feng and ten of them, at this moment, their hearts were pounding, and they always felt as if they were staring at them with death, and they would be harvested in the next moment!

They regretted why they had to go to Luoxue Palace to participate in any sacrifices and why they had to help this saint. At this moment they even want to escape in desperation!

Hearing Zhao Yixin's words, the man in black shook his body. He didn't understand that he was going to die. What else was worth the surprise.

And at this moment, a flower suddenly appeared in front of him, and the beautiful and fairy girl appeared in front of her. She did not punch or move her feet, but she spit out a word to herself!


The word seemed like a thunder burst in his heart. He watched his body explode under the dead word at once. His head was hit by the powerful force into the sky, and his head rolled inadvertently to see his own. Behind him, a distance of more than a dozen feet away, the loyal prince Li Feng, who is the prince of Jinzhu, and many people who could not name him, burst into ten groups of flesh and blood!

He stayed a little bit, and finally knew what the surprise the other party said was!

He glanced at the other person gratefully, feeling that he suddenly became lighter, as if lying in his mother's arms in memory...

"You..." Old lady saw this scene, her face suddenly turned very ugly, but she did not know what to say.

As if there was something dirty in his hand, Zhao Yixin gently clapped his hands and made a helpless expression at the old lady in the sky.

"Senior, I didn't expect this style to be so powerful. I confiscated my hand, so..."

The old woman was almost choked to death by her words, you confiscated your hand, I think you are intentional! But she couldn't say that, and she was so powerful, I am afraid that her true identity must be extraordinary, he did not want to cause some unnecessary trouble.

Besides, this time it was just a saint who was ranked very low, without any harm, within the tolerable range!

"Okay, I hope you don't have the next time! And you are challenging a team lower than you, so there is no improvement!" The old woman turned black, forgiving the other reluctantly.

"Who called them so weak!" Before leaving, Zhao Yixin seemed to inadvertently mumble, almost letting the old woman run away again.

Zhao Yixin gave a soft smile to Li Rushuang in the fight team. What does that mean? I am satisfied!

Li Rushuang nodded tacitly, the Seventh Prince was just one of her heart problems, and no one would harass herself once she got rid of it.

At this time, the teams in the forefront have let go of their hearts, especially the first glorious saint, who feels like they have lifted a heavy burden, and the whole person is relaxed!

Her eyes turned to the rest of the team, and her face suddenly showed a confident smile.

And the other teams started a **** challenge!

The top ten teams have reached a peak in terms of combat effectiveness and cultivation ability. Although the breaking of the sky is strong, they are comparable to their combat power. The remaining three people, Li Rushuang, Zhu Luan, Qin Xingyu, and others are far from each other.

While watching the battle, Zhao Yixin patiently explained to them some of the knowledge and insights in the battle, while letting them simulate how the party he is fighting should respond.

After ten battles, everyone felt that their vision and knowledge had greatly increased, and their fighting power had risen with each passing day.

They did not care about the ranking of the Virgin, but only knew that the No. 1 position of the Glorious Virgin could not be shaken.

After seven days and seven nights of fighting, everyone was also a little tired. They arranged from the first lady, then followed by the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, and so on. under.

Zhao Yixin was in the third position in the ninth row, and it was indeed a bit far from the altar. No wonder the saints tried their best to fight forward.

"Congratulations to the high priest!" The old lady fell from the sky, fell to the front, and worshiped the altar!

The saints also hurriedly bowed and bowed, the voice melodiously spread throughout the sacrificial hall.

A faint shadow suddenly appeared on the altar. She still didn't look back, but bowed down and bowed towards the top of the altar, and at the same time a silver brilliance sprinkled from her body, shining like a cold moonlight on the dim hall.

An ancient mantra slowly sounded in the hall. There were twelve masked women on the altar. They sat quietly on their knees around the altar, and began to chant old mantras in their mouths, as if they were being hooked. The existence of a certain time and space.

At this time, the high priest was slowly dancing in the center of the altar, as if a snowflake fluttered in the air, giving people a feeling of emptiness.

Everyone was dumbfounded by this dance posture, especially some men, their eyes were foolish and silly, as if they had lost their souls.

"All guard your mind, otherwise you will not only get no benefit, I'm afraid you will be sacrificed!" Zhao Yixin sipped softly, and sounded in the hearts of several people around him.

Several people woke up suddenly, with clear eyes in their eyes.

Suddenly a dazzling brilliance illuminated on the top of the altar, as if a void door was pushed open, and an ethereal and quiet aura suddenly flowed out from inside and filled the whole hall.

"This is immortal!" Zhao Yixin breathed these breaths, and his heart suddenly moved.

This sacrifice really opened the channel of Immortal Realm. It seems that the Snow God still has some abilities in Immortal Realm. He could open the channel so quickly and pass the immortal energy.

If ordinary cultivators can be baptized by immortality, not only the flesh, but also the soul will be greatly improved, but unfortunately now Zhao Yixin can only watch!

The immortal energy filled the entire hall, and everyone was immersed in the baptism of immortal energy and could not extricate themselves. The flesh and bones and even the skin gradually disappeared in the fairy air, and only a pile of clothing was left scattered on the ground.