Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Sacrifice

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At the scene, only Zhao Yixin was sober at the moment. She made a rough estimate. There were thirty or forty thousand people present, of which five became male cultivators, and 30% of the 50% were sacrificed because of their unwillingness. Flesh and soul.

There are five or six thousand people, five or six thousand young people in the field. It is the time when the blood is the most abundant. It is a live sacrifice. This is a huge number. If they are known by their family of teachers , I don't know how big the waves will be.

However, Zhao Yixin did not intend to speak out. Why can some people get washed by immortality and they are sacrificed? Because their will is not firm and there are too many other distractions in their hearts, it is no wonder that others.

Moreover, these people came with greed, and were eventually killed by their own greed.

There is no longer a thin air in the gate of communication, and I dont know when there is a strong idea. The idea seems to be a big net, and it instantly nets everyone in it.

An ice-cold feeling instantly tore the defenses in everyone's mind and rushed into their consciousness.

Many people shouted earth-shatteringly. They felt that their knowledge of the sea seemed to be frozen, and the soul was like a frozen fish. They could not breathe or feel everything outside.

"Click! Click!"

A sound of ice breaking sounded, and a corpse fell to the ground. After falling to the ground, it broke into countless pieces at once.

These people's souls and spirits are not tough enough to withstand the power of this ice, and even their bodies are frozen into ice Tuo, which is fragile like glass.

Zhao Yixin also felt this feeling, but as soon as this feeling penetrated into her vast sea of starry sky, the shadowless disappeared instantly disappeared, and Binghan seemed to tirelessly penetrate, forming in his sea of knowledge The trajectories of ice and cold, although unable to cause any harm, seemed to open a big road for Zhao Yixin.

This trajectory of ice is like a compass, which can guide his soul out of the sea.

This discovery almost made Zhao Yi excitedly scream, which means that he can already leave this fairy corpse and return to Zhao Yuande's body, or he can open the storage space and empty the water in the copper furnace world. Release it.

He can even feel that his body in the copper furnace world is slowly cultivating, and a new spirit is about to be born from the sea of knowledge. He feels that this new spirit is like his own engraved body, with the same breath, even the same strength .

He even wanted to rush in now and be one with this god!

But he can't do it now. This soul is not fully mature. Now, if the two souls are united, his plan will fall short.

And now that the movements may cause the alertness of the will of the fairy world, it is not worth the loss.

The crackling sound of the click is constant, and I dont know how many cultivators were sacrificed under the second wave of blessings!

Looking around, almost half of the space became empty, and the ground shattered ice slag, the whole hall seemed a little empty at once.

What reassured Zhao Yi was that the other four people were still intact at this time and had not been affected too much.

Gradually, the ice cold that penetrated the soul of the gods gradually disappeared. The people in the village felt that their sea of knowledge seemed to have changed dramatically, becoming more turbulent and larger, and even more like a cold outside the sea of knowledge. Things like ice barriers appear, making the sea more sturdy and less likely to be broken by external reason!

"This kind of benefit is not obtained, it is really a waste!" Zhao Yixin gritted his teeth, "Reluctant to let the child can't catch the wolf, blindly worried that he will lose a huge opportunity, fight!"

When she couldn't sense the coldness, he decisively pulled Zhao Yuande out of the copper furnace space and left it directly.

At this time, everyone was accepting the benefits of Immortal World wholeheartedly. Even if the old lady was cultivating by this opportunity, no one found any more.


Suddenly a thunder flashed over the altar, and the passage became wider, and a golden arc shot from it, towards a cultivator who was waiting with his eyes closed.

This arc did not carry the power of a terrifying thunder, but there was an amazing fluctuation that made people throb.

Every cultivator's eyebrows were struck by an electric arc, and everyone felt a powerful power of the god's soul was injected into the sea of knowledge at once. This power of the god's soul was wrapped in thunder, and it struck the past toward them .


Many practitioners' heads exploded on the spot, and a thicker arc rushed out of it, looking for the next target again.

The arc carrying the powerful power of the soul penetrated into Zhao Yixin's sea of knowledge, as if the mud bull entered the sea, without bringing up the slightest waves. The arc drifted in the sea of knowledge as if he was lost. The arc swallowed, and I immediately felt that my soul was powerful!

"not good!"

Zhao Yixin opened his eyes and looked at Qin Xingyu. This little guy has not yet formed a soul, and it is likely to be torn to the sea directly and die.

But what surprised him was that this little guy's sea of knowledge seemed like a huge starry sky. The arc that entered was trapped by the starry sky, and gradually no longer had the strength to struggle, and the little guy began to use the arc at this time. The power of the soul of the gods began to strengthen his own spirit, and began to fuse the gods to form a real soul!

He glanced at the others again, and quietly digested the power he had just obtained. Only then did Zhao Yixin rest his mind and set his sights on Zhao Yuande.

The number of arcs is obviously more than that of the existing practitioners, and some arcs that have not found the target are constantly flying in the air.

Zhao Yuande's situation at this time is similar to that of Qin Xingyu, but he absorbed faster and more violently!

Feeling this situation, Zhao Yi's eyes flashed coldly, reaching for an arc in the air and throwing it directly into Zhao Yuande's eyebrows.

As time passed, Zhao Yi's brow furrowed, and he reached out again and pinched an arc.

Three... Four... Five... Nine!

When the ninth arc disappeared in Zhao Yuande's eyebrows, a powerful spirit slowly opened his eyes in his sea of knowledge. At this time, Zhao Yuande also opened his eyes and smiled at Zhao Yixin slightly, and Zhao Yixin replied smile.

At the moment of the intersection, the two pairs of eyes suddenly understood all the experiences of each other during this time, and an inseparable emotion waved between the two spirits.

"No, it can't be integrated here! Otherwise, it will usher in a powerful sky-tribulation, and you can't contact the spirit of Wanshan here, you go back first!" Zhao Yixin's soul was quietly heard, and then Zhao Yuande was re-plugged Back to the copper furnace world.

At this time, in the world of copper furnaces, Shui Jukong was stunnedly watching where Zhao Yuande disappeared.

"This guy was here just now? Why is it gone in a blink of an eye, is it..."