Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Six White Lights

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But before her words were finished, Zhao Yuande appeared again out of thin air.

"You... where did you go just now?" Shui Juekong backed away in shock, pointing at Zhao Yuande, "Where is this place, why am I here? And you, how can you suddenly be fine!" "

Zhao Yuande answered the question that the water was empty.

"Thank you! Empty!" Although Zhao Yuande is in cultivation, but a little spiritual knowledge is still alive, Shui Jiekong has been taking care of him carefully. Although sometimes he has some hairy feet, but he is always meticulous, which makes Zhao Yuande's heart always moved. .

"Oh! What are you talking about!" For the first time, Shui Jukong felt a little tweaked. Zhao Yuande's words made her seem to have a sip of honey, and she suddenly felt sweet from her throat.

"I can tell you what happened here, but you have to keep it secret, at least at this stage!" Zhao Yuande looked a little serious, he got the matter of the undead tree seedlings, and he can't really spread it now, otherwise the demon's The undead will be robbed from their own hands at all costs.

"Xiang Gong, you can rest assured that people who are yours will listen to you. What do you tell others to do..." Shui Juekong has changed his old lady into someone, making Zhao Yuande's whole body goose bumps.

"Okay... The word "People's Words" doesn't suit you. I'm so scared." Zhao Yuande hurriedly waved his hand to stop. "Be normal!"

"Okay! Others...Everything in the air is up to you!" Shui Juekong also felt a little nauseous when saying the word too much.

"This is in a small world of mine, and at that time you..." Zhao Yuande said again and again that the matter was empty.

Shui Juekong's eyes widened for a long time without saying a word.

"Xiang Gong, you mean that the **** market has been over for a long time, the fight has not appeared, the old man is about to die! Grandma and his old man..." Shui Juekong suddenly felt his eyes shed with tears, these two old men Guys, dont worry about something wrong.

"We will be back soon, we two are here to practice quietly for a few days, go back and inform your family as soon as possible!" Zhao Yuande is most afraid of women crying, and the spicy nature of Shui Juekong crying is even more shocking and engaging. He is in a hurry!

At the moment, Zhao Yixin threw Zhao Yuande back into the world of copper furnace, and she put down one of her hearts, and began to focus on the status of the other four.

All four have been promoted, and the biggest improvement is Qin Xingyu. At this moment, he will soon break through the yin and yang unity. If it is not Zhao Yixin's voice, let him suppress it, otherwise Heaven Tribulation has come.

Li Rushuang also benefited greatly, the soul is more than twice as powerful as the original, and it is only one step away from the quadruple realm of realm.

All the arcs above the head have found their own destination, and at this time, the number of people in the hall is less than one-third of the original, and none of the saints who participated in the sacrificial ceremony even died.

This may be a kind of protection given by the Snow God to the inheritors, and of course it may be because the inheritance of the inheritance and the Snow God are the same.

All the arcs disappeared, and a white fairy light suddenly lit up in the passage. The fairy light flew out of the passage and was divided into six at once, turning into six white lights dripping and wandering around the sacrificial hall.


A white light plunged into the eyebrows of the glorious saint.

The body of the radiant saint shocked, and there was a painful color on her face, but after blinking, her face was full of ecstasy, and the seven-color light body rippled from her body slowly rose to the altar.

The old woman was no longer practicing at this time, watching the glorious maiden fly down the altar, a bit of pain appeared in her eyes.

The second disc spins and falls into the eyebrows of a saint in the second row. The saint trembles violently with a pale face and a roar that is not human.


The maiden exploded into a blood mist, and the white light rose from the blood mist, obviously a bit thicker!


Almost all the saints were stunned by this sight at this time. They suddenly felt their hands and feet numb, and a sense of crisis flooded their hearts, as if they would fall into an endless abyss in the next moment.

"Don't be nervous! This is just an example. Hasn't the Brilliant Virgin accepted the inheritance is over?" The old lady shook the hall, making everyone quiet.

The white disc circulated for a week and rushed into the eyebrows of a sage girl who was in the back. This time, the sage girl didn't even struggle. She burst directly into place, and the people around her were splashed with flesh and blood.

Bai Guang did not stay, and rushed into the eyebrow of another saint!

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!"

There were three consecutive explosions, and the three saints disappeared in the hall.

The white light became thicker and more agile, as if a venomous snake was spitting the letter from his face, observing the delicacy below!

And the other four white lights seemed to be a little tempted, constantly twisting their bodies in the air, like a hungry devil.

"No! This is not normal! It's not the same as in previous years!" a saint suddenly shouted at the empty space.

"This is no longer screening, but devouring, that light is getting stronger and stronger, I don't want to participate in this inheritance!" Another lady jumped up in surprise, looking at the remaining five in the sky White light.

"Shut up! It's because your will is not strong enough that you can't bear the immortal qi to explode. This has nothing to do with inheritance!" The old woman shouted loudly, but she seemed a little weak. .

"No! These white lights are obviously wavering, and they are alive! They are going to devour us!" A saint in the front row stood solemnly.

Zhao Yixin is also a solemn face at this time. She also feels that there is a spirit in the white light. These spirits are very powerful and even comparable to the Divine Emperor. They seem to be looking for their bodies and want to win away!

And the brilliance of the Virgin Lady gave her a few strange feelings at this time. Her breath was constantly expanding, and her cultivation practice was skyrocketing. In a short period of time, she was already comparable to the strongest in the world...

Zhao Yixin thought that the saint said the right thing. These gods and souls want to devour human spirits to strengthen themselves, and then find their own flesh and soul!

When the sentiment was excited, the five white lights in the air could no longer hold back, rushing towards the tumultuous crowd below.

And the most powerful **** soul rushed in the direction of Zhao Yixin at this time, its goal is Li Rushuang!

"Humph! Find death!"

Zhao Yixin appeared in front of Li Rushuang in a flash of light, reaching for the white light and pinching it between his fingers.


Suddenly there was a roaring roar in the white light, as if there was a white tiger dormant in it. Everyone around was numb by the roaring body and could not stand.

However, this was completely useless to Zhao Yixin. Her fingers pressed slightly, and a powerful force penetrated into the white light. The sound of anger and roar just now turned into wailing!