Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 256

Chapter 256: Third

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"Stop it!" At this time, the old lady's complexion rushed to Zhao Yixin's face.

"Stop it? Why do you want to stop it? Do you want to let it occupy my friend's body?" Zhao Yixin glanced at the old lady coldly and sneered. "Senior, you seem to have known that this is a feast for the house! What does the garbage from Immortal World want to do?"


At this time, the sound of bursting continued to be heard all around, and several saints were drilled into the eyebrows by white light, devouring their souls.

"We are united so that these white lights cannot succeed!" Suddenly a sage screamed and united people, and a radiance enveloped everyone, and they were urging powerful spiritual power to form protection.

"You! Damn it!" The old lady was so angry that she reached out to Zhao Yixin and grabbed it directly.

The powerful world power directly enveloped Zhao Yixin. A kind of force of heaven and earth descended into the void, as if an ancient mountain was pressing on Zhao Yixin. How terrible the two forces are superimposed. No one knows this, The old lady is a strong man in the Divine Emperor Realm!

"Huh! This does not work for me!" Zhao Yixin's body is an immortal corpse. Even the fairy who landed from the fairy world is far beyond the existence of this world. The heavenly path of this world has no trace of suppression on her, but instead Heavenly Dao has a fear. When he was close to Zhao Yixin, he could not move at all.


Zhao Yixin squeezed the white light directly with his hand, and a white tiger the size of a thumb burst out of it, and ran towards her eyebrow.

"I still don't give up!" Zhao Yi's heart was unavoidable, and Bai Hu directly rushed into his heart.


As soon as Bai Hu entered her sea of knowledge, she immediately shouted in horror!

"Woo! This is... this is a real fairy body!" The white tiger body shivered in the vast sea of knowledge.

Although it comes from the fairy world, but not all of them are fairy people, there are also indigenous and ferocious beasts who have been cultivated as lower. This white tiger was caught by the strong, condemned it to seize the body of the saint, and then to proceed A huge conspiracy, but unfortunately it is too greedy, and devoured the spirits of several saints in a row and became addicted, which was exposed and attracted a lot of emotion.

When the white tiger trembled, his head was pierced by a sword transformed into a soul.

The white tiger exploded, a large amount of Divine Soul Power was scattered, and was absorbed by Zhao Yixin one by one, and the Divine Soul was strengthened a few points. At this time, it is already comparable to the Emperor Strong!

"Kill him!" Suddenly a low female voice came from the passage above the altar. The voice was cold and biting, as if from the Nine Nether Underworld.

"Junior, die!" When the old lady heard this voice, she suddenly shook her body, and she refused to keep her hand. Her powerful strength was fully unfolded, and she was slaying towards Zhao Yixin.

"It's not that easy to kill me!" Zhao Yixin threw all four people around into the space of the copper furnace, and turned himself into a swimming fish to shuttle back and forth among the powerful power of the old woman. Although her power is strong, but as long as it reaches After you have reached the world, there is a lot of world protection, no matter how powerful your physical strength is, when it reaches the other party, it has already dropped to a point, and you can no longer be dangerous to the other party!

However, although he could not hurt the old woman, the old woman could not suppress him by virtue of the law of the avenue of the earth, and he could only chase her to kill her.

Zhu Luan and the four of them only feel like they are in the clouds, waiting for them to light up before they find themselves in a strange illusion.

And beside them, Zhao Yuande is chatting with a bright and moving woman.

"Yuande, your second soul is cultivated?" Zhu Luan walked to Zhao Yuande very naturally, grabbed her arm, and showed a concerned look on her face.

But Li Rushuang was a little embarrassed at this time, standing still, she hadn't seen Zhao Yuande for a long time. This time when she saw that the other women had been broken, she suddenly felt a bit nagging in her heart, not knowing what to do. Face him.

Po Tian wore two breaths of gas, and he was still familiar with it. He just found a place and sat down on the spot to start digesting the latest income.

Qin Xingyu looked left and right, and felt curious.

"Who are you?" At this time Shui Juekong saw Zhu Luan grabbing Zhao Yuande, and suddenly his face fell black. "Take your hand away from my father-in-law, otherwise the old lady will be rude to you!"

Zhu Luan stiffened his body and gave Zhao Yuande a sigh, sighing in a low voice: "It seems that Sister Yu Ling is right, and the two of us can unite to fight for the best interests!"

"What are you talking about?" Shui Juekong's face was not good-looking, he would get up and fight Zhu Luan, but Zhao Yuandela lived.

"Empty! I told you a long time ago, I already have two women! You just don't believe it!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhu Luan slightly embarrassed, and looked at Li Rushuang's gruesome eyes, and felt a scalp tingling. !

He finally realized this time that it was really troublesome to have more women.

"It's still empty!" Zhu Luan glanced at him, "I haven't quickly introduced me to the third son!"

The word "Lao San" in her mouth is very heavy, making Shui Juekong more dissatisfied.

"I don't want to be the third son! I want to be the boss! I am the boss!" Shui Juekong pinched his waist and stared back at Zhu Luan fiercely.

"Okay! You want to be the boss. I won't say anything until I win!" Zhu Luan gained great benefits outside. He was looking for someone to try his hand. Unexpectedly, he encountered Shui Jukong.

"Okay! If you win, you are the boss!" Shui Juekong rolled up his sleeves, and the two started a war!

"Okay, okay! Are you afraid that I am afraid?" Zhao Yuande wanted to cry at the moment. He felt embarrassed that he was sandwiched between several women. It was not as good as Zhao Yixin outside!

Zhao Yi's body and mind moved in the hall, changing from time to time, pumping Leng Zi and holding another white light in his hands.

In this white light came a woman's voice, cold and ruthless, wanting to threaten her, but unfortunately he didn't eat this set at all, he squeezed it directly, and then flicked one of the mini villains with his finger!

"Stop it! You stop me!" The old woman chased in the back, her face was so angry, but she still couldn't catch it or even hurt the other party!

After seeing the saints, they all looked up and vigorously urged the body to block the white light's attack.

Zhao Yixin took the opportunity to eliminate another white light, and now there are only two white lights left in the field.

The two white lights flew back to the altar with some fear, and no longer dared to attack the saints.

"I'll capture him!" The splendid virgin, who had previously been taken away, suddenly heard a dragon chant in her mouth and turned to Zhao Yixin to fight!

"The radiant saint's'lost house', the triple dominance of the world, the radiant body, which contains a trace of real dragon blood, intermediate ingredients, matching recipes..."

"This is a powerhouse of the world's triple dominance! I can't overcome it, but with the two of them trying to catch me, that's a dream!" Zhao Yixin suddenly turned his head and shouted to thousands of people behind him, "Quick I helped stop this stolen sage, he was taken away by a dragon, everyone be careful of its dragon power!"

When everyone heard it, they hurried up with a hula hurry and brought thousands of people to fight against the Brilliant Saint. At this time, Zhao Yixin was the hope of everyone. In case she died, everyone could not escape the fate of death.