Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Escape From The Snow God World

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Although this splendid virgin is powerful, but these are thousands of elite geniuses who have joined forces to defeat the splendid virgin.

But at this time the door of the hall suddenly opened, and countless snow gods rushed into the hall.

"Take me all the saints and kill everyone else!" The old lady said coldly, and then let her down.

There are tens of thousands of snow **** guards, among which there are several world powerhouses, which are absolutely overwhelming.

However, all these saints and their men also gave up their lives. It was the poor, the horizontal, the horizontal, the stunned, and the stunned. Several times, it actually resisted the tens of thousands of Xueshenwei in a short time.

"Hurry up and kill those two white lights!" Zhao Yixin can be regarded as a foregone conclusion. Since you dare to start with me, then I'm welcome. I won't finish it unless you talk about your scourge. It is no big deal to tear apart the void and walk away, so he does not believe that these people can catch up with him in the void.

This is a fairy corpse, as long as he is willing to use the power of the soul to urge, even in the void, even the Divine Emperor may not be able to catch up!

He jumped up and down, and was gradually approaching the altar, but at this time, there was a cold hum in the passage above the altar, which scared her to dare to move forward.

A small hand tore in the void in front of her, a black void appeared in her, and she stepped in with her leg lifted up, and her body disappeared into the hall in a blink of an eye.

"Damn! The good thing that ruined me, you still want to escape!" There was an anxious voice in the passage, and a big hand caught the crack in the void that hadn't disappeared.

At the moment when the big hand appeared, the entire world of Snow God suddenly shuddered, as if it could not bear the existence of this big hand, there were countless terrible big cracks between the world and the whole world seemed to collapse and collapse.

Especially around the Snow God City, large black cracks are striking, some have flames inside, some have white light dazzling inside, and some black water rolls over. This turned out to be a shattered space, and there were strips and The big cracks connecting the big worlds.

"Slap!" As if a balloon had been pierced, the sky suddenly lit up.

The whole Snow God City exploded in a pan, and countless powerful people rushed into these big cracks like crazy, and their faces all showed excitement.

"Someone must have torn the void in the sacrificial hall! The seal is finally broken, and we can finally go out! If it were not for me to open one eye and close one eye, this opportunity may not be available!" , Excitement flashed in his eyes.

"Master Li Gong, do you want to stop me?" The old man suddenly turned around and saw Li Su-niang, who was curling up, and his eyes were full of fierce light.

"No! I want to rush out with you and take a look in the beginning!" Li Su Niang smiled slightly.

"Okay! Then let's go together!"

The figure of the two turned into a streamer and burst into the big crack of the black water rolling.

When Zhao Yixin stepped into the void, he saw a bright star anomaly in the distance. He began to urge the power of the soul, turning his body into a stream of light and whistling toward the bright star.

And at the moment behind him, the palm of a huge crack suddenly burst out from it, and he grabbed it directly towards Zhao Yixin.

"It's terrible!" Zhao Yixin felt a huge crisis coming behind him, and he shivered and urged the soul with all his strength. His speed increased ten times, and he dodged the palm of his hand.

"It seems that this old monster is not going to let me go. If I can't hurry into the big world and hide it, I don't believe you dare to destroy the whole world!" Zhao Yixin turned into a stream of light and rushed directly Into the huge star.

The big hand didn't catch her, and Zhao Yixin fell into the star's atmosphere after a pause.

"Humph! Can you escape?" The big hand rumbling loudly, as if a terrifying demon roaring.

No matter what he said, Zhao Yixin rushed into the big world and saw his direction. He fell towards a very prosperous city.

Outside of the city at this time, I dont know what event is being held. Numerous practitioners gathered in front of a huge valley outside the city. A breath of breath rose from the valley, as if something was going to burst out of the valley!

"Hey! What do you see?" Suddenly someone heard a terrible roar from the sky and a stream of light hit the crowd.

"Is it a meteor?"

"No! I look like a person! No, it seems to be followed by a big hand!"

"Quick! We run away, there must be a super-powerful battle!"

"But this five-color valley is about to erupt. This year's production of five-color stones..."


A tremendous loud noise rang around them, and a large pit appeared among them, and the smoke and dust all around him suddenly.


The big hand was fiercely photographed towards the ground. A few dozens of feet were covered under the big hand. The handprint was as deep as dozens of feet. Dozens of cultivators had no time to escape, and they were directly photographed as fans.

The whole world trembles under this palm, and countless powerful people look in this direction. They don't know what happened here.

The palm slowly lifted, and under the huge palm print, Zhao Yixin's shadow had long been lost.

"Where did this guy escape?" There was a suspicious voice in the palm of my hand. I just felt her breath under my palm, but it disappeared in the blink of an eye!

Numerous cultivators all around screamed in fright and fled in all directions, and the five-colored stone that was about to erupt in the valley was directly extinguished under the power of this palm, as if it was interrupted somewhere in the underground!

"Damn it! Flee!" The voice was horrible, "But under my palm, how far can you pull it out! Die to me!"

The palm suddenly swelled, turned into a huge size, and was photographed fiercely towards the ground. The tens of thousands of cultivators who had just escaped and the big city were all covered under this palm. If it really fell, the big city would become a ruin instantly. , Tens of thousands of cultivators can't even live.

Zhao Yuande was indeed among these people and fled towards the distance.

Just now he was watching the battle of the two women, but Zhao Yixin pulled out of the world of the copper furnace one by one. When the two exchanged, he suddenly knew what was happening outside.

Even he couldn't help but change color for the madness of this palm. He was thinking about if he really took the picture to escape into the copper furnace world, but then he would definitely be noticed by the big hand. This big hand's combat power is already quite As a top emperor, even his previous life was not his opponent.