Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Wind Thunder World

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But at this time, a figure appeared at the end of the sky, and appeared in front of this big hand in a flash.

This is an old man in red, cultivated to be powerful, he gently flicked his palm and pressed his big hand against it.

"This strong man is angry, the world of wind and thunder is guarded by my thunder prison family, please don't kill here." The old man spoke very humblely and politely.

"Do you want to use the Thunder Prison family to press me?" An angry voice came out of my palm. "I'm really not afraid of the Thunder Priest family. If you don't want to die, hurry up and leave me, otherwise I would blame me for killing!" "

"Since you are obsessed, I will accompany Lei Zhenxiao to the end!" The old man in red suddenly flickered outside his body, and the whole person seemed to turn into a thunder giant, and he rushed towards the palm of his hand.

The big hand waved in anger, the palm of the snow covered the sky, the entire world was cold in an instant, the cold wind screamed in the land where countless flowers fell, and huge snowflakes fell.

Countless ordinary people froze in such a terrible cold moment, and in this single moment the entire world of wind and thunder was frozen to death hundreds of millions of ordinary people!

"Sin Barrier! Get me out of the world of wind and thunder!" The old man in red saw this situation, and could no longer calm down, roared and printed the seal of the wind and thunder towards the palm of his hand.

The big hands took Feng Leiyin one by one, seeming to be calm and calm, exuding a terrible cold between the waves, causing the temperature of the whole world to drop suddenly.

The whole world of wind and thunder seems to have felt a huge threat. The wind and thunder bursts in the sky, and huge thunders began to bless the old men in red.

The power of Fengleiyinfa in the red man suddenly increased by more than ten times.

The big hand was bombarded by the wind and thunder, and suddenly began to look awkward. It was always just a palm. How could it fight a powerful God Emperor who had the power of the world, and was soon beaten? Backward again and again, began to become a little loose.

"Long You Shoal suffered from shrimp drama, hate it!" Finally an angry roar from the palm of his hand broke the void and escaped.

Zhao Yuande saw that the crisis was lifted, so he didn't escape.

When he heard that this is the world of wind and thunder, he suddenly laughed. He used to come to this world in his previous life. It is not far away from the world of the East Emperor, and there is a starry portal in this world, which can be reached around The broken heart ring on the periphery of the Eastern Emperor Great World, as long as the broken star ring itself can directly break through the atmosphere and enter the big world.

However, this starry portal is in the hands of a super-power, Ming Haizong. With his current cultivation, I am afraid that he will not be able to return this way.

However, he soon thought of Zhao Yixin, or only by virtue of the invincible combat power of that world, can he borrow a way to return.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's second soul is no longer weaker than the first soul, and if it is possible, the two souls can now be directly united to open the yin and yang unity.

But it is a pity that he has now signed a contract with the spirit of Wanshan, and he must spend time with him in every sky-tribulation. He must not be promoted in this thunderous world.

He soon returned to the big city just now. With the memory of the previous life, he knew that the city was called the Five-Colored City, and he was famous for its abundant colored stone. Unfortunately, the eruption of the Five-Colored Canyon was interrupted by a big hand. When will the time erupt again?

He found the teleport hall and embarked on a teleportation to the sacred city of the sea, the largest city in the sea.

The Holy City of Minghai is majestic and tall. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and close to the sea. It is the base camp of the Minghai Sect. All the high-rises of the Minghai Sect live in the central inner city of the Holy City of Minghai.

As soon as Zhao Yuande stepped into the city, he smelled the salty smell of the sea water, and then there was a suffocating air in the city.

"Is there another war?" Zhao Yuande looked at the central inner city with some curiosity. At this time, a large black flag was flying in the sky.

He casually grabbed a pedestrian on the street and asked what happened.

The man was an ordinary monk and started to be very angry, but when he saw Zhao Yuande's cultivation suddenly changed, he respected him.

After this man's story, he knew that the Minghai Sect was fighting with the Hai Clan at this time. The reason was that the son of the Hailong Beast, the seven leader of the Hai Clan, was ruined by the strong men of the Ming Haizong. Come over to get revenge.

As a result, it was found that it was not the people of the Nether Sea Sect who killed the sea dragon beast. He wanted to face down and refused to admit his mistake. Finally, the two fought a war.

Zhao Yuande felt a headache, and now the Sect of the Sea is busy fighting, and the investigation within Zong is strict, and he will not be allowed to use the starry teleportation array.

He is really anxious now. More than a month later, the opening of Lingshan is now possible or not. The only thing that must be gone is the South China Sea Sword Region more than four months later. There is real hope for his rise, and he must not be absent.

He needs to return to the Eastern Emperor Great World in more than four months. The time is neither too long nor too short. Lets observe here for a while!

There is more Lingyu in his space. Here he found the best inn and packed a small courtyard.

At this time, there was a lot of trouble in the copper furnace space. Zhu Luan and Shui Juekong had a war. Although Zhu Luan had won, Shui Juekong did not admit what he said before the war on the grounds of his cultivation as a high state, and his tone was very bad. The angry Zhu Luan was crazy.

Po Tian and Qin Xingyu cultivate silently, looking forward to progress, and sometimes looking for the group of big hippos in the space to fight for a while, Zhao Yixin occasionally directed beside him to do his duty.

Only Li Rushuang was standing side by side with confusion, not knowing what to do!

Upon seeing this situation, Zhao Yuande hurriedly pulled Li Rushuang out of it. He hadn't seen him for so many years and had many words to ask her.

Li Rushuang only felt that the space was changing, and appeared in a secluded courtyard, with Zhao Yuande standing in front of him.

The two did not know what to say when they met, and the atmosphere was a bit embarrassing.

Zhao Yuande knew that his scandal was known by the other party, but no matter what the other party thought, he also had a hazy emotion with the other party, which could not be let go.

"Thank you, take care of my parents!" Zhao Yuande said first, he always remembered this point.

"It's okay, I just do what I want. But you gave me a big surprise. If you weren't, I'm probably dying inside this time!" Li Rushuang's head dropped slightly, and there was a touch of gratitude on his face. situation.

"This... isn't actually a big surprise for you, it just happened, and there are other surprises I said!" Zhao Yuande suddenly remembered the Bishui Youlan grass, he got five plants under the deep pool, between three times Maybe it can promote Li Rushuang's body of Xuanyin to Yuqing Dao.

Originally he planned to prepare for Ji Yuling, but now Ji Yuling may have entered the Pantheon Garden, maybe he has already gotten a bigger chance.

"Oh, what's the big surprise?" Li Rushuang's face showed a hint of expectation. She knew that Zhao Yuande was the master of the world's first gourmet, and she suddenly had a lot of conjectures in her heart.

"I have a way to improve your physique, speed up your cultivation, and make you hopefully become a fairy!" Zhao Yuande showed a very mysterious expression on his face, which made people wonder.

"Hurry up!" Li Rushuang anxiously grabbed Zhao Yuande's arm and shook it hard!

Improving physique is expected to become a fairy! What a temptation!

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande felt a burst of fragrant wind, and then a pair of warm little hands grabbed himself, making him feel a while, he hurriedly coughed, "Oh, you know I opened a family The best food in the world, this is actually a kind of food. There are still few materials. How about we go to the treasure house outside?"

"Okay! Let's go!" Ordinary people can withstand this temptation. Cheng Xian is the ultimate dream of a cultivator. For this dream they can do anything. It is normal for Li Rushuang to become so enthusiastic instantly, but wait for her It might be embarrassing when I look back.