Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Starship

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Soon the old man returned in a hurry, bringing news that made Zhao Yuande somewhat excited. Seven days later, the starship of Wantong Baolou will come to the world of Wind and Thunder. Here, Panheng will leave on the third day and return to Wantong World. They can pay a certain fee to leave the World of Wind and Thunder by boat. The route of the big ship passes through many big worlds. Zhao Yuande they can disembark in that big world at will.

Zhao Yuande took Li Rushuang with satisfaction, and after they returned to the small courtyard, Zhao Yuande began to help Li Rushuang cook the'Yuqing Dao body'.

Although Li Rushuang's talent and perception are good, he is still worse than a real genius. He finally managed to succeed only the third time.

But after all, because her physique is the body of Xuanyin, which belongs to the physique of the semi-water attribute, her physique after promotion is a little worse than the Yuqing Dao body. It is a physique that has never appeared before. The identification technique cannot be identified, and it is called'unknown constitution'.

However, Li Rushuang feels very good, regardless of the speed of cultivation or the perception of spiritual power, and even the wishful control of water, they have reached a new height.

During this period, Zhao Yuande did not take the remaining elixir, but only helped Li Rushuang to explain various cultivation knowledge in the small courtyard. The other party was also very good at it and brought the elixir. Zhao Yuande also happily paid the price.

Soon seven days later, the people from Wantong Baolou came to inform them to go to the 100,000 mountains outside the city and wait.

A starship must be at least tens of miles long. It is basically impossible to berth in a big city, and it can only be temporarily berthed outside the city.

Hundreds of thousands of mountains, the name sounds quite bluffing, but in fact it is just a large mountain range, of which the fierce beasts and raptors are the highest but the seventh order. For people like Zhao Yuande, it is a stroll in the court.

Before they reached the 100,000 mountains, they saw a huge ship moored in the mountains, which stretched hundreds of miles long and tens of miles wide.

The ship is shaped like a big fish, but it has two wings, like the legendary Kunpeng form.

The ship has muzzles of unknown black holes. These are all surface defenses. They are a deterrent. In the event of a terrible starry sky monster, a super-strong shot is still needed.

Just looking at the size of the big ship and the various equipment above, it is known that its cost is an astronomical figure, even if Zhao Yuande's present net worth is only able to buy one horn.

"This kind of starship is really useful. It seems that I will have to build another one in the future. At least it will be convenient for me to move around the world. I no longer have to ask my father to tell grandma!" Zhao Yuande whispered softly and made up his mind.

"I'm afraid the starship is very expensive!" Li Rushuang is also envious.

"Of course it's expensive! Even if the Ten Snow Palace is sold, you won't be able to exchange a starship!"

Zhao Yuande's words almost shocked Li Rushuang's chin, her red lips slightly opened, and she gasped a little quickly.

Ten Snow Palaces! She couldn't imagine how much Lingyu she needed!

The two soon came to the starship, and a tall young man waited quietly in front of the ship, and saw them come in a hurry to welcome him, with respectful words.

"The two are VIPs of my Wantong Chamber of Commerce?"

Zhao Yuande didn't speak much, and took out the token and handed it to the other party.

"Two please follow me on board!" The young man took the token and looked at it. After confirming that it was true, he took the two to the starship.

"I don't know what level of cabin the two distinguished guests want to rest in?" The young man asked Zhao Yuande while leading the way in front.

"The big ship doesn't know whether to pass through the East Emperor's Great World?" Zhao Yuande replied, and the other party could not help but stay for a while.

"Oh! It doesn't pass through the East Emperor Great World, but after passing the Broken Dust Galaxies not far from the East Emperor Great World, it takes only a little Lingyu to cross the Xinghe River, and then enter the Broken Star Ring to reach the East Emperor Great World. It's time to teleport!" The youth was not annoyed and still answered Zhao Yuande's words very respectfully.

"How long does it take to get to the Dustdust Galaxy from here?" Zhao Yuande asked again.

"Two months!"

"That's good, I'm going to the first class!" Zhao Yuande decided to live in the end.

"There are 600 million top-grade Lingyu needed in the first class for two months!" The young man did not look down on Zhao Yuande, but reminded in good faith that although 600 million is not a big deal for a large chamber of commerce, it is not a big family. A small number, this one is so young, Xiu Wei hasn't had a combination of Yin and Yang.

"Lingyu is not a problem!" Zhao Yuande threw a storage ring to the other party.

The young man took a look at it, and was suddenly a little surprised. In his heart, he immediately positioned Zhao Yuande as a super-family dude!

This kind of person is a donkey, so be sure to wait, otherwise you will not recognize people when you turn your face, and the youth will be more respectful!

Zhao Yuande naturally didn't know the other party's thoughts, and he didn't care if he wasn't enough. He followed and laughed with Li Rushuang behind the youth.

The big ship was too big. They walked all the way through three times before they reached the top of the big ship.

There are gradually more people here, and in the wide passage, you can often see a strong cultivator. Among these cultivators, most of them are humans, and there are other aliens, such as the cool-winged black Wuyu tribe. The bull-headed tribe with long horns, the dwarf tribe with short ears like a fan.

Li Rushuang saw these strange races for the first time and was very curious. He dragged Zhao Yuande to ask such unreliable questions in his ear.

No matter what questions she asks, Zhao Yuande can always help her to answer them carefully, and the matter is small.

The youth leading the way heard the conversation between the two and couldn't help being shocked by Zhao Yuande's extensive knowledge.

He instantly changed his view of Zhao Yuande again, feeling that the other party seemed to be a 10,000-year-old monster, but he would be repaired to hide, and his appearance would be younger!

Soon they came to the door of a room, the young man gently pushed open the door and made a gesture of invitation.

Zhao Yuande stepped into the room one step at a time and found that the space inside was extremely wide, as if it were a secluded garden, a variety of flowers and trees, a variety of exquisite ornaments, quaint furniture...A huge crystal glass is blue and washed outside. sky!

"Jing Mingyuan, I have already made a reservation here, and left it to a distinguished guest. Why did you bring someone here?" Suddenly a voice rang out outside, and the voice was a little high above the air.

"Deacon Qing, these two distinguished guests..." The youth's voice was obviously lack of confidence, and there was fear.

"Well! Dare to say more!" The figure was obviously a little angry, "Do you know who the VIP is? Master Xinghui in Xingyue Palace, first class VIP! Preparing disciples in the World of Realm!"

Hearing the words Xingyue Palace, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but look a little cold!