Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Really Can Bear

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"This mysterious treasure has a base price of one billion yuan. Interested old friends can take it back and study it!" Gongsun Xiong looked at some of the old guys below and found that they were all lacking in interest. They could not help but sigh secretly. Now!

After a long time, no one has bid, and everyone is not optimistic about this kind of thing. What is the use of light solidity, cant be made into a baby, it means that it cant be arbitrarily sized, cannot be included in the body, such a big guy, put it in the space, really There is no defense at all between life and death, just scrap of iron.

If the cultivation base is under the yin and yang unity, they can take out the majesty, but are there so many spirit jades in the cultivator under the yin and yang unity? So Liu Pai was in the expectation of Gongsun Xiong!

Just as he was about to announce the shooting, a lazy voice rang.

"I'm out of 1.1 billion! At this stage, defense is still a good choice!"

Zhao Yuande raised his hand lazily, a disappointing look.

Gongsun Xiong's eyes lit up, but he didn't expect this one to bid.

"1.5 billion!" Unexpectedly, at this time, someone shouted the price again. Everyone turned to look at Zhang Xinghui. He seized the opportunity and wanted to take Zhao Yuande apart!

"1.6 billion! I don't want to exceed this price, anyway, I will be in a state of yin and yang!" Zhao Yuande glanced at him, and his anger suddenly rose, and this guy came out to make trouble, if he bids again, let him, find An opportunity for Zhao Yi to kill it silently and get it back!

Zhang Xinghui looked at Zhao Yuande and saw that the indifferent look on his face did not seem to be a hypocrisy. He suddenly gave up the idea of continuing to fight. Although he was rich, he was not a small number, but he was not a small number. It's a bit of a play for these spirits to be thrown around.

He is more tolerant and very restrained, otherwise he will not be the owner of Xingyue Palace in the future!

Zhang Xinghui was silent, and no one bid anymore. Zhao Yuande easily got this incomplete Jiantian Realm, and a pair of them indifferently dropped into his storage space.

The auction continues, and the next few things are very promising, each of which is a fine product, but it is not very useful for Zhao Yuande, and the old men stared too tightly, they young people Unable to start, only Wang Yangxing sighed.

"Here is the ninth lot, three Wulinghuoyunguo. This elixir is basically useless for the old guys, so let him be given to the juniors!" Gongsun Xiong is not used to being too domineering. Actively put forward this suggestion.

"Okay! This fruit is useless to us, we do not argue!" An old man immediately responded to the call to express his own attitude.

"Even if I give you Gongsun Laoer's face!" The old man with a red face nodded.


All the old men expressed the same attitude for a while, and all the young people under the stage took a breath, and their eyes suddenly glowed with a burning glow.

"Five Spirit Fire Cloud Fruit, the fruit of the five-colored spirit tree, can increase the understanding of the law of fire, intermediate ingredients, match the recipe "fire burning sky" to enhance the physical properties of fire, there is a great chance to understand the law of fire, ingredients list ..."

Zhao Yuande is also very interested in such a good thing, but this is one of the five rules required to understand the advanced world!

"Three Wuling Huoyunguo has a base price of 1.5 billion, and you can increase your price at will!" After Gongsun Xiong announced the price, he obviously heard that the breath of many of the juniors below was much heavier.

"I have 1.8 billion!" Someone added 300 million directly.

To know that the heirs of a super large family, the spirit jade received from the family will not exceed 100 million every year, and the rest are all their chances, so it will take 18 years to calculate 1.8 billion!

"Two billion!" Someone instantly raised the price.

"2.2 billion!"

"2.5 billion!"


The quotations were coming and going, and soon the price was pushed up to 4 billion. Some young ladies and young ladies of the young master suddenly sapped. If 4 billion is not available, no one can take it out!

"4.2 billion!" Zhang Xinghui suddenly raised his hand and quoted the sky-high price. His eyes glanced at the audience, and finally placed it on Zhao Yuande's table.

He smiled at Xue Linglong first, and then looked at Zhao Yuande, raising his eyebrows provocatively.

In his mind, Zhao Yuande first took out 600 million yuan to pay for the shipping fee, and then took out 1.6 billion to take a piece of broken copper and iron. How could there be so many Lingyu to **** himself, this is when he was demonstrating to him!

Zhao Yuande smiled, and he wanted to shoot. He didn't expect this kid to come out to pick things up at this time. Seeing this way, I wouldn't be comfortable if I didn't hit you in the face!

"4.22 billion pieces of top-grade spirit jade!" Zhao Yuande raised his hand unhurriedly, quotation!

The people around him suddenly focused their attention on him. This guy is clearly working together with Zhang Xinghui. What is his identity? Is there any hatred against Zhang Xinghui?

When everyone saw a few people sitting, they took a breath.

In addition to the bidding kid on this table, the remaining three beautiful and gorgeous beauties, including the Pan Elder of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce!

Elder Pan personally accompany, what is the identity of this kid?

Looking down, they immediately knew the cause of the incident. They saw Xue Linglong, the world's first beautiful woman, but Zhang Xinghui's fiancee, but now sitting at this table and frowning with this kid, there must be a big one problem!

No wonder Zhang Xinghui just raised the price of the broken copper and iron, but it turned out to be out of anger.

This kid's offer this time is definitely a counterattack to the price increase just now!

Everyone seemed to understand the key point at this moment, and then looking at Zhang Xinghui's eyes, a strange light appeared, as if his head glowed with green light!

" can't live with me sincerely, right!" Zhang Xinghui stood up directly, looking at Zhao Yuande, eyes burst into flames, "5 billion! I think you will mess with me again!"

The true value of these three fruits is about 4 billion, and this 5 billion was screamed out of his teeth.

"Brother Zhang, don't be angry, I also need this thing very much." Zhao Yuande waved his hand, beckoning the other party not to be angry, he continued, "This is an auction, not a store, pay attention to the highest bidder, you give your price, I give My price, we compete fairly! Five billion and one piece of top grade jade!"

"" Zhang Xinghui looked at each other, his eyes spitting fire, all the scorching fire that had been pressed out all of a sudden rushed out, almost letting him spit out blood, he pointed at Zhao Yuande tremblingly , "You're fine! Boy... you're ruthless!"

He really wanted to quote a price of 6 billion yuan, but in the end he finally overwhelmed his urge to be rational. Six billion yuan to buy these three fruits was a big loss! I dont know if I lost 2 billion!

Everyone looked at Zhang Xinghui, but they couldn't help but stunned, this guy was really bearable, really sane!

Xue Linglong was extremely disappointed with Zhang Xinghui at this time. A man couldn't even get back his face. The popular Qiqiao Shengyan is still counting the gains and losses. He will never have a good life after following this man!

Originally, she just hated the parental affairs arranged by his parents. She didn't hate Zhang Xinghui so much. This is what happened today. She was completely disappointed!