Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Infatuation Seed

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"Senior, what do you think of this sword?" Zhao Yuande stood up decisively at this time and threw a sword at Old Zhu.

Zhu old man saw Zhao Yuande's appearance, and suddenly he was slightly dumbfounded. This kid also has acquired spirit treasure?

He took the sword in disbelief. At this glance, his face suddenly showed a happy look, but the happy look instantly converged.

"This sword..." Zhu's eyes flashed uncertainly, as if he was phrasing.

"Senior! Don't fool me! The spirit of this sword has just been pregnant and is still in chaos. The most suitable one is a child!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile. He knew that the other party thought he was a young man and wanted to Price reduction.

"Old man Zhu, you can do it!" An old man suddenly started coaxing.

"Old Zhu, still playing with a younger generation, aren't you ashamed?"

"Haha... Old Zhu, you are famous today!"


"Good! Good boy!" Old Zhu's face turned slightly red, but he didn't expect his careful thought to be seen through by the other party. This old face was lost here for a few days!

But he was not irritated, but his face showed appreciation.

"This dress is yours!" Zhu Lao threw the treasure to Zhao Yuande with a headache.

After Zhao Yuande took it, he gently draped it over Li Rushuang's body, showing warmth and affection in his eyes.

The eyes of all the women around them were brightened at this moment. They whispered and their faces were all envious.

Xue Linglong by his side looked at Li Rushuang, and his heart was full of envy. If anyone would like to give himself such a treasure, he would leave him without saying anything!

At this time, Li Rushuang's heart was the most excited. She could feel the other person's affection for herself from this treasure. The original thoughts in his heart were all exquisite, and all the worries were turned into clouds and smoke at the moment, and the man in front of him was The most authentic, you must not miss him!

She stood up gently, came to Zhao Yuande, embraced him all at once, and kissed him gently in front of everyone!

"Okay!" A burst of shouts broke out at the scene!

A small climax passed, and everyone regained calm, and an old man took out a piece of white jade and showed it in front of everyone.

"This is a white jade **** crystal that can be used to refine acquired spirit treasures. I want to change a potion or spirit pill that can increase Shouyuan!"

White jade **** crystal is indeed a rare treasure. Many master refiners want this kind of thing. As long as they add a piece of fingernail size to the refiner, they can increase the level of the treasure that is refined, of course it can Refine the real acquired spirit treasure!

Several old men were hot in their eyes, but they were suffering from the panacea that did not increase Shouyuan and could only sigh.

"Senior, I have a "True Sungrass" here that can extend my life for a hundred years..." There was a faint voice that sounded in the back, at first sight it was lack of confidence!

"Too little too little!" The old man shook his head.

"Senior Lin, I have a Feng Yuan Dan here! Life can be extended for 500 years!" A middle-aged man stood up and took out a pill bottle and handed it to the old man.

"Five hundred years..." The old man hesitated, and finally sighed gently, still shaking his head. "Five hundred years is not enough..."

The middle-aged man's eyes flashed, and he took out a jade bottle from his arms and passed it.

"One thousand years..." There was a hazy light in the old man's eyes, and he murmured softly, "One thousand years is still not enough to walk in the ghost world! But I can't wait any longer!"

When the three words of Netherworld came out, everyone changed color.

"Old man Lin, don't think about it. Sister Xun has been there for so many years. Why hasn't your obsession been put down!" Old man Zhu suddenly got up and caught the old man, "Don't be impulsive, your training is not enough , There is no return to enter the Underworld!"

"I can't wait any longer, and the spirit of Shimei will be completely gone!" Lin Lin's eyes blurred with tears in his eyes.

Everyone present was silent!

"Hey! This old man Lin is really infatuated!" Pan Yunqiong sighed softly, "Xun Yu has been dead for 80 years, he is still infatuated, it is really moving!"

"Yuande, please help him!" Li Rushuang looked at Zhao Yuande with tears in his eyes. He had just determined his relationship with Zhao Yuande. His emotions came out of the eruption period. When he was touched by the story of Old Man Lin, his tears suddenly appeared. Xili wow.

"Good!" Although Zhao Yuande is not a person who is kind and charitable, he can help if he encounters such a thing!

"Do you have a panacea? Or an elixir?" Pan Yunqiong looks at him well. Does he really have such a thing?

"No, but I have a way!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, stood up, and said to Lao Lin: "Seniors don't need to exchange anymore, I have a way to help them!"

Old Man Lin had just promised to exchange middle-aged people, but he heard Zhao Yuande's words. He couldn't help but froze for a moment. He turned his head and saw Pan Yunqiong beside Zhao Yuande.

Can sit with this one, and the performance in front is very eye-catching, should not arbitrarily fooling himself.

He ignored the middle-aged man, but turned and came to Zhao Yuande.

"What's the solution, little friend?" Lao Lin was very curious and looked at Zhao Yuande up and down.

"Older seniors are not here to say this. If the senior believes in me and waits for me to come to my room after the trade fair, I will definitely give the senior a clear answer!" Zhao Yuande really can't say good food here Otherwise, it will only cause endless trouble.

Lao Lin's eyes flickered, but at last he nodded deeply and turned back to his seat.

"Senior Lin, our business..." The middle-aged man watched the return of Old Man Lin immediately.

"No need!" Lin Lao shook his head.

A pair of middle-aged men stood up in an instant, and looked at Zhao Yuande with hatred. This kid had spoiled his good deeds, and the deal that had been so tenacious and stable was rejected!

This was just a small storm, and soon passed, everyone had to exchange a lot of valuable things, and Zhao Yuande also took out the three colored streamer fans in exchange. As a result, he exchanged a holy medicine and several seventh-order elixir. He almost jumped with satisfaction!

He now has two sacred medicines in the storage space. There are countless other medicinal materials. There are tens of thousands of delicious foods, which is enough for his first food in the world to open for a month without having to repeat it!

However, his current practice is very urgent. Without money, he will not open the world's first gourmet!

In the reluctance of everyone, the fair was finally over, and many people returned with full load, even Zhao Yuande took Li Rushuang back to his room in a small song.

"Rushen, you go to rest first! The senior will come in a while, and he may be inconvenienced when you are there!" Zhao Yuande touched her hair and spoke softly.

"Well! Ok! You must help this senior, I know you can do it!" Li Rushuang nodded gently and left shyly.


As soon as Li Rushuang left, a knock was heard outside the door.