Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Arrivals

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The three figures have already reached the peak.

"Shuiyun City and Shuidong come to see seniors!"

"Chenguang City Muchen see seniors!"

"Shuiyun City Shuiyun'er see seniors!"

Shui Donglai is a young man with temperament. He was the first to rush to the top of Moyun Mountain in the middle of the Blood Sea God fetus. Although he experienced nearly two days of sleeplessness, he didn't feel a bit tired.

But Mu Chen is a tall man with a big face and a strong face, and the blood sea **** is out. His situation is a bit more embarrassed than when he came from Shuidong. His blood stains are all over the body. In his eyes, there was a flash of divine light, which made people feel awed unconsciously.

The last one is a young girl. She is very handsome and somewhat similar to Shuidonglai, but she seems to be a little thin, with a flat chest and a princess Taiping.

This girl is the most unbearable. She has been panting all the time, seeming to be overstretched.

Two people around him cast their eyes on her, Shui Donglai was his brother's concern, but Mu Chen's eyes contained a trace of love.

Wei Chifeng looked at the three people lazily, and finally set his eyes on Mu Chen. This kid had a momentum. He liked this momentum because he also had it.

"Your name is Muchen!"

"What advice does the senior have!" Mu Chen's face couldn't help but showed excitement, he knew his opportunity was coming!

"You're not bad, if you want, you can worship under my door after becoming an inner disciple!" Yu Chifeng's tone was plain, and this Mu Chen was just good.

"Well see the master!" Mu Chen is also simply, since the other party points out, he simply kneels down and prays three times and nine knocks.

"Well! You are a smart man. This is a mid-level spirit weapon. It's a teacher salute!" Wei Chifeng took out a strangely shaped magic weapon sword and handed it to Mu Chen.

"Thank you, Master!" Mu Chen took the sword with excitement, rubbing it with love.

Shuidong came to see the Spirit Tool. Although his eyes were hot, he was not in a hurry. He had absolute confidence in himself and believed that he was no worse than anyone.

The girl was anxious. She looked enviously at the magic weapon in Mu Chen's hands and couldn't help but whispered: "Senior, what about my brother and me?"

Wei Chifeng's impression of the two is not bad, he replied lightly: "My skills are not suitable for you, but if you believe in me, after returning to Zong Men, I will refer you to the disciples and sisters, and they also They are all the elders of my Huoyunzong class, not worse than me!"

"Everything is arranged by seniors!" The faces of the two showed surprise at the same time, hurriedly bowed.

"Okay, stand behind me!" Seeing the two of them so interesting, Yu Chifeng's face finally showed a smile.

Although these three people don't have any special physiques, they are enough to match the water spirit body.

Next, people rushed to the top of Moyun Mountain one after another. There were ninety-nine people in a half day, and only one person left to make up the top 100.

Wei Chifeng observed each other and collected two others. The two were a pair of brothers. The two of them shared the same mind. If they were practicing a kind of exercise, the two complemented each other and complemented each other. When they were fighting against the enemy, they could explode several times. One's own strength can even leapfrog.

"The 100th person has already appeared!" Wei Chifeng has seen the last person. This person has a hard time walking, and seems to have just experienced a war.

"Hey! Another waste!" Yu Chifeng did not hide his disappointment. This is the last one, and there will be no good seedlings in the next one.

He got up and glanced at the five people behind him, beckoning to Mu Chen: "Mu Chen, give you a mission for Master, you are here to wait for three days, as long as you reach the top of Moyun Mountain within three days, all will record it for me On the record, because the teacher is sleepy, go back first!"

Mu Chen was stunned for a moment, but the ecstasy appeared instantly.

"Tu'er must complete the task!" Mu Chen stood upright, but his eyes could not help but drift towards the girl Shui Yun'er.

But I saw Shui Yun'er's envious face, and his eyes were more gentle than before.

Wei Chifeng would leave when he got up, but the afterglow in the corner of his eyes saw a dust rising suddenly from the ground not far away, a figure like a dexterous ape monkey, jumping like a fly through the mountains, but the blinking kung fu appeared At the foot of Moyun Mountain.

The speed was so fast that even Wei Chifeng couldn't help but open his mouth. He stared at the shadow, and found that this was a handsome boy with a fair skin like a girl, and his eyes were as bright as stars. .

The young man soon passed the man just now, and the gust of wind brought the man upside down and almost fell straight down the mountainside.

Not only Wei Chifeng was shocked, but also the ninety-nine young men and women were stunned. Through the distance, they felt a pressure from the teenager, a pressure that they could not resist.

At the moment when they were stunned, the boy had already reached the top of the mountain. The wind he carried carried the ninety-nine young men and women on the scene.

"I'm not too late!" The teenager glanced at the number on the top of the mountain, and then took a long breath, letting go.

Yu Chifeng's eyes can't be pulled away from him anymore. His eyes are full of surprises, rejoices, satisfaction... and many other complex emotions.

However, the brothers and sisters Mu Chen and Shui see this young man, but they feel a faint crisis. This person's sharp rise has seriously affected their status in the heart of Yu Chifeng.

"Haha! It's not too late!" Wei Chifeng laughed, and the laughter was full of joy. He looked at Zhao Yuande and said, "Report your name."

"Zhao Yuande of Zhao Family in Tianhuo City!" Zhao Yuande did not conceal, but he was a little helpless in his heart. After all, he will let the other party down!

"Okay! Zhao Yuande, would you like to be my disciple of Wei Chifeng." Wei Chifeng had hope in his eyes.

In front of him, the blood in his body was rolling like smoke, and the speed was so fast that even he was shocked, especially the sharp momentum, even the disciples of the patriarchal clan disciples were not as good, this son's future achievements are limitless!

"Uh..." Zhao Yuande sighed in his heart and asked the question that made Yu Chifeng stunned. "Seniors can make alchemy?"

When asked this question, the ninety-nine young heroes in the surroundings couldn't help but stunned for a while, but many of them recognized Zhao Yuande's identity. It was the famous Master Zhao, and they suddenly realized it.

"Alchemy?" Wei Chifeng had never heard of Master Zhao's name. He was inexplicably asked. He didn't know why the other party had this question, but he thought of it suddenly. Isn't Zhao Yuande afraid of entering my door and lacking the medicine for cultivation? , So this is the question?

"No, I don't know how to make alchemy. But I have a special alchemist within the Huoyun Sect. I will definitely not lose you one pill for cultivation!" Wei Chifeng hurriedly said that the pill needed for cultivation does not need to be considered.

"Seniors would be wrong!" Zhao Yuande did not feel bad about this person and was very polite. "Actually, the juniors are a princess master. I heard that the predecessors of the ancient school are a holy princess, so I think..."

The meaning in the words is very obvious, that is, you don't want to be your disciple, but want to worship under the predecessors of the ancients.