Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Madman

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The dim starry sky, the boundless universe, the starship has been traveling for more than two months, and finally came to the broken dust galaxy.

During these two months, Zhao Yuande helped Lin Tianzhao to increase the life span of a total of 3,000 years. Lin Tianzhao also followed Zhao Yuande's side as previously mentioned.

Before Zhao Yuande disembarked, however, he quietly discussed with Lin Tianzhao so that he could not hide himself around him.

During this time, he always felt that there were a few evils around him, he decided to let these people show up and then wiped out!

The dusty galaxy is an endless gray galaxy. In this galaxy, there are countless void monsters and various treasures of heaven and earth!

According to legend, the broken dust galaxy used to be a big world. Later, the innate gods and demon fought here to smash the whole world, and finally formed this endless gray galaxy!

There are many treasures in the galaxy, and many powerful people around the world have come here to explore. Over time, a huge starry sky and shattered dust city have been built here!

Wantong Chamber of Commerce also has a large-scale treasure house in the city of broken dust. The huge star warship is parked outside the city of broken dust. Many guests disembark here, and Zhao Yuande is also one of them.

In the past life, he once teamed up in this dust city for a while, leaving a lot of memories here, he is also a revisited this time!

When he got off the boat, he felt two obvious hostility behind him. One of them knew that it must be Zhang Xinghui. He could not bear to be on the boat. He must be waiting for the end to find someone to kill himself. The other one is relatively unfamiliar, making him a little baffled.

But he didn't care, as long as he wanted to kill himself, he would not be merciless.

After a while on the streets of Crushed Dust City, I felt a tail following behind.

"Rushuang, someone will come to kill us, you must pay attention to safety, if not, I will send you into the world of copper furnace." Zhao Yuande sent a voice to Li Rushuang.

"It's okay, I'm not that fragile yet." Li Rushuang gently shook his hand, conveying a kind of determination.

Zhao Yuande nodded gently.

He took Li Rushuang to the dark alleys in the city, only these talents dare to do it!

Soon he appeared behind a huge building, and the dim light made the visibility low.

"Boy, you are so calm!" A voice came from behind them, it was Zhang Xinghui.

"You can bear Zhang Xinghui too!" Zhao Yuande turned around and looked at the four people behind him.

One of the old men had a stiff face, as if it were a corpse, but a pair of eyes shone faintly with blue light.

"Leng Tian, the elder of the second elder in Xingyue Palace, the mid-term cultivation of the emperor, the body of the evil spirit, intermediate ingredients... matching recipes..."

Another middle-aged man was tall, with dark eyes, and a huge coffin on his back. A cold atmosphere emerged from the coffin without letting people feel a sudden cold.

"Cold and melodious, the deacon in Xingyue Palace, the world's double true spirit realm, and the true spirits of corpses, cannot be ingredients!"

Another person is a young woman, who has three or four points similar to Zhang Xinghui, and seems to be his sister.

"Zhang Xingyao, second sister Zhang Xinghui, the realm of the sixfold heavenly realm, star spirits, intermediate ingredients... matching recipes..."

"Boy, don't hold it hard! I know that Mr. Lin is helping you in the dark, so I took the elder of Xingyue Palace with you, please call him out!" Zhang Xinghui looked at Zhao Yuande with a sneer, and ordered Lin Tianzhao's presence.

"Brother Leng, even if you give me a face, let's just forget about this matter today!" Lin Tianzhao walked out of the darkness with a serious face, arched his hand against Leng Tian.

"Brother Lin is not that I don't give you a face, but I can't help but listen to my young master, so the two of us simply don't care about their juniors!" Leng Tian's voice was cold and hoarse, as if a steel knife had scratched the ground.

"Senior, just follow what he said! But you will have to watch this cold day for a while, don't let him do it!" Zhao Yuande sent a message to Lin Tianzhao to reassure him.

Lin Tian took a look at Zhao Yuande. He had a blind trust in this young boy. As long as the other party said yes, it would be fine.

"That's good! Brother Leng, let's get to the side!" Lin Tianzhao gestured to Leng Tian.

Leng Tian glanced at Zhang Xinghui and walked towards Lin Tianzhao.

"Our brothers haven't gotten together for a long time. I came to be the host today. I watched the juniors fighting here. We had a drink!" Lin Tianzhao actually took out a jade table and two jade stools from the space. , A pot of old wine on the table exudes a touch of heat.

"Okay! With Brother Lin's jug of wine, I have to drink two more glasses!" Leng Tian smelled the aroma of the wine, and he was refreshed.

The two old guys started drinking together.

"Okay, your backer is gone, now we should calculate the ledger!" Zhang Xinghui's face was all grinning, "Uncle Leng, the second sister helped me take them down!"

Leng Youyin smiled and walked towards Zhao Yuande. He did not know what terrible monsters were hiding in the large coffin behind him and made a creaking noise.

At the same time, Zhang Xingyao also frowned, and pointed a long sword at Li Rushuang's heart.

"Second sister don't kill her, let me deal with it after seizing it!" Zhang Xinghui also felt the murderousness of her sister and hurriedly reminded.

"Humph! Something that doesn't work!" Zhang Xingyao looked black for a while, and returned coldly.

The cold and melodious speed suddenly increased, and a pair of fists protruded from the sleeves, revealing a pair of dark palms, and photographed towards Zhao Yuande!

"Hey! Really looking for death!" Zhao Yuande stepped back, and a figure appeared in front of him.

This is a girl with a peerless look, rare in the world. The two women here were originally very beautiful, but it is not worth mentioning in front of this girl.

Even the hand that Leng Youyang grabbed at this time was a moment of stagnation for the girl's appearance.

The girl glanced coldly and melodiously, stretched her fist and punched him!

Cold and melodious look, the trajectory of the palm is unchanged, but only changed the target of the attack.

But at the next moment, the cold and melodious face was suddenly full of pain.


The cold and melodious palm of his hand seemed to be hit by a giant mountain. His hand bones shattered instantly, followed by arm bones, shoulder blades, and even the lumbar spine.

His body seemed to be directly hit by an ancient barbarian dragon, and he flew out without knowing how far, and smashed into the wall of a tall building.


The thick walls shattered one big hole at a time, and the sounds of Yingge Yanwu were heard.

The girl was Zhao Yixin, and she rushed to the hole in a single jump, and walked step by step towards the cold and melodious, with obvious killing intent on her face.

"Mr. melodious!" Leng Tiangang had a sip of wine and saw this situation. He almost choked to death by this sip of wine and got up to rescue his son.

At this time a big hand stopped him.

"Brother Leng, don't we just say that you can't just watch the show? What are you going to do?" Lin Tianzhao looked at Leng Tian with smiling eyes.

"You... Brother Lin, that's my son!" Leng Tian looked gloomy as his son wriggled on the ground in pain, feeling extremely distressed.

"Brother Leng! What did you do just now, you have to know that Zhao Xiaoyou can help me find someone who is sister Xun, you are not the same to kill him! If you do it again, don't blame me for not talking about brotherhood!" Lin Tianzhao suddenly Become indifferent.

"What...he can help you find Xun Shimei..." Leng Tian's voice was getting lower and lower, he knew what this Xun Shimei was equal to Lin Tianzhao, so he sat down without a word.

He has a lot of sons, and its okay to give up one or two at a critical moment, but dont provoke this guy to go crazy.