Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 271

Chapter 271: Assassination

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And at this time, Li Rushuang and Zhang Xingyao were fighting together. Although the two had a few small gaps, Li Rushuang was wearing an acquired treasure, almost ignoring each others attacks, and he could let go of all means. The other party obviously suffocated, unable to hurt the opponent at all, and to prevent the other party's terrible chill, the two fell into a state of stalemate, playing hard to separate.

Seeing this, Zhao Yuande walked towards Zhang Xinghui.

"Since it is a grudge between us two, let us two decide the final victory."

"Since you want to die, then I will complete you!" Zhang Xinghui saw the cold and tragic miserable state at this time, saw the horror of the girl in red, and suddenly his heart sank to the bottom of the valley, he was about to smear away the soles of his feet, but But when he saw Zhao Yuande walking towards himself, an idea suddenly appeared in his heart, grabbing this kid and threatening the girl in red with him.

Zhang Xinghui owns the body of Xinghui, and uses Xinghui to refine his body every day. His body is extremely powerful. He feels that it is time to show his powerful body!

He was not far from Zhao Yuande. His bodies turned into wingspan Dapeng, and he rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

The sharp claw edge tore through the air, making a loud bang, and grabbed it towards Zhao Yuande's throat.

"Haha!" Zhao Yuande laughed when he saw the situation.

Its just that there is a way to heaven, you dont go to hell, theres no way to break in, Zhao Yuande clenched his fists, and a terrible thunder poured out of his body, circling in his palm constantly, he was so fancy and unpretentious. Punched a punch in the opponent's claws.

There is no terrible boxing wind and no terrifying thunder, this punch is plain and plain, it is plain and unpretentious.

At this moment, Ling Tian's complexion suddenly changed. He was held by Lin Tianzhao and could not leave, but he was not enough to speak.

"Young Master! Don't be hardwired!"

It's a pity that he discovered it too late. When his voice reached Zhang Xinghui's ears, his fists had touched them together.

When the fists meet, a thunderous thunder sounds from the center of the collision.

A bright thunder light illuminates the entire Tianyu at once!


The thunder roared continuously, as if a thunder was knocking the thunder drum in the sky.


Along with the thunder, a bleak voice echoed in the night sky.

The huge thunder suddenly attracted the attention of many people, all of whom were strong, and rushed toward the dark street like a leap.

"What happened over there? Why is there thunder roaring!"

"I guess someone is fighting, it looks very fierce, let's hurry and look at it!"

"Look, even Wansheng Tower was broken by someone, and the landlord Wansheng appeared!"


Zhang Xinghui fell to the ground, his whole body was wrapped in thunder, his arms were flying away, the hair above his head, and his clothes were cleaned by the electric current at this time, he was like a plucked hair The cock, the whole person lay naked on the ground, constantly struggling to howl!

"Hey!" Leng Tian looked at Zhang Xinghui's miserable appearance, and immediately sighed. He knew that the young master was over. Even if he could regenerate his limbs, this person would be useless.

"Brother Lin, you are satisfied now, the palace master does not know how much fire will happen, hey!" Leng Tian Yang Tian sighed, but shook his head helplessly.

"The murderer kills constantly. Will you think of this before coming to kill?" Lin Tianzhao smiled coldly, and looked up and drank the glass of wine.

Looking at Zhang Xinghui, who was rolling in pain and wailing on the ground, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but gently shake his head. Is this the owner of the Xingyue Palace who will star in the future? What a satire!

"Zhang Xinghui, today you end up with this kind of ending is entirely blamed. I know you today, so as not to cause trouble to me in the future!" Zhao Yuande walked towards Zhang Xinghui step by step, the words cold and ruthless.

"No! Don't kill me, I'm wrong, I admit it to you!" Zhang Xinghui looked at Zhao Yuande in horror, begging for mercy incoherently. "We had no hatred, this is just a fight of will, don't kill me, otherwise star The Moon Palace will never let you go!"

"We have hatred! The previous life has hatred!" Zhao Yuande didn't care what he said, and stepped on Zhang Xinghui's head.

"No..." Zhang Xinghui looked at the falling feet and roared desperately.

"Poof!" Zhao Yuande's feet fell, his head shattered into halves as if rotten watermelon, and blood and brain sputum bones mixed together, splashing everywhere.

"That's the young advocate Xinghui in the Xingyue Palace of Fenglei World! He was killed!" Suddenly someone exclaimed that this person had seen Zhang Xinghui before and recognized it all at once!

"Who is this person? It's so fierce!"

"Dare to step on the head of a young palace directly, it's too cruel!"

"Where do you think that girl is so beautiful..."

"I rely on, beauty is beauty but brutality, she even trampled Wansheng Building on one foot!"


Zhao Yixin was about to kill Leng Youyang. A tall, middle-aged man appeared in front of her. She accused her of breaking her house.

However, Zhao Yixin was in a rage at this time, and would not care about it at all.

However, her strength was so great that she stepped on the seven-story tall building directly for a while.

"No, everyone leave quickly, leave quickly!" The middle-aged man looked at the huge cracks on the wall, his face changed suddenly, and he hurriedly greeted the people who were looking for fun.

Fortunately, these people are some cultivators, and their cultivation practices are not weak. Before Wan Sheng Lou burst into disintegration, everyone escaped.

"You... you are too much!" The middle-aged man looked at Zhao Yixin in fear, but so many people on the scene, if he didn't dare to make a sound, he was completely looked down upon.

"Okay, this is the compensation for you!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the middle-aged man, knowing that this guy was incapable of suffering, and lost a storage ring.

The middle-aged man took the storage ring and looked into it, suddenly showing a ecstatic face.

"Thank you son, thank you son!" The dazzling billions of top-grade spirit jade in the storage ring dazzled him.

He was screaming excitedly in his heart at that time, you continue to fight! The one next to me is also mine, it's better to break it together!

It seemed that God heard the shouting of this guy and suddenly rushed a shadow from the crowd towards Zhao Yuande's head!

This man seemed to be a ghost, and he didn't emit a trace of murderousness before he came out, and the palm of his hand did not make a trace of noise.

When Zhao Yuande felt the crisis, the palm was less than a foot away from his back.

He felt that his back of the head was stabbed with a steel needle, and there was a sharp tingling, which was a very dangerous sign.

His subconscious body leaned forward to avoid this palm, but at this time a black light flew out of the crowd again, shooting straight at his eyebrow. If his body leaned forward again, he would be pierced by the heart and soul Annihilate.

This is an assassination and a lore!