Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 275

Chapter 275: Punch Their Shit

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Zhong Hai heard that the two of them had beaten Ling Zhendong and the group of men, and the suddenly smiling roof was about to collapse.

"Stinky boy, give me a hard punch and kick their shit! When something goes wrong, I will stand up for you!" Zhong Hai patted his son's shoulder with pride.

"Dad, aren't you confused?" Zhong looked at his father in a puzzled way. "Don't you tell me how to be forgiving a few days ago?"

"Stinky boy! You didn't understand your father's meaning, we should bear it, but in case we touched the bottom line, it would be a bastard, and we wouldn't be affected by that birdishness, what happened to the lord, what the hell! "Zhong Hai's eyes glared, bigger than the bull's eyes, and his face was fierce.

"Uncle is really arrogant!" Zhao Yuande applauded, Zhong Man's temper is like his father, just do it if you don't agree!

"Hey! Actually, you don't know, your father and I were promoted to the world in the broken dust galaxy three days ago, and I am no longer afraid of that bird city master!" Zhong Hai laughed.

"Ah! Daddy, you have been promoted! That's great!" Zhong Man jumped up excitedly.

"Okay, let your mother cook a table for us tonight, and our grandfather will have a drink!" Zhong Hai waved his hand and let them hurry in.

"Uncle, cooking is my strong point. You watch my craft tonight!" Zhao Yuande whispered close to the two, "I still have good wine, not enough to say anything now!"

"Oh! The little guy is good! Uncle likes it!" Zhong Hai smiled and patted Zhao Yuande's shoulder. The strength seemed to be ironing, but it was drizzle for Zhao Yuande.

Zhong Hai was shocked in his heart. He had wanted to try Zhao Yuande's details, but he found it unfathomable.

In the evening, Zhao Yuande was at the Zhongman's house, showing great power, made several powerful dishes, and then took out his own three holy wine.

"Little guy, you... this craft is okay!" Zhong Hai smelled the fragrance on the table and almost got drunk. His eyes were bigger than the bull's eyes. He stared at the dishes on the table.

"Uncle, I won't know until I taste it!" Zhao Yuande smiled, he worked **** this table, he could directly promote Zhong Man to the yin and yang unity, help Zhong Hai stabilize the state, and the most important thing was to let Zhong Man His mother, that bitter woman who had been smoky all day long was radiant!

"I'll talk about it first. This dish can't be eaten casually. Everyone has their own. Uncle you are this dish, which is good for you. Auntie, this is yours. Brother, this is yours. I guarantee you will eat it. Surprise!" Zhao Yuande pushed a few dishes before them, with a smile on his face.

A family of three looked at Zhao Yuande, with surprise on his face, but he refused to use chopsticks.

"Why? Aunt Uncle, don't you dare to eat? Afraid of poisoning me?" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Bah! Little man, Uncle never rubbed the sand in his eyes. Have you tried so hard to play poison? Just a few dishes have been cooked for ten hours. Uncle wants to ask, what about you?" Zhong Hai looked in front of Zhao Yuande Empty.

"Yes! Brother, I have all three of you, how about you? Or will I give you this plate!" Zhong Man pushed the plate in front of him to Zhao Yuande.

"This is what I made specifically for you, which is of great benefit to you! As for me, I drink!" Zhao Yuande took out the Sansheng wine and poured himself a glass. The wine was overflowing, and almost all four of the house were intoxicated.

"Okay! Since this is the uncle, eat it first!" Zhong Hai immediately started, and a huge surprise appeared on the face of Cai Gang's entrance.

"Smelly kid eats quickly!" Zhong Hai gave Zhong Man a slap in the eyes with surprise.

Zhong Man only started, but Zhao Yuande looked strange.

He always felt that this brother was too kind to himself, and always felt that he was very close, as if the two had met each other.

Zhong Man's mother, a dark-skinned woman who does not like words, is named Qi Erniang. In fact, her appearance is not ugly, but she is burnt by the heat with the furnace all day.

Seeing her son and her husband move, she also cast a grateful look at Zhao Yuande and began to taste.

Soon all three of them were captured by Zhao Yuande's food, and their faces were all radiating with excitement.

The delicacies entered their bodies, and subtle changes took place in each of them. They are not stupid.

"Haha! My world is actually stabilized, chaos has opened up a huge distance, and I see a little green in the earth!" Zhong Hai suddenly stood up, haha laughed, and his eyes were refined. Flashing. His fighting power has increased by at least 20% at this meeting!

"Hush! Uncle, be quiet!" Zhao Yuande poured a glass of wine for him and pointed to the other two to signal his silence.

"Oh!" Zhong Hai turned to a wine glass, and when he looked at Zhao Yuande, he became shocked and grateful. It took at least decades for him to practice this step by himself, but he only saved a few by eating a dish. For ten years, did you eat a fairy banquet?

Just before Zhong Hai had finished drinking a glass of wine, his glasses suddenly straightened, because he saw an incredible picture of his clothes, and his wife did not shed the skin without the wife of the bran who was not much whiter than the ink!

And after the skin is removed, the skin is as smooth as jade, white and delicate, just like the tender tofu, and a little bit more flexible with your fingers!

"Cough..." Zhong Hai coughed violently, and a glass of wine was poured directly into the trachea, so that he almost didn't breathe.

"Hush!" Zhao Yuande gestured to him again, don't say anything!

Zhong Hai covered his mouth and tried to restrain his cough, his eyes were so bright that he was bright!

"Old man, what's wrong with me?" Qi Er-niang opened her eyes and felt as if she had a mess of things on her body, which was very uncomfortable. She reached out and grabbed her face. It turned out that he was holding a black object as thin as a cicada's wings, with a strange smell on it.

"Haha! Wife, you're beautiful!" Zhong Hai smiled forward and backward but didn't dare to make a sound, let alone the pain. With a flick of his finger, a water curtain appeared in front of Qi Erniang.

Qi Erniang's probe looked at the water curtain, but found that a pretty big beauty inside was also probe the brain!

"Ah... oh..." Qi Erniang thought she had seen a ghost, and before she screamed, Zhong Hai covered her mouth!

"Hush! Keep it quiet, look at his son..." Zhong Hai pointed to his son's cultivation.

Qi Erniang stopped yelling at this, just staring blankly at the beauty in the water curtain, exactly the same as when she was young!

The tears in her eyes suddenly couldn't stop the cries of rush. For many years, for this dead old man, she also went out to help him refine the weapon, help him fight, and help him do everything!

Although there is no complaint or regret, but which woman is willing to be so burned by the flames!

"Well old lady... good... you see the little guy is watching you! Oh... I beg you..." No matter what Zhong Hai said, the tears in Qi Ermian's eyes could not stop.


Suddenly there was a thunderous sound in the sky.