Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 276

Chapter 276: Thunder Tribulation

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Behind Zhong Man, a gray dragon was lifted at this moment, and his claws roared into the sky!

"I rely on! This kid is going to break through the yin and yang unity! The blood of the barbaric dragon has also begun to awaken, and it is absolutely impossible to cross the robbery here, otherwise this street will be destroyed in the sky robbery!" Zhong Hai tears the void, one Pull the crowd into it.

At the next moment they appeared on a huge meteorite with a tens of thousands of laughter in a circle, covered with dense black stripes, as if they were huge dragon scales!

"This kid's Heavenly Tribulation must be very terrible. Can he resist it by himself? This is the terrible Heavenly Tribulation equivalent to the Transfiguration Tribulation... broken, I haven't prepared this matter! What can I do?" Zhong Hai Constantly pacing, like the ants on the hot pot.

Qi Erniang also had tears in her eyes and was very anxious.

"It's okay, uncle, Sky Tribulation is nothing, just give it to me!" Zhao Yuande, the head of the household, said indifferently.

"Boy, don't succeed, have you ever experienced a sky-tribulation? Do you know how terrible the sky-tribulation is? Go and play, and don't get close to it, otherwise Uncle dare not guarantee your safety!" Zhong Hai scratched his head and walked away Walking around, completely at a loss.


A sudden thunder burst in the starry sky, and a huge golden ichthyosaur rushed out of nowhere, culling towards Zhong Man.

"Broken! The first one is so terrible, how can I take the next nine! If I take it, this thunder will be ten times stronger, which is good and harmonious!" Zhong Hai wanted to do it, but he didn't dare to do it. , Tears almost spilled out of his eyes.

"The old man is trying to find a way! Our son hasn't woke up yet, he...ah..." Qi Er Niang was pulling Zhong Hai's arm, her face full of despair, but at this time she saw her A scene that can never be forgotten in life.

The black and thin little guy suddenly jumped up dozens of times. He opened his mouth to the golden arowana that was rushing down into the sky, and the face of the terrifying arowana seemed to be Unwilling to show it, struggling to be sucked into his mouth.

"Wow! It's cool!" Zhao Yuande patted his stomach, letting Thunder roll and blow in his abdomen, his face showing satisfaction.

"" Zhong Hai pointed to Zhao Yuande and didn't say anything for a long time, but you and you kept on!

"Well, Uncle, you can rest assured now! No matter how many thunders, I can guarantee his safety!" Zhao Yuande waved at Zhong Hai and walked to Zhong Man's side to sit cross-legged, "Uncle, you leave the origin Otherwise, it would be a great disaster to lead Tianlei!"

"Ah!" Zhong Hai only reacted at this time, pulling Qi Erniang out of thousands of feet, and there was no worry on his face.

"Old man, where did this boy come from? Why do I think what he did seems to be full of conspiracy, but he didn't feel a trace of maliciousness!" Qi Er Niang was happy, but her brow was frowned, Zhao Yuande was right Their family is really good, and if there is no reason, she does not believe it.

Although Qi Erniang's cultivation practice is only one of the world's longest living conditions, she has a special intuition that can sense a person's malice. She has been sensing Zhao Yuande, but she has not felt it at all.

"Wife, this may be a gift from Heaven to our family, no need to doubt, otherwise it is an insult to the little guy!" Zhong Hai gently patted Qi Erniang's back and whispered in her ear .

Zhong Hai has lived for so many years, and how many people he has contacted with, although he has always been kind to others, but his eyes have long been flaming eyes, Zhao Yuande's eyes are very clear, especially looking at his family of three, bright and bright Linghui is absolutely not like being malicious to them.

"Well! Whatever it is, he is a great benefactor of our family!" Qi Erniang leaned gently beside Zhong Hai, with a happy expression on her face.

"Click!" The Void Thunder once again fell, turning into a huge swinging head with its head twirling, with a thousand stone monument on his body, and the light above the stone monument was shining brightly, as if an open hand shot it from the sky!

Zhao Yuande and Zhong Man sat back-to-back, letting the huge crammed pigeon in the sky slam down.

"Boom!" The golden stele burst across the heads of the two.

Zhong Manman's black hair was erected by thunder, his clothes were broken apart, and his burnt black skin was exposed, but his face was now showing excitement. Although he was still in a breakthrough, but It seems to feel the advent of opportunity!

Zhao Yuande was intact, and he didn't even move a corner. Countless thunderlights rushed into his body, washing his flesh and blood meridians. He even felt a trace of dragon spirit coiling in this violent thunder.


The first Heaven Tribulation is the Chi kiss, and the second is the quack! Could the third course be...

"Click!" Zhao Yuande hadn't thought about it yet. Another explosion of thunder sounded in the void, and a giant tiger made of thunder opened a mouth full of fangs towards the two.

"Sure enough!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help turning his head to look at Zhong Man with his eyes closed. The boy's body of the dragon was really not easy!

According to legend, Longsheng has nine sons, which are different. The first three Thunders are clearly the last three of the nine sons. In this way, there should be a real dragon robbery after the nine Thunders!

Ten Thunder from weak to strong, gradually temper the flesh and soul, so that the body and soul of the robbery go hand in hand and are strong together.

Sure enough, as Zhao Yuande expected, Thunder Tribulation is getting stronger and stronger. If it were not for Zhao Yuande and Zhong Man to cross the robbery together, I'm afraid he really can't cope with this terrible heavenly disaster.

Of course, Zhao Yuande also got the supreme benefit in such a catastrophe. A trace of dragon gas was injected into his body, so that his physical body and soul were constantly growing.

And the final true dragon's robbery was so incredible that Zhao Yuande almost endured 80% of the true dragon's robbery. Zhong Man only managed to survive and finally succeeded.

When the last light of the thunder light disappeared, Zhong Man's eyes opened at once, and powerful dragon gas erupted from his body, almost shaking the entire meteorite.

"Good brother!" Zhong Man didn't say anything else, and gave Zhao Yuande a big hug directly. This hug contained inexhaustible gratitude and friendship, and Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel excited.

"Dad! Mother! The baby finally survived the yin and yang robbery!" Zhong Man walked excitedly to his parents.

No one knows that their family has the blood of the ancient barbaric dragon, and the robbery of Yin and Yang is terrible. If there is not enough preparation, no one will dare to rush through the robbery!

However, as long as the robbery is successful, the future has unlimited potential and unlimited future!