Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Engulf

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The family of three has been preparing for the disaster for several years, but they still dare not try it easily. If Zhao Yuande did not happen to come this time, they would not know how long it would take!

Now that everything is overjoyed, how can they be unhappy, how can they not be grateful to Zhao Yuande.

"Hello! Uncle, don't you look at me like this!" Zhao Yuande walked over and stood in front of a family of three, a little embarrassed, "If it wasn't for me to advocate for the elder brother to be promoted, you won't be in a hurry. It hurts big brother!"

"What do you guys say! You see your aunt is now a big beauty, and my promotion, the biggest difficulty of stinky guys, is all your credit, you are the big benefactor of our family! You say let us How to repay you, as long as you say it, we..." Zhong Hai became more and more excited, and he almost knelt down to give Zhao Yuande some knocks!

"Since the uncle wants to repay me, let me refining a spiritual treasure!" Zhao Yuande is helpless, the other party is so kind, if he has nothing more to ask for, this kindness cannot be repaid, and he will always hold it in his heart.

There are many such short stories, Shi En is too big to repay, but kills the benefactor!

Although he believed in the character of this family of three, he had to guard against it and find something for them to do.

"Okay! No problem! Uncle is no good, but the refiner is a first-class master. If your materials are good enough, the acquired spirits may be refined for you!" Zhong Hai's chest snapped loudly. , The proud look on his face.

"Yeah, yeah! My dad can't do anything with the refiner!" Zhong Mang was smirking happily, but only a short half day, he crossed the hurdle that he did not dare to cross in the past few years, how could he Unhappy.

"Let's go, uncle or take us back! It's really uncomfortable not to breathe here!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the void above the sky, a sense of depression.

"Okay! Let's go back!" Zhong Hai tore your space again and took them to you to return home.

Zhong Man went to retreat and stabilized the state as soon as he returned home, and the remaining Zhong Hai couple looked at Zhao Yuande in the eyes.

"Little guy, take out your materials and let Uncle look!" As a master of refining, Zhong Hai seemed extremely eager when he mentioned the refining, and he wanted to see what this mysterious teenager could come up with. Material, can you make yourself a little more interested.

"Uncle, look at this!" Zhao Yuande thought for a long time, took out the piece from the space and learned that the auction, and handed the large shield made of the remains of Jian Tianjing to the other party.

"Hey! This thing..." Zhong Hai showed a strange color as soon as he saw the big shield. After he took over, he suddenly had some surprises. This thing didn't want to be as heavy as he thought. Instead, it was like a feather.

He tapped lightly, making a sound like a metal collision.

"This piece of material is very strange..." Zhong Hai tried to organize the language. "It is impossible to determine what the material is by ordinary methods. It needs to be calcined by a real fire..."

"Then let me take a look!" Qi Erniang also curiously took the big shield back into her hands and looked up and down. Two silver lights shot out of her eyes and swept across the big shield. "Huh! This material is very curious, at least it is also an ancient thing! What... there is still a trace of chaos, which used to be..."

"What was it from?" Zhong Hai asked eagerly.

"It may have been a treasure of chaos!" Qi Erniang was not sure, but said it was possible.

This result alone quelled the crowd. How did a chaotic treasure turn into this? How could it be damaged?

And Zhao Yuande also made waves in his heart. This Qi Er Niang really is not simple, even has a kind of sky eyes, it seems to be...

"Qi Erniang, the realm of long life, the daughter of the refining sect master, the eye of divine refining, intermediate ingredients..."

"Zhong Hai, a world of chaos in the world, abandonment of refining sect, barbaric dragon body, intermediate ingredients..."

It turned out to be the daughter of the refining sect master! And opened the eyes of this kind of refiner's dream, Zhao Yuande suddenly had confidence in this refiner!

The Alchemist Sect is a very powerful force in all realms. Almost every big world has its traces. Although it is not as powerful as the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, it should not be underestimated.

The daughter of the patriarch followed a deserted incognito here, and there must be a love story weeping.

"Little guy, tell me what utensils do you want to refine?" Zhong Hai looked at Zhao Yuande with an anxious expression. He was a refiner maniac, as long as he had good materials, he could no longer bear the enthusiasm of the refiner.

"I want to make a lid!" Zhao Yuande did not hide it, and took out the gluttonous true spirit tripod and put it on the ground.

"I rely on!" Zhong Hai saw this little tripod, and suddenly his eyes almost glared out, "You... you kid is too lucky, this kind of thing can also be obtained by you! Uncle has to rob. Your impulse!"

Although Zhong Hai said so, there was no greed in his eyes, but he eagerly grabbed Xiaoding and looked up and down.

"This is a broken innate spirit treasure, if... If you can repair this ear, the cover will not be needed!" Zhong Hai is a master of refinery and has a unique vision, he continued, "And, this It is not an ordinary innate spirit treasure. The true spirit in it is not ordinary. It is an immortal true spirit, and the text on this tripod seems to have a big secret. Er Niang, come and see if we can repair it!"

Zhong Hai handed Xiao Ding to Qi Erniang.

Qi Erniang took it and glanced with the eyes of the sky.

"Or it can be fixed, but there is a problem!" Qi Er Niang looked at Zhao Yuande, "I don't know if the little guy will agree."

"Aunty Uncle, you just do whatever you want, I don't have any opinion!" Zhao Yuande didn't care about waving his hand, he was a layman for the refiner, and he also remembered the practice of the undead body, as long as he didn't take down his trip Anyway, any way!

"Okay, take one-third of the previous materials, and complete the ears. After the completion, you can stimulate the formation, and the cover is not needed! We can help you build a flying sword for the remaining materials. !" Zhong Hai deliberately said Yifei Feijian very seriously.

"One side? Does Feijian also discuss?" Zhao Yuande puzzled!

"Yes, one side! This material is too hard! I want to melt it is very difficult, I can only use the prototype to make a sword!" Zhong Hai measured the width of the large shield, which is three feet, which There is such a wide sword!

"That's good, as the uncle said, let go of it!" Zhao Yuande also doesn't care, as long as the attack power is strong enough, he is still one side!

"Hey! The sword made from this material is sharper than the innate Lingbao, and the later Tianling Bao is as simple as chopping melons and vegetables!" Zhong Hai laughed and took Qi Erniang into the refining Device room.

"Hey! I don't know when it will be refined. Zhong Man is closed again. What am I doing?" Zhao Yuande walked around the house boredly.

"Right, I remembered!" Zhao Yuande suddenly slapped his head.

He spread his palms, a blue flame ignited in his palms, and the flame jumped from time to time like a naughty child.

"After the **** ruins came out, there was no time to control you, and the four earth heart fires have not been taken out for you to devour, you won't blame me!" Zhao Yuande muttered to the blue flame in his palm.

The flame jumped and seemed to be complaining to Zhao Yuande as if there was really life.

"Okay! Now it's yours!" Zhao Yuande took out four hearts and placed it on the other hand.

The cyan flame seemed to smell a cat, the flame suddenly stood up, swayed suddenly into a cyan lotus, and the petals opened, as if with a big mouth, it swallowed towards the four hearts of fire!

Four hearts are like fire, as if the mouse has seen the cat, motionless in Zhao Yuande's palm, waiting for the arrival of Qinglian Fire.

Qinglian Fire devoured the four heart fires, and the flame was a little brighter, but it seemed to be unfinished, and it swayed the flame towards Zhao Yuande.

"It wasn't enough? Really a big foodie!" Zhao Yuande smiled. "Okay, I will go out now and see if I can find this kind of fire again from this city of broken dust!"

Zhao Yuande saw that his family of three had their own affairs, and he was not bothering. He walked out of the gate alone and walked toward the prosperous land.