Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Too Vicious

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The City of Broken Dust is very large, because it was built in the past to trade the treasures of the Broken Dust Galaxies, so almost two-thirds of the city is a trading area, and there are various tall shops, and many famous big chambers of commerce have their own here. Treasure house.

He entered a few treasure buildings at will, the news of the fire in the hall, but all returned without success.

"Huh! This is the treasure house of the Shengdanzong. I don't know if it is related to the Shengdanzong of the Eastern Emperor Great World?" Zhao Yuande looked at the treasure house in front and walked involuntarily.

To know that he is a disciple of Dan Ding, strictly speaking, he is also a disciple of Sheng Danzong, and he always feels a little intimate when he sees his sect.

The guys at Baolou were very enthusiastic. Zhao Yuande asked him about the various elixirs in the shop, and found that this Baolou was indeed the property of Sheng Danzong of the Eastern Great World.

The alchemy refining device is indispensable for the help of the different fire. Zhao Yuande showed his badge of the Xuan-level pill master and asked about the different fire.

When the man looked at the badge, he immediately changed his respect, and he found a shopkeeper to receive Zhao Yuande.

"This little friend is also a member of the Eastern Emperor's World?" The shopkeeper was an old man, who spoke softly and kindly.

"Exactly, I came here with Master to open my eyes." Zhao Yuande made up a reason at random, otherwise he could not come here because of his cultivation.

"I don't know what kind of strange fire the little friend needs to look for? I have a few messages here, I don't know if the little friend feels uninterested?" The old man wisely didn't ask Master Zhao Yuande about it, but threw it out with a smile A bait.

"Interested!" Zhao Yuande has a lot of silly money, and the most feared thing is that other people withdraw money. "As long as the information is accurate, Lingyu is not a problem!"

Zhao Yuande took out a storage ring generously in his hand and said: "As long as what you say is useful to me, this tens of thousands of spirit jade is yours!"

"Gudong!" The old man swallowed hard. He wanted to make a little money, but he didn't expect the other party to directly throw out 10,000 top-grade spirit jade. This thing is a good thing in the sky.

"I have news of three strange fires here. In the 300,000 miles outside the city of broken dust, there is a real fire of stardust hidden in the broken dust galaxy. Second, there is a real fire of red sun in Jiangjiabao Building. Three, there is a thunder flame in the wildness of the East Emperor Great World!"

The old man also simply drew the map where the first and third multi-flames were located, and gave it to Zhao Yuande.

After Zhao Yuande took it, he recognized it as if it was not fake, and threw the storage ring to the other party.

The old man thanked again and again, and his heart was full of joy!

The news of these three kinds of flames was announced by Zong Men, and the purpose was to let the disciples of the gates get it themselves. This was also a way of inspiring. Unexpectedly, the old man took it out and replaced it with Lingyu.

However, Zhao Yuande is not an outsider, and he should respond to that sentence.

Zhao Yuande walked out of the Shengdan Baolou with satisfaction, and walked towards Jiang Jiabao not far away.

Although the Chiyang real fire is not a congenital real fire, it is also a very cherished flame, especially for the alchemist and refining master, it is a must-have item, so the price must not be too low, Zhao Yuande touched himself I dont know if I can buy the remaining Lingyu now.

In the past life, he was not really interested in things like spirit fire. He used alchemy in his alchemy, so he didn't really understand the price.

But he wasn't too worried, it was a big deal to sell several good things, or simply to show his identity and make some food for them, but they mustn't faint.

As soon as he stepped into the Jiangjiabao Building, Zhao Yuande saw the chaotic crowd and the screams from the crowd.

Zhao Yuande is also a vulgar and likes to watch lively, his body squeezed a few times in the crowd and came to the forefront.

In the eyes is a high-spirited boy in black who is screaming at a man. Five red marks on his face are clearly visible, and half of his face is swollen.

Zhao Yuande looked familiar to this man and didn't know that he had seen it there, but he didn't care too much, because he had just passed by Jiang Jiabao Building just now, and some guys greeted themselves to look at Baolou.

"Hey, brother, what the **** happened?" Zhao Yuandela pulled a curious inquiry from a teenager beside him.

"What's going on, this guy is out of luck, and I don't know when they provoke the other party. The other party is coming to the door to slap!" The teenager sighed in a low voice. The ground kowtowed a guilty sentence, and the shopkeeper did not persuade him to come out!"

Just when Zhao Yuande was unfair for this man, when he was thinking about whether he should stand up and teach this young boy in black, suddenly the sentence of the young boy in black suddenly made his face look very ugly.

"Luo Jingtian, you **** thing, today I am not dying you, I will not be surnamed Mo!" The teenager pointed to the man with a high toe, with undisguised murderousness on his face.

The words Luo Jingtian sounded in Zhao Yuande's ear like a thunder, so that a lot of pictures appeared in front of him. The tall figure standing in the Zhao family who saved himself from life and death was not afraid of the strong. The humiliation in front of the ancestor pleading for himself, in front of the Huoyunzong Hall to protect his mighty posture!

Uncle Luo Shi has made great contributions to the Zhongyu Alliance, and was absorbed into the alliance? Why would he appear as a buddy in Jiang Jiabao Building again?

"Mo Gongzi, I have apologized. What do you want me to do?" Luo Jingtian bowed his head and bit his teeth, his hands knuckles were pale.

In the face of these people, he can't do anything, but can only bear humiliation!

He did not expect that even if he fled to the City of Broken Dust, he could not escape the tracking of the Zhongyu Alliance, nor the humiliation of the Mo disciple!

At this moment, his humiliating only wanted to growl in the sky and just want to let go, but he couldn't, because there were still wives at home waiting for the husband, and the children who were waiting to be fed were waiting for their father!

"How? Hum, you robbed my woman, what do you think I want?" The black boy sneered again and again, "I want you and that cheap life to die, I want your sinful kind to live in eternity in darkness!" "

"This guy is too vicious!" The young man next to Zhao Yuande looked very uncomfortable. "The Mo family is too much! They are obviously the women who want to rob others, but they say so grandiose!"

"Hey! Brother, what are you going to do?" The teenager saw that Zhao Yuande's eyes were almost squirting out of fire, and walked towards the field, trying to hold him, but found that the other party looked like a terrible barbarian. Dragon, as soon as his hand touched it, he was suddenly backed away.

The people behind the teenager only felt an irresistible force from the teenager, pushing them on their hind legs for more than ten steps before they stopped. They stumbled and looked at Zhao Yuandes back. Untrue.