Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 279

Chapter 279: People Under The Roof

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"Mo Gongzi, give our Jiang family a face. We can't do business anymore if you continue this way!" The shopkeeper on the side was also not good-looking, and stepped forward to beg.

"Jiangjia's face I will naturally give, and I have some friendship with Jiang Tianzhao! But you want to calm down, but you must first chase this person out of Jiangjiabaolou!" The young boy in black said the name Jiang Tianzhao The other party put pressure on.

"Tianzhao son!" The shopkeeper heard the name, and then shut his mouth suddenly, then looked at Luo Jingtian, already full of helplessness.

"Kneel! Kowtow me, until I am satisfied!" The young boy in black looked at Luo Jingtian with a smile.

Luo Jingtian's eyes are about to spray flames, but he is helpless, what can he do for his own woman and children!

Just as he was about to kneel, a man appeared in front of him and gently supported him.

"Uncle Shi!" A familiar and emotional voice came into Luo Jingtian's ears, and he almost screamed out!

" are..." Luo Jingtian almost fell into petrification at this moment. He stared blankly at the black skinny boy in front of him. Although Zhao Yuande changed his appearance, he could still feel the familiarness of the other person. The breath is undoubtedly Zhao Yuande!

"Uncle Shi is me!" Zhao Yuande nodded gently, a smile appeared on his face.

"Oh! Black boy, are you his nephew? Is it the remnant of Huoyunzong?" The black-haired boy looked at Zhao Yuande up and down, and found that his cultivation practice was only the late stage of Lingtai's pregnancy and dignity. "Are you going to be strong? You just got you today."

"Go away!" Luo Jingtian hurriedly pushed Zhao Yuande to let him leave quickly. In Luo Jingtian's heart, Zhao Yuande was still the nephew who needed his protection.

But Luo Jingtian's push didn't push Zhao Yuande. He just felt like he was pushing on a towering mountain, and he was just a shivering tree.

"Uncle Master, it's okay, I will help you with this noisy person!" Zhao Yuande patted Luo Jingtian's hand lightly, but his heart was full of mixed feelings. Uncle Shi always stood in front of me to help me, now Its your turn to be your nephew.

"Your boy is looking for death!" The boy in black slaps towards Zhao Yuande.


But it wasnt Zhao Yuande who slapped his palm. When the palm of the boy in black hadnt lifted up yet, Zhao Yuandes palm had hit his face.

The clear five finger prints appeared on the face of the boy in black, making him stunned for a moment, and then the roar of today's dynamic broke out.

"Damn! Do you dare to beat me, do you know who I am?" The young boy in black jumped violently. "Give me, take him, no matter what!"

The boy in black is not a fool. He was cultivated in the later stage of the yin and yang union, but he was still slapped. He himself could not win the opponent at all, but behind him he stood two strong early in the field, two strong Seeing that the boy in black was beaten, he rushed to Zhao Yuande without waiting for his orders.

Zhao Yuande's current strength has exceeded the scope of ordinary people's imagination, not to mention the early strong in the two fields, even ten times more is also a battered part.

He just used a strong physical body to make these two guys unable to withstand it. The terrible power quickly knocked them over to the ground and was kicked out of Jiangjiabaolou one by one by Zhao Yuande.

The powerhouses in the two realms lie on the street outside like two dead dogs, seeing that there is air intake and no air release.

"Where are you going?" Zhao Yuande grabbed the young boy in black who was scared and pale and wanted to sneak away.

"I'm sorry, I..." The teenager in black trembles his teeth, so scared he can't even speak.

"Slap!" Zhao Yuande slapped his backhand on the other side of his face. The boy in black had a swollen face like a pig's head, and his eyes were full of fear and resentment.

"Dare you dare to look at me like this!" Zhao Yuande saw the serious light of the boy in black, and suddenly looked cold. When he opened his arms left and right, he slapped more than a dozen slaps in a row.

The beaten teenager wailed in pain, and his mouth was full of teeth, and all of them fell to the ground.

Almost everyone is not calm at this moment. They looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably. How could such an ordinary boy burst into such a powerful force, is he a monster?

"This..." Luo Jingtian was a little silly at this moment, he felt his head seemed not enough at once.

He naturally knew that the black skinny boy was Zhao Yuande, and knew that he could leapfrog, but he didn't expect to be able to leapfrog two levels of battle, and he still survived!

What has he experienced during this time?

"Forgive me! I am Mo Zifeng of the Mo family, and my grandpa is the head of the Mo family..." The young boy in black was in pain, as helpless as a child being bullied. He had to raise his family tree in an attempt to make the other person retreat from difficulties.

"What, this waste turned out to be the son-in-law of the Mo family? No wonder so arrogant!"

"I don't know, this teenager knows the identity of the other party, will he do this?"

"Should let it go! These few slaps have made this Mo Zifeng unable to be a man. If he hits Mo's face again, he will be wiped out! Mo will definitely find this boy and get revenge!"

"I don't think so..."

Everyone was talking, trying to guess what Zhao Yuande would do next.

But what they did not guess is that this paragraph ushered in a more violent storm!

"It's a waste! The Mo's are waste!" Zhao Yuande slapped for more than a dozen times in a row. He scolded while beating, which shocked everyone around him.

Many people immediately guessed that Zhao Yuande might have hatred against the Mohists!

He lifted the Mo family in front of others, but in front of Zhao Yuande, it might as well not mention it. The Mo family will betray the world of the Eastern Emperor in the future and welcome the alien invasion. Zhao Yuande has already made up his mind to destroy the Mo family, how could he be threatened .

"Uncle Shi, you can get away with a few hits!" Zhao Yuande handed Mo Zifeng, like a dead dog, to Luo Jingtian.

Luo Jingtian's body shook, and he stepped back and forth again and again, and then he stood still. Looking at Mo Zifeng in Zhao Yuande's hands, he couldn't help but reveal a shame on his face.

"No... I can't do it, otherwise... otherwise..." There was pain on his face, and there was no glance in his eyes at that time, and the glory of competing with the crowd. Some whimpered, "Otherwise, my Zijing, my children may be killed by them!"

"Uncle Shi, have you forgotten the pride of that year? You appeared at my most dangerous time and killed the old Li family ghost with one finger. What kind of heroic spirit was that at the time, how did you become like this in the past few years?" Zhao Yuande Looking at Luo Jingtian, I felt a little sad!

"Hey! People are under the eaves!" Luo Jingtian sighed a long time. The power of the Zhongyu Alliance and the Mohists was too big, and the big one scared him.

When he was in Donghuang World, he could not sleep all night, almost all night, just because he was afraid of being found by the Mohists, but had no choice but to find a way out of Donghuang World.

Unexpectedly, even after spending all of his savings and escaping to the City of Broken Dust, he still didn't escape Mo's tracking.

Just now, this Mo Zifeng found him. When Mo Zifeng appeared in front of him, he only felt that the whole sky collapsed and the world was dark!

Zhao Yuande instantly understood Luo Jingtian's heart, which is a kind of helplessness, if a person can fight desperately!

But now he took away the lives of three people as soon as he died. Even if he was humiliated all day long, he would not dare to talk lightly about death!