Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 280

Chapter 280: Disciple

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"It's okay, uncle, even if you kill him, I have a place where I can't be disturbed by the world. I can make your family of three live happily together!" Zhao Yuande smiled mysteriously at Luo Jingtian.

"What? Is there such a place? Where?" Luo Jingtian's eyes lit up, looking at Zhao Yuande eagerly. He felt that this teacher and nephew would not deceive himself, and had no reason to deceive himself.

"You killed him, I will tell you, but also responsible for sending you!" Zhao Yuande passed Mo Zifeng in his hand.

He wanted Luo Jingtian to get rid of his demons. If he didn't, he would live in the shadows of his life, and cultivation would never make progress!

Luo Jingtian gritted his teeth and grabbed Mo Zifeng with a fierce look in his eyes.

"You... you dare..." Mo Zifeng growled, struggling to get rid of Luo Jingtian's control.

Luo Jingtian's face hesitated again.

"Kill him!" Zhao Yuande shouted loudly, as if a thunder burst in Luo Jingtian's heart.

"Slap!" Luo Jingtian seemed to be awakened by Thunder, and slapped **** Mo Zifeng's head.

Blood spattered his brain and splashed all over his face. He did not dodge, letting the blood drip from his face, as if a demon came out of hell.

Watching Mo Zifeng's body fall to the ground, someone around exclaimed.

"What! He really dared to start, was he dead?"

"That's the Mojia heirloom, it will break the sky!"

"Hurry up! Breaking Dust City will soon usher in a storm, let's stay away!"

"Yes, this place should not stay long!"


Many onlookers evacuated one after another, and they did not want to be implicated by Zhao Yuande.

There was a relief in Luo Jingtian's eyes.

"Uncle Shi, you are back!" Zhao Yuande looked at Luo Jingtian and whispered softly.

"Thank you, Master Nephew! Please also ask Master Nephew to teach me!" Luo Jingtian raised his chest and no longer looked like rickets just now. Two eyes burst into his eyes. At this moment, Luo Jingtian found that his realm had improved. , Almost can be promoted to the realm of the field!

"Uncle Shi follow me!" Zhao Yuande beckoned to him.

"Thank you for the caretaker's care for me these days, shocking and unforgettable!" Luo Jingtian did not leave directly, but came to the treasurer, bowed deeply, and then strode to catch Zhao Yuande's pace.

"Hey! Trouble!" The shopkeeper sighed, and then found someone to gather up Mo Zifeng's body and sent it to the treasure house of Zhongyu Alliance.

For a time, Mo Zifeng's death spread throughout the entire city of dust, and the big figures of the Zhongyu Union soon learned that Mo Zifeng was killed. The Mo family sent a large number of strong men to the city of dust to find the kill Young master's killer.

At this time, Zhao Yuande and Luo Jingtian had already come to Luo Jingtian's house, connected to Luo Jingtian's wife and children, and sent them directly into the copper furnace world.

"Where is this?" Luo Jingtian looked at the surrounding scenery and looked at Zhao Yuande somewhat puzzled.

"Uncle Shi, this is the internal space of my treasure. Many of my friends are now living here." Zhao Yuande led their family with a smile and found Zhu Luan and a few of them.

Introducing each other, several women shouted Uncle Luo Jingtian and aunt very respectfully. This aunt is not very old, and it is very unnatural to be called aunt.

But they all became good friends soon after they were of similar age.

"Preparing the room for the uncle Shi's family first, the outside world is turbulent now, and I can't leave without leaving first!" Zhao Yuandela crossed Zhu Luan and whispered to her.

Zhu Luan nodded, she now has become a big sister, manages the entire copper furnace world, has the style of the old lady.

Zhao Yuande now has no time to delay here, because they killed Mo Zifeng, Luo Jingtian's home will soon have a large number of strong men, he will leave before these strong men do not come, otherwise it will be very troublesome!

He quickly appeared in Luo Jingtian's home, sneaking out quietly, his body suddenly changed into another look.

He strode toward the Jiangjiabaolou stride, because there is still what he needs Chiyang real fire!

Just when he walked to Jiangjiabao Building, he heard a violent rumbling sound not far behind him, and he took a breath. This must have been a strong man who directly sold and destroyed Luo Jingtian's house.

However, this matter has nothing to do with him. He strode into the Jiangjiabao Building and found that there were a few more powerful people who were asking the shopkeeper what.

However, the tone of these strong men is very polite, because it is also the industry of the Jiang family here, and their Mo family is not as strong as the Jiang family inheriting countless years.

"The shopkeeper!" Zhao Yuande echoed. His appearance at this time was a handsome young man. Standing in the Baolou had a feeling of standing out from the crowd. Ordinary people could see her extraordinary at a glance.

The shopkeeper hurriedly smiled apologetically at the strong men and came to Zhao Yuande.

This person is good for Luo Jingtian, Zhao Yuande intends to give him a chance to make a fortune!

"What do you command this son?" The shopkeeper was an old man with a white beard and was very enthusiastic about Zhao Yuande.

The old man had long been tired of the Mo's questioning, and it happened that Zhao Yuande came to rescue him.

"I heard that there is red flames in your treasure building, and I want to buy them!" Zhao Yuande shook a badge of Xuan-level Danshi in his hand.

"You... you turned out to be a pill master!" The old man saw the badge and respected it a little bit, but his face soon became embarrassed, "but... but this red flame is really fire , Someone set it very early, but I just didnt come to get it!"

"Someone has set it?" Zhao Yuande frowned, but it was really a coincidence. "Did that person pay a deposit?"

"The deposit hasn't been paid, but..." The old man said with difficulty, "but this person is a friend of Master Tianlin. If I sell it on my own initiative, maybe..."

"I'll discuss with you the treasure house manager!" Zhao Yuande didn't want to embarrass the old man.

The old man hurried away and soon brought a heroic middle-aged man to Zhao Yuande.

"This young man, this is the steward of our treasure building, Jiang Weiran!" The old man turned and wanted to introduce the middle-aged man, "Master Master, this is the Master Dan!"

"I don't know how to call this Dan master?" Jiang Weiran looked Zhao Yuande up and down and asked.

"Oh! My name is Zhao Youde, but a disciple of Shengdanzong. I heard that there is a real red sun in Guilou. I want to buy it!" Zhao Yuande is also in a large number of other parties. The heaven and the sun, but the style is very large, it seems to have a very important status in the Jiang family.

"Oh! The son is also a disciple of Shengdanzong. I don't know how to worship under the elder door. I am very familiar with several elders of Shengdanzong!" Jiang Weiran didn't seem to want to talk about business, but was very curious about Zhao Yuande's identity.

"My identity is a secret, and only Brother Zhenyangzi and Brother Cassia knew it. If Jiang Guanshi and my two brothers knew each other, they would know it!" Zhao Yuande was not afraid to ask the other party. He was indeed a secret of Sheng Danzong .

"Oh! It turns out that the salary is the brother of Zhenyang's brother, and there are many offenses!" Jiang Weiran is a shrewd person. Upon seeing Zhao Yuande's expression and manner, he knows that he really knows these two.

In fact, there are also elder Taizong in Sheng Danzong who saw the genius accepted as a disciple. At this age, the young man is already a Xuan-level Danshi. He may be a disciple of those too elders.