Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 281

Chapter 281: Broken Dust Galaxies

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"Actually, I didnt want to sell the real fire of Chiyang to my son, but another one who set the real fire of Chiyang was also a strong prince of the Sundzong, Tian Yangzi. It's a good caller!" Jiang Weiran looked awkward.

"Tianyangzi? He's more than 500 years old, how could he be a close friend with Jiang Tianlin, is Jiang Guanshi remembering wrong?" Zhao Yuande's last life was more concerned about Sheng Danzong, but he had heard of a person named Tianyangzi The strong man, but he is very old, he knows that this guy must be cheating himself.

"Oh! I probably remembered it wrong, wrong!" Jiang Weiran's face was embarrassed, but he believed Zhao Yuande's identity in his heart. "The strong man of Sheng Danzong's name is yes, what is it... hey , Look at my brain."

"Jiang is in charge of it. I already know about it. You can just say a price!" Zhao Yuande is such a shrewd person that at first glance, he knows that this guy is taking the opportunity to raise prices. In fact, this is just a guise for him.

"Since the son wants it so much, then I don't care about my son." He gave birth to five fingers and flicked in front of Zhao Yuande, "This number, the son will take it away!"

"Five thousand top-grade spirit jade?" Zhao Yuande teased.

"Don't joke, son, you're asking for 50,000 yuan for this kind of spirit fire, which is not enough for the deposit!" Jiang Weiran smiled bitterly and lowered his voice: "500 million top grade Lingyu!"

Only 500 million! Zhao Yuande almost agreed in his heart, but this would definitely be cheaper for this guy. The value of this thing at most depends on his performance.

"Five hundred million! Are you too cruel!" Zhao Yuande frowned deliberately, and his face showed an unpleasant look. Zhao Yuande was eager to go. "Jiang Guanshi intends to let me go directly!"

"Hey! Don't worry, son, the price is negotiable! If you think it's expensive, then for 450 million, I will give you all the benefits directly, even if we make friends! How about, okay!"

Jiang Weiran hurriedly took Zhao Yuande and made a joke, but this is a big customer, and he will lose money if he leaves.

"Jiang Guanshi when I'm the wrongdoer! Obviously worth 120 million to 200 million, you give me 450 million, when the spirit jade of our alchemy master fell from the sky?" Zhao Yuande pretended to be angry. Go outside.

"Okay! The son can really bargain, 300 million! 300 million is my low price, and I won't sell it without a piece of Lingyu!" Jiang Weiran was full of black lines, thinking that the young man in front of him was more than a monkey Fine, too good to bargain.

"Two hundred and fifty million, I'll take it if I can, otherwise you just keep playing!" Zhao Yuande stepped out of the door with one foot and turned back to Jiang Weiran for the price.

"Okay! Okay! Today I counted my friend as a son. Two hundred and fifty million is two hundred and five hundred!" Jiang Weiran agreed to the price in one fell swoop. Although there was a pain in his face, the profit was still calculated on the basis of billions. of.

"It's almost the same!" Zhao Yuande just turned around, a big smile on his face.

Soon the other party took out a jade box, and there was indeed a slap-like golden flame exuding the glory.

"Chiyang true fire, low-order spirit fire, has a hint of the power of the sun, used to cook food can slightly increase the effect of recipes, can not become ingredients!"

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande whispered, he didn't expect this kind of flame to have this kind of effect, but the added effect is too few to be negligible, but there must be a more advanced flame that can greatly increase the effect!

The transaction was happily completed. Zhao Yuande walked out of the Jiangjia Baolou and wandered bored in the city of broken dust for a while. The actions of the Mojia and Zhongyu Alliance had already begun, but he did not care. With his technique of change, this pursuit There will be no results.

He returned to Zhong's house and saw that Zhong Hai and Qi Erniang were still busy in their refining room, but this clock had already woke up from cultivation and was bored and dazed at home.

"Hey, brother, did you go there?" Zhong Man rushed up and patted him on the shoulder kindly as soon as he saw Zhao Yuande, "I'm suffocating at home, why don't we go out and walk around?"

"Going around?" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhong Man up and down, and found that his breath was a little stronger, and he couldn't help thinking of Stardust's true fire. "Let's go and see how it's broken? Do you have the guts?"

"Broken Dust Galaxies!" Zhong Man's face showed excitement and eagerness to try, "As long as you reach the Yin-Yang united state, you can go to the Galaxy and venture, I go!"

"Okay! Then we will start, but remember not to be brave!" Zhao Yuande knew his character and reminded quickly.

"No problem, I'll fetch the weapon!" Zhong Man came out with a sledgehammer in a moment, the excitement on his face could not be concealed.

Zhao Yuande once asked him why he was carrying a hammer. Zhong Man's answer made him feel speechless and majestic!

The Dust Star River is divided into three areas: the outer part, the middle part and the inner part. Within 200,000 miles is the outer part. The danger is not great. It is a place where yin and yang combine practitioners to explore. Occasional seventh-order beasts and stars occasionally appear here Dust storm. From 200,000 miles to 800,000 miles is the central part. There are often 7th or even 8th order beasts, and all kinds of broken star storms, space storm markets are sweeping, dangerous anomalies. The place. And 800,000 miles away is inside. Among them, there are often behemoths in the sky. Only the strong men above the emperor realm dare to set foot. The last time Zhong Man died here!

The information that Zhao Yuande heard was not in great danger to them in the area of 300,000 miles, so Zhao Yuande would take Zhong Man to go together.

The two of them quickly left the city of broken dust, and came to the vast broken dust galaxy.

In the starry sky, only the physical body is strong enough to run in the starry sky, which is a few points faster than flying.

The broken dust galaxy is endless, they feel an ancient desolate breath as soon as they step into it, and a sad emotion fills their hearts, as if there is something in the middle of the world.

There are countless broken meteorites in the galaxy, forming strange areas.

Some places are covered with terrible black giant vines. Some people will swing the canes and pull them like giant vines next to them, strangling them alive as fertilizer!

In some places, giant mountains are formed, and magnificent seas of flowers grow on the giant mountains. As soon as you step into them, you will soon be confused by the fragrance of flowers and lose your soul, becoming the guardian of the sea of flowers.

There is also a lake, where golden fish smaller than the thumb live, but these small fish can devour the soul, and thousands of small fish can rush out together and even directly send an emperor strongman Instantly sucked into an idiot.

Zhao Yuande's previous life spent many years in the dusty galaxy. He was familiar with this place. He took Zhong Man spared a dangerous place, beheaded many beasts, and quickly entered the central area.