Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 283

Chapter 283: Join Hands

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"It's broken, let's walk into the maze! Let's stop here first, let me use the soul to sense it!" Zhao Yuande's soul radiated in all directions, and found that no matter how far the radiation is still this endless firethorn forest!

"His uncle's! It's not good. We walked into the forest and killed him first!" Zhong Manao was hairy, and he was about to walk into the firethorn forest.

"Wait, someone is coming!" Zhao Yuande suddenly pulled him.

Zhao Yuande found that two people were suddenly in front of them, and they were all acquaintances!

"Sister, where have we come from here?" Ximen Yumei looked at the endless fiery red trees with some horror, and some small animals that looked very unfriendly.

"This is a natural maze, and the level is very high, at least the level of the master formation master!" Zhai Linxuan looked very dignified. She kept making handprints in the surrounding voids, seeming to be looking for a way.

"Sister, otherwise we will go back directly with the teleportation symbol!" Ximen Yumei pinched a jade symbol nervously.

"Don't! We came out to experience, this danger is going to return to the sect, what will father and elders think of us!" Zhai Linxuan shook her head gently to her, "And we are still responsible for observing our achievements in the experience Elder Tai, he is so disappointed!"

"Okay! Sister, don't put so much reason on it, I just listen to Sister!" Ximen Yumei responded with a frown.

"Huh, it's them!" The two walked through a turn one after another, and suddenly saw Zhao Yuande and Zhai Linxuan suddenly showed a trace of joy on his face, and in this endless and endless labyrinth, he could meet people. It is also a good thing for them, which at least shows that there may be a way ahead!

"It's these two guys!" Ximen Yumei's face was clearly angry, and she got angry when she saw these two guys, because they were trained hard by her sister. She didn't dare to anger her sister. , Can only add this hatred to the two Zhao Yuande.

"The two girls don't come unharmed." Although Zhao Yuande doesn't have a good impression of Ximen Yumei, Zhai Linxuan is still a good person. If he meets here, he can check the news.

However, Zhong Man was obviously unhappy, watching the opposite Ximen Yumei's eyes showing hostility, and in his hand was squeezing the big hammer.

"This son, I don't know when you entered this maze?" Zhai Linxuan looked at Zhao Yuande, thinking that although the teenager was very low on the surface, but looking at his words and deeds and the attitude of the black man toward him, Knowing Zhao Yuande is not simple.

"We have come in for three hours!" Zhao Yuande spoke outspokenly and made himself clear about his situation.

"Well, it seems that the key to this maze is these little trees and those little beasts. I don't know what will happen if some are destroyed." Zhai Linxuan looked at the firethorn trees.

"Girl, how about we join forces?" Zhao Yuande looked at the woman opposite and made the request.

"Two hands? Huh! Do you want to join us in this cultivation? Dreaming!" Ximen Yumei suddenly began to ridicule.

"Really? Do you feel better than us?" Zhao Yuande looked at her sideways.

"It's more than enough to kill you!" Ximen Yumei's face appeared proud.

"Fine Ximen sister! What time is it, can't you let me save dim sum?" Zhai Linxuan finally got a little angry, looking at Ximen Yumei's complexion.

"Well, Sister, can't I just say nothing?" Ximen Yumei pretended to be a pitiful look, and at this moment she hated Zhao Yuande in their hearts.

"I'm Zhai Linxuan, a disciple of Donghuang Great World's North Wild God Mountain. This is my sister Ximen Yumei. I don't know who the son's surname is?" Zhai Linxuan slightly yawned at Zhao Yuande. Don't be surprised!"

"It's easy to talk! I'm a freelancer. My name is Zhao Youde. I'm also a cultivator of the Eastern Emperor Great World. This is my brother Zhong Man, a native of the city of broken dust." Zhao Yuande introduced himself slightly and used things. The name Zhao Youde.

"Zhao Youde? Zhao Yuande?" Zhai Linxuan kept repeating the name. She felt a little familiar. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Zhao Yuande. Jing Sheng asked, "What is your relationship with Zhao Yuande?"

"Haha! I have nothing to do with him, just the name is similar!" Zhao Yuande laughed, "It is not surprising that there are trillions of practitioners in the East Emperor's World, and there is a difference in the name. Moreover, it is a word."

"I don't think it matters. Others are the masters of the world's first gourmet. How come they are bored to come here to practice!" Ximen Yumei on the side grinned.

"No knowledge!" Zhong Man sneered, saying something, "How can it gradually become stronger without experience, do you want to spend a lifetime in the martial arts, as a greenhouse flower?"

"Huh! Who said you are the greenhouse flower?" Ximen Yumei suddenly caught fire. "You come out to fight me, and I will let you know what is powerful!"

"You...!" Zhong Man blushed with rage.

"Sister Ximen!" Zhai Linxuan glared at her, "Can you say a few words!"

"Brother, don't know her in general!" Zhao Yuande gently patted fearful Zhong Man's shoulder, he knew that there was fire in Zhong Man's heart, but he was not the opponent.

"Brother Zhong, don't be angry, sister and sister are also unintentional words." Zhai Linxuan nodded toward Zhong Man awkwardly.

"Okay, now that we have an idea, we can give it a try!" Zhao Yuande interrupted the awkward atmosphere and pointed to the surrounding firethorn trees and fire lice. "We will clear out an area to see what will happen. ."

"Okay! Let's start now!" Zhai Linxuan also wanted to see what the two Zhao Yuande had in their own right. Under this state, they dared to come to the middle of the broken dust galaxy to explore.

"Roar!" Zhong Man had been upset for a long time. Hearing that he was going to fight, he immediately screamed into the firethorn forest, and behind him a huge barbaric dragon appeared in vain. He was angry at the fire lice below. roar.

The red eyes of the fire lice were suddenly scared white, and the whole body shivered. The powerful coercion of the wild dragon made these fire lice look like cats, so they dare not move.

Zhong Man's sledgehammer waved, and after three, five, and two, he turned hundreds of fire lice into meat sauce.

The essence of Zhao Yuande was behind Zhong Man, and the thunder flashed in his hand. A thunderous and thundering thunder was covered like a downpour. A large area of pyracantha forest was burned by electricity, and all the fire lice became a piece of coke.

"It turned out to be the blood of the barbaric dragon! This barbarian definitely has a great beginning! And the young man looks tepid, but he can control the thunder so easily!" Zhai Linxuan's heart is roughly about the origin of the two. After counting, she felt that her previous guess was not wrong, and the two were not simple.

"Sister, let's start too!" Zhai Linxuan rushed out of the colorful ribbons in his hand, and a golden light flew out of the colorful ribbons, and without exception, all hit a fire louse.

Although Ximen Yumei is not very good, it is extremely terrifying to cultivate. Her body emits a wave of water, and all the places where the ripples are rippled are cut flat.