Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 284

Chapter 284: Stardust Real Fire

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Almost in a moment, one third of this firethorn forest was emptied.

All four felt very relaxed. While they were about to launch the next attack, they suddenly heard a terrible roar.

All the remaining fire lice rushed over at once. They all swelled one by one, and almost all the internal organs and blood were flowing with the naked eye.

"Not good! Rewind!" Zhao Yuande saw this situation and also felt a burst of crisis. He pulled Zhong Man towards the path and rushed over.

Zhai Linxuan also seemed to have foreseen the crisis, and also pulled Ximen Yumei backwards, but their speed was still a bit slow. Before they retreated to the path, they heard a series of loud noises of fear behind them.

The fire lice seemed to be huge bombs, and they launched a terrorist attack on them.

Although their fighting power is not strong, the terrible power erupted is enough to hurt them.

Because the two women were a bit slower, the blood and blood inside them rolled over and over with a dozen explosions of blast waves behind them, and they couldn't help but spit out a fresh blood.

If it weren't for the Lingbao armor on them and the open field outside the body, I'm afraid they would be directly torn apart by the power of these dozen explosions!

The loud explosion sound did not know how long it lasted. The whole firethorn forest was blown away and disappeared. The four people looked at the bare ground face to face, and the back spine was chilled. If they did not escape in time, I am afraid It was directly fried into powder.

Of course, this ruled out Zhao Yuande, with his physical strength, these explosions could not hurt him.

"You still have a rest first!" Zhao Yuande stepped on the flattened land alone and felt it on it.

Walking through this original firethorn forest, he found that the ground seemed to have no change at all, and such a powerful explosion did not blow out a small pit. What on earth did this ground do? Why is it so strong?

He squatted down and tapped gently, and found that the ground was very soft and elastic!

"It seems... It seems to be skin!" Zhao Yuande was terrified at this conclusion. He suddenly thought of the initial guess. Is this really on the body of a giant monster?

Zhao Yuande shook his head, thinking that this idea was too crazy. If that was the case, how huge was this monster? How powerful is it?

"Brother Zhao, what did you find?" Zhai Linxuan walked slowly. She looked at Zhao Yuande's complexion, thinking that he found a clue.

Zhao Yuande told his opponent his conjecture, which caused Zhai Linxuan to frown, but in the end denied him.

She believes that this is the middle of the Broken Dust Galaxies, and there should be no such huge objects.

"I think this is a huge formation. We have now destroyed a small corner of the formation. We should continue to destroy it!" Zhai Linxuan said his thoughts.

"Now that Miss Zhai is confident, we will continue to destroy!" Zhao Yuande also hesitated, and he thought the other party's words made sense.

The four were divided into two groups and acted quickly.

But things were not as simple as they thought, Zhao Yuande and Zhong Man's first cooperation almost ended in death.

The fire lice didn't play cards according to the routine. As soon as they entered and killed, the fire lice suddenly started to explode. Fortunately, Zhao Yuande found out that Zhong Man was quickly pushed out, and he was dizzy with his head hit by dozens of explosions to cover up His strength, he forcibly spit out a few mouthfuls of old blood, looking very pale.

Zhong Man was also affected, and was swept to the back by the shock wave, and his inner abdomen was not badly traumatized.

Looking at Zhai Linxuan and Ximen Yumei, they are even more miserable. Zhai Linxuan was blown up directly to let the sister and sister escape. If it weren't for her, she might have lost her life here.

Although two more firethorn forests were emptied, all four looked very unsightly, and they reunited to discuss what to do next.

"These little beasts can't come to the path, and our attacks can't attack into the path, but if there is a one-time killing weapon like Tianleizi, or you can try it!" Zhao Yuande racked his brain Just thought of this problem, but he does not have this thing in his hands now.

"You can try it!" Zhai Linxuan's eyes lit up. "I'm a formation mage, and I happen to still have a little bit of refining equipment. I can refine twelve top-grade spirit jades into a burst burst formation. If this formation is urged , Which can hurt the strong man in the yin and yang unity."

There are a lot of spirit jade on everyone, only need Zhai Linxuan to consume some spiritual power to complete the production.

In less than half an hour, more than a dozen small burst bursts were made, and they came to a firethorn forest to experiment.

The results of the test were very satisfying to them. Each burst formation can kill dozens of fire lice. After losing six formations, a large group of fire lice became manic because they could not find the killer, and the body swelled. , Began to explode everywhere, and soon the area was emptied.

The four looked at each other, their faces showing joy.

"This formation is very simple. Let's make it together, so the speed will be very fast!" Zhai Linxuan's face showed excitement, and finally saw hope.

"Yes, Miss Zhai, you said we will do it!" Zhao Yuande took out a lot of Lingyu and piled it on the ground, and began to follow the method of Professor Zhai Linxuan.

Outside of Zhai Linxuan, the other three had never been exposed to formation knowledge, but what shocked her was that Zhao Yuande was able to produce it after only one instruction, while the other two were scrapped more than ten times before gradually Started successfully.

With a safe method, the four people began to work together to produce a large number of bursting arrays, and began to destroy the pyracantha forest.

The plan went smoothly, and soon the large areas were emptied. They found themselves on a huge hill with a slight uplift. At the top of the hill was a thick black stone pillar with a height of thousands of feet. The top of the stone pillar jumped a little.

"Sister! Stardust is really fire, it's really Stardust is really fire. The goal of our trial has finally been obtained!" Ximen Yumei looked at the spark in his eyes, and she was eager to try to extract it.

"Miss Zhai, are you looking for real fire in Stardust?" Zhao Yuande glanced at the spark and felt a headache.

"Yes, this is the goal set by Shimen! We can arrive at Zongmen as long as it is completed!" Zhai Linxuan looked at Zhao Yuande, "Are you also looking for the real fire of Stardust?"

"Not bad." Zhao Yuande nodded honestly, "I am an alchemist and need a real fire alchemy."

"Sister, what should I do now?" Ximen Yumei leaned against Zhai Linxuan, and then Zhao Yuande showed hostility in their eyes. "They are not strong enough, they should not compete with us!"

"Brother Zhao is not as good as this. I pay you a certain amount of spirit jade. How about when I bought this flame?" Zhai Linxuan looked at Zhao Yuande and made such a request.

Seeing Zhai Linxuan and Zhao Yuande being silent for a while, he did not lack Lingyu. He simply came to promote Qinglianhuo's promotion, and Qinglianhuo's promotion was his most important investment since his rebirth.

But the woman in front of him made him really hostile. He couldn't do anything to fight with the other party for a stardust fire, which had reached his limit.