Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 288

Chapter 288: When Laozi Didn't Have Teeth?

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Zhao Yuande and the two soon returned to the city of broken dust and came to Zhong Man's house.

"Stinky boy, the two of you went there, and the hurting old man was worried for a few days!" When he returned home, Zhong Hai scolded them with his face covered, and did not regard Zhao Yuande as an outsider at all.

"Hey! Daddy, let's go to the broken dust galaxy, so exciting!" Zhong Man groaned his head.

"Uncle, what am I still worried about you!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward and looked at the other party expectantly, "I don't know my little nephew's baby...hehe."

"Haha! I knew you were anxious, let's take a look!" Zhong Hai laughed and took out two things and put them in front of Zhao Yuande.

It is the gluttonous true spirit tripod and a sword three feet long and two feet wide!

The gluttonous true spirit tripod was gleaming at this moment, the pair of tripod ears on the ancient tripod was intact, and no trace of patching could be seen.

"The gluttonous true spirit tripod, the innate spirit treasure, contains the immortal true spirit, the vast space can burn the mountain and cook the sea, the Chengdan rate is doubled, the recipe effect is doubled, and it cannot be an ingredient!"

When Zhao Yuande saw this message, he was overjoyed in his heart, so that the gluttonous true spirit tripod became a real innate spirit treasure, and he could be regarded as having the first innate spirit treasure.

Look at the sword, which is not like a sword. The sword body is as bright as a mirror. The whole body has a mysterious inner brilliance. There is no flaw except for ugliness.

"This sword is polished by a mirror, just call it a mirror sword!" Zhao Yuande smiled and named it.

"The mirror sword, the true spirit can't be defined without showing, and the sharp and invincible can't be destroyed, can reflect all light!"

Zhao Yuande caressedly touched the mirror sword. His mood was very exciting at the moment. The three characteristics of this sword are almost heaven-level. It is an absolute bullfight with which to fight, but it is so light and not suitable for your style!

"Thank you uncle!" Zhao Yuande put away two treasures and bowed to Zhong Hai.

"Hmm! Uncle, I also suffered a lot of crimes to help you out, this worship!" Zhong Hai stood still and received Zhao Yuande's worship, and a happy smile appeared on his face.

"Old man, Maner is back, should we also set off?" Qi Erniang came out of the back room at this time and saw Zhao Yuande nodding and smiling gently.

"Dad, we..." Zhong Man looked at Zhao Yuande a little bit reluctantly before he made this friend and left.

Zhong Man didnt wonder what Qi Erniang said. Obviously he already knew the news that he was going.

"Uncle, where are you going?" Zhao Yuande looked at them puzzled.

"Hey! Stinky boy awakened his physique, we are going back to the Qi Zong school to participate in the refining conference, I originally thought I would miss this session, but I was unexpectedly forced to open the constitution by your kid..." Casually, Zhao Yuande is also called a kid, which is a kind of intimate performance, which makes Zhao Yuande's heart warm.

"That's fine, I'm going back to the East Emperor Great World! I hope that when you come next time, Uncle, you will be back. I still want to go with the elder brother to stare at the stars!" Zhao Yuande smiled expectantly on his face.

"Haha! Good! Then let's go together to send the array!" Zhong Hai laughed and stopped his son while holding Zhao Yuande's shoulder and walked out.


Before they walked out of the house, the door was kicked open directly, and the wood chips fluttered all over the sky.

"That **** dare to kick Lao Tzu's door!" Zhong Hai, who was still excited and laughing, suddenly turned black, pointing at the three people who rushed in and began to yell.

"Zhong Hai, you are restless. We have found out that the collapse of Wansheng Building a few days ago and the murder on the street are all related to your family. Come on with us!" Two of the three people who came in were An old man with an indifferent face, and the last one was a middle-aged man with a solemn face wearing a golden robe. He squinted at Zhong Hai with a grin on his face.

At this time, the door was already crowded with people looking at the lively crowd, many people looked at the Zhonghai family in a puzzled manner, and a few people were grinning all over their faces, apparently gloating.

Zhao Yuande saw these people at a glance. Among them was Ling Zhendong, who was in conflict with them. He suddenly understood what was going on.

"Uncle, then..." Zhao Yuande said a few words in Zhong Hai's ear, and then pointed to Ling Zhendong outside.

"His mother, really bully the old man, when the old man doesn't have teeth?" Zhong Hai burst into flames, and no longer had any scruples towards the middle-aged man in the golden robe.

The middle-aged man in the Golden Robe is a good practice, but it is the practice of the five-fold **** situation in the field, but at the foot of Zhong Hai, just like a child, he was kicked out of the nose and mouth and sprayed blood.

"Bold, you dare to attack the deputy city master's brother!" The two old men rushed fiercely and rushed towards Zhonghai.

"Humph! The tiger doesn't show his power, do you think I am a sick cat?"

"Wow! Zhong Manzi is crazy, so dare to beat the man in the city's main palace like this!" Some people looked a little dazed.

"This Zhong Manzi is honestly silent on weekdays, so I didn't expect to be so terrible to be crazy!"

"You know a fart, but he was promoted to the world a few days ago, I have seen the terrible picture of the crossover!"

"It seems that this time it's lively, and Zhong Manzi in the world and some of the city's main palace are fighting together!"

"What is the main city mansion, it's clearly the matter of Deputy City Lord Ling, look over there, the prodigal son of Ling Zhendong..."

"I remember, this is a son who can't beat others. They want to buckle the feces on their father. No wonder Zhong Manzi is crazy..."


"Go, we will seize the **** Ling Zhendong!" Zhao Yuandela rushed out with Zhong Man.

Ling Zhendong saw that his own uncle was kicked off, and Zhong Hai rushed towards the two old men. He suddenly felt something was wrong, and just wanted to slip away, he found that Zhao Yuande and Zhong Man were rushing towards themselves. .

"Hurry up to block them!" Ling Zhendong's face full of fear, let a few hands around to stop the two, he turned and fled.

However, there were too many people at this time, and he couldn't squeeze out at all. He wanted to rise into the sky and found that his feet had been pulled by people.

"Hey! Ling Zhendong, you are running!" Zhong Man grabbed Ling Zhendong's ankle and dragged him out of the sky.

"You... Zhong Man, don't you want to live, my father..." Ling Zhendong also wanted to threaten each other.


Zhong was too lazy to listen to his noise and slammed him directly on the ground.

After intimate contact with the ground, Ling Zhendong suddenly covered his face with blood, and the bones on his body did not know how many broken pieces he had, and he had no energy to say a word.

"Mao!" Zhong Man, with his blood-covered Ling Zhendong, returned to the door.

At this time, Zhao Yuande also solved those few people easily, and looked at Zhong Hai madly at the two old men with a smile.

"Dad, this kid Ling Zhendong was caught by me!" Zhong Manyang raised Ling Zhendong like a dead dog in his hand.

"Huh! Let's go, with this kid, I think who dares to stop us!" Zhong Hai gave up fighting with the two old men on the ground, kicked them fiercely, and then pulled Qi Er Niang and strode toward The direction of the teleportation array.