Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 289

Chapter 289: Uncle

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At this time, someone had already reported what happened on the side of the city's main palace.

Ling Yuanguang, who was drinking with several mysterious big figures, suddenly received a message. His younger brother was beaten up, his own son was taken, and his face suddenly changed.

"What's wrong with Brother Ling?" A middle-aged man in a white shirt across from Ling Yuanguang asked him with a complexion. He asked curiously, "Could someone ruin the city again?"

"Someone was so bold in the territory of my Void Alliance! It was a brave act!" Another person took the case, and his face was angry. This is a red-faced old man with a pair of eagle eyebrows.

"Go, the three of us, as the messengers of the Alliance, must not see the Dust City threatened!" The last one was a big fat man, and he shook the whole hall together.

"Thank you, the three messengers!" Ling Yuanguang suddenly showed a flattered look and hurried away with the three in front.

Before the City of Broken Dust transports the main hall, the four people of Zhonghai are confronting the strong guarding the main hall.

"Hurry up and let Lao Tzu roast, otherwise this kid will die!" Zhong Hai pinched Ling Zhendong's neck and threatened the other party.

"Zhong Manzi, you calm down, don't hurt Master Ling, otherwise we will not be good!" The first person seems to know Zhong Hai, and he is somewhat familiar with him.

"Jia Tian, without further ado, quickly open the portal for me." Zhong Hai looked at the person in front of him. This guy is a regular visitor of his own.

"No! If I open a teleportation array for you, how can I still mix here in the future, the city master flicked my skin!" Jia Tian's face showed a bitter color and spit bitter water at Zhonghai.

"Uncle, he is delaying time, we can't wait any longer!" Zhao Yuande reminded the other party that this Jia Tian was a sly person at first sight.

"Zhonghai, you are going to take a break!" Suddenly there was a thunderous explosion.

When Jia Tian heard this voice, his mood suddenly relaxed.

The four figures fell in front of Zhong Hai. Except for the shouting Ling Yuanguang, all the others' behaviors were unfathomable. After seeing Zhong Hai, his face suddenly became dignified.

"Zhong Hai, don't try to escape from fear of sin, let go of my son, and I will plead with you with the three messengers!" Ling Yuanguang has shown the majesty of the city's lord since.

"Fart, Lao Tzu is afraid of guilty and fleeing. Lao Tzu is just about to leave. Ling Yuanguang, you don't keep **** pots on Lao Tzu's head. Your son doesn't scramble. You are not a lad!" Zhong Hai is very polite. Reveal the old side of the other party.

"It's really brave, you guys in the early days of the world, dare to put a slogan in front of us, today I will correct you on the spot!" The old man with a red face was a little hot-tempered, and when he saw Zhong Hai's arrogant appearance, he couldn't help it. , Directly rushed to kill toward Zhonghai.

"Your grandmother, the old things want to kill Laozi indiscriminately. Laozi fights with you today!" Zhong Hai no longer cares about Ling Zhendong's life and death, his fingers directly squeeze his head and throw the body directly. Red face old man.

The red-faced old man's palm turned directly to explode the corpse, and the **** mist spread all over.

Zhong Hai has a special physique and a strong physical body. Although the other party is taller than him, when the two people collide together, they are equally divided!

Ling Yuanguang almost cried out when he was distressed. He has dozens of wives in his life, a lot of daughters, and only two sons. Now one die in front of him, how can he not be distressed.

"Ah! Zhonghai, you dare to kill my son, I will kill your son too!" Ling Yuanguang snarled and rushed towards Zhong Man with a terrible face.

He was a strong man in the later stage of the world, and his strength was so fast that even Zhao Yuande didn't stop him, and he was shocked by a dozen steps directly.

Ling Yuanguang's big hand grabbed Zhong Man, and if he caught it, his head would burst into tears.

"Don't hurt my son!" Qi Erniang beside Zhong Man, regardless of life and death, directly stood in front of her son. A pair of eyes stared at Ling Yuanguang, and there was a divine light in the eyes.

"Slow down!"

Just when Ling Yuanguang's hand was about to catch Qi Erniang, suddenly a white figure appeared in front of Qi Erniang and grabbed his palm.

"Messenger, you are..." Ling Yuanguang was grabbed his hand, only to feel a huge pain in his hand, but he did not dare to irritate without him, and could only bear the pain and inquire.

"You... you are Qi... Qi Yiyun!" The middle-aged man in white looked at Qi Erniang in shock and said the name gently.

Everyone suddenly felt a little messy around, what is the situation? Why is there such a scene appearing while playing?

"How do you know my name? Are you?" Qi Erniang couldn't help but be dumbfounded. The name hadn't been used for hundreds of years. Unexpectedly, someone mentioned it today, and she suddenly felt confused.

He also felt a little familiar with the person in front of him, but he couldn't remember it for a while.

"I'm Jiang Feng... Cousin Jiang Feng!" The middle-aged man in white saw a disappointment on his face when Qi Erniang didn't recognize herself, but she quickly adjusted her mood.

"Jiang Feng cousin!" Qi Erniang stayed for a while. This is the memory of how many years ago, the figure in white who has been chasing his cousin appeared in front of him again, and then gradually coincided with the person in front of him, "You really are cousin Jiang Feng. !"

"Lao Li, we can't stop! It's all our own people!" Jiang Feng, a middle-aged man in white, waved to the red-faced old man who was fighting and signaled him not to fight anymore.

At this time, the fat man looked at Jiang Feng with gossip.

"What's the matter? I'm so addicted!" The red-faced old man took the time to ask, and was beaten by Zhong Hai Lengzi, and suddenly thundered, "Hey! Boy, today the old man and you are endless!"

"That's my brother-in-law!" Jiang Feng's eyes were raised and his voice was cold.

"Okay! Wouldn't the old man stop!" The red-faced old man seemed to be afraid of Jiang Feng's appearance and hurried out of the battle circle, not fighting Zhong Hai.

Zhong Hai looked at the scene inexplicably, and was puzzled.

"What's the matter?" He came over and asked Qi Erniang what was going on.

"This is Jiang Feng's cousin! Do you remember?" Qi Erniang was obviously agitated. She hadn't returned home for many years. When she just wanted to go back, she met her cousin halfway. How could she not feel excited.

"Jiang Feng's cousin!" Zhong Haihai looked at Jiang Feng, and once he slapped his head, he held his hand enthusiastically and greeted him enthusiastically, "Haha! Sure enough, he was cousin! Cousin hasn't seen you for a long time!"

"Haha, I'm so happy today. I met my cousin's family. These two are your sons?" Jiang Feng glanced at Zhao Yuande and Zhong Man and asked with a smile.

"This is my son, and the other is my son's good friend!" Zhong Hai pulled the two over, "Hurry up, call uncle!"

"Uncle!" Zhong Man called out very simply.

"Uncle!" Zhao Yuande felt that since he was Zhong Man's uncle, it didn't matter if he called.

"Well! Not bad!" Jiang Feng nodded and turned to Zhong Hai and his wife. "Cousin, you have been away for so many years, the family wants to be crazy, they have already figured out that they don't want to control you anymore. What happened before! Go home now!"

"Really cousin?" Qi Erniang's eyes showed excitement and excitement. "Maner just opened the body of the barbaric dragon. We will take him back to Zongmen to participate in the refining conference!"

"Good!" Jiang Feng looked at Zhong Man brightly, as if he had found a piece of pure gold jade.

"What kind of conflict happened between you just now, are you really the one who destroyed the Dust City that day?" Jiang Feng looked at the husband and wife puzzled.

"Humph!" Zhong Hai glanced at Ling Yuanguang and explained the ins and outs of the matter in detail.

Ling Yuanguang on the side was already desperate at this time. His son was killed and he offended the messenger again. It seems that he has no good fruit to eat! I have no way to stay in Crushed Dust City, so let's hurry!

"I know!" Jiang Feng's eyes were full of anger when he looked at Ling Yuanguang. This guy indulged his son to wantonly take the lead, and wanted to use his three hands to kill Zhong Man's family of three. What else do law enforcement elders of the Void Alliance do!


Jiang Feng shot Ling Yuanguang who wanted to escape without hesitation.

"Okay! Cousin, brother-in-law, the evil head has been removed, you go back to the sect immediately! I will go back to help the barbarians and wave the flag in a few days!" Jiang Feng waved his hand to the couple, he still has a lot to do, such as Change a deputy lord!

"That, uncle, big brother, and aunt, I'm going back to the Eastern Emperor Great World!" Zhao Yuande also said the difference at this time, and now it is not many days since the beginning of the Nanhai Jianyu, he still wants Back to the East Emperor Great World to ride through the yin and yang complex, the time is not enough.

"What's the matter, the kid doesn't follow us to see the refining sect?" Zhong Hai was very grateful to Zhao Yuande. Without Zhao Yuande, they couldn't go back this time.

"Uncle, I will come to Crushed Dust City again someday, I hope to see you then!" Zhao Yuande waved to them, "Goodbye big brother!"

"Goodbye!" Zhong Man's eyes flushed. Although their brothers hadn't known each other for a long time, they established a deep friendship.

Zhao Yuande strode into the hall of transmission and embarked on the road to return to the East Emperor.