Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Everyone's Thoughts

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Everyone fled this place in shock. They didn't want to be buried in the ruins. Only Luo Jingtian and three other powerful men in a state of yin and yang were together.

They looked at Zhao Yuande who had not sobered from his epiphany with incredible eyes, and his face gradually changed from shock to ecstasy.

Especially Luo Jingtian, at this time, his heart was almost happy, and from the original thunder tribulation, he could see that this child's talent was amazing, but he didn't expect the perception to be against the sky!

It is already a stubborn thing for this kid to worship Brother Gu as a teacher. It is not only the luck of the brother but also the sect of ancestry to get such a good student!

But is it a bit overkill to let such evildoers go to alchemy? Even such thoughts rose unconsciously in his mind, forget it, now is not the time to think about it, let's talk after returning to Zongmen!

"No! Absolutely not!" Yu Chifeng's complexion continued to change, and he even shouted loudly, facing Luo Jingtian, "His talent is so terrifying that he must not be wasted on alchemy, as long as he is willing to calm down. Cultivation will take me to the sky in the future!"

Luo Jingtian actually has this kind of thought in mind, but this young man seems to have his own idea, it is better to let him go to his brother's door first, and then slowly figure it out in the future.

"Wei Chifeng, you don't have to say anything about this matter. It's up to Brother Gu's opinion to wait until you return to Zongmen!" Luo Jingtian said without saying that he didn't bite to death, leaving room for it.

"He is the first person to understand that type of mastery since the ancestors. This matter must first be communicated with the master of the master!" Yu Chifeng ignored the others and took out a piece of sound jade. Huo Yunzong head contact.

Leng Cuiyun, who was not far away, was also staring at Zhao Yuande at this time, but she sighed in a flash. Luo Jingtian and Wei Chifeng were here, and she had nothing to do with herself, so why not find herself uncomfortable.

Hu Molao, the goat under the stage, saw this scene and almost pulled his beard away in shock. He looked at Zhao Yuande's face with a shocked expression.

"My dear, this kid is against the sky! He actually made Huo Yunbei Chong revive again, but this is a character who is not weaker than Huo Yun's ancestor. Hey! Unfortunately, I missed it!" There was a trace of regret.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was still silent in that void space. He carefully observed the palm imprint left on the earth, and realized the countless subtleties of this palm from it.

He felt that the palm of the palm was as beautiful as the sea. If other people were here, using their knowledge and practice, I am afraid that they would not be able to fully understand the whole life.

But this is other people. He is the rebirth of the Divine Emperor. His knowledge and experience are extremely rich. Only in this short moment can I see 198,000 kinds of mysterious changes.

That is to say, there are 198,000 changes in this palm. You have to know that even his most powerful killer in the past life, "Breaking the Virtual One Strike" contains only 99,000 changes. This palm change technique It turned out to be twice as much as "Breaking the Virtual Void".

Dont think that twice is twice the power, but know that the difference is a thousand miles, and there are ninety-nine thousand changes in it, and the power is more than ten times, one hundred times and one thousand times!

He felt that he had picked up the treasure. He really picked up the treasure. He was even more excited than he got the broken Xiaoding!

"Everyone leaves! Don't disturb him!" Luo Jingtian's powerful momentum suppresses the Quartet's space, so that their voice will not affect Zhao Yuande's comprehension.

"The third screening is over, and the time for the fourth screening will be notified separately! Now everyone will leave me." Luo Jingtian finished this, and waved to Wei Chifeng, who had already spoken to the Sect Master, "Help me immediately." Confining the space around this kid, he may bring us a big surprise!"

Leng Cuiyun also thought of the key among them at this time, put away jealousy, and hurried over to help.

The cultivators who watched all around left, and their hearts were full of doubts and puzzles.

Chen Tianchao clenched his teeth even more, he felt that things were beyond his expectations, this Zhao Yuande actually realized the mystery among the stone tablets, in this way, he would get the attention of Huo Yunzong senior officials, and deal with him again. It's really hard to reach the sky.

"Huh! The **** luck guy, it seems that he can only wait until the last screening to take the initiative to challenge you, and I don't believe that according to my current practice, I can't kill you!" Chen Tianchao glanced coldly and was killed by three people Zhao Yuande, the strong man of Yin and Yang in one place, surrounded the center with a hint of murder in the corner of his mouth.

"By the way, I have to tell Master Yu Chi this news..."

Li Rushuang felt that Zhao Yuande's performance was not unexpected at this time, and she only had expectations in her heart.

When Luo Jingtian and the three guarded Zhao Yuande, countless powerful people in all directions saw the red light that stained the sky in half of the red. Many powerful people swarmed in this direction. They thought that there were powerful treasures here.

The nearest one is Mo Feng, still hovering in the Skyfire City. He is the messenger sent by the Mo family to torture Lu Zhenyang this time.

His spirit injury gradually recovered today, and when he wanted to go out to walk, he found the bright red light not far away.

He was out of his soul, and he saw the scene outside the city at a glance.

Especially when he saw the man guarded by the three Yin-Yang dynasty powerhouses, he couldn't help but stunned, but when he thought of the legend, his color changed, and he also thought of the family's order about the legend.

"Senior Mo! What's going on there?" Jiang Tianyue, who was chatting with Mo Feng, also saw the red light. At this time, when Mo Feng was so expressive, he couldn't help but ask curiously.

"Oh! Good thing, good thing!" Mo Feng smiled, "Miss Jiang might as well go with me!"

Mo Feng's big sleeves waved, and a powerful force lifted Jiang Tianyue into the sky and flew out of the city.

In a blink of an eye, the two fell outside the city. Jiang Tianyue saw at first sight three powerful yin and yang powerhouses, and Zhao Yuande, whom they guarded.

"It turned out that Brother Mo was here!" Luo Jingtian clearly knew the Mojia strongman. He did not worry too much about the other party's intentions. He vaguely knew that Zhao Yuande and the other party seemed to have a good relationship.

"Brother Luo, congratulations!" Mo Feng bowed his hand to the other party and gave Jiang Tianyue around him, focusing on the introduction, "Brother Luo, there are two brothers and sisters, this is Miss Jiang Tianyue!"

Jiang Tianyue knew the identities of these three, but was a strong third-rate puppet such as Huoyunzong. In her current status, she would never take the initiative to see the ceremony.

"Jiang Family! That Jiang Family?" Luo Jingtian heard the words Jiang Family, and his expression suddenly became very wonderful. Even if he was calm, he couldn't help but feel a little worried.

He had seen this girl in front of the door of Zhenyang Tower, and also saw the extraordinary talents of the other party. He originally thought that he was a personal disciple of Zhenyang Sect. He did not expect that the other party was actually Miss Jiang's family!

Even Wei Chifeng and Leng Cuiyun all looked at Jiang Tianyue with their eyes scorching, and their hearts were also ups and downs.

"Hey! I can have a few Jiang families in the Eastern Emperor Great World." Mo Feng couldn't help but smirked and said this.

As soon as Jiang Tianyue's identity was confirmed, Luo Jingtian and the three people were shocked.

Although they are all powerful people in the yin and yang unity, in front of the behemoth of the Jiang family, they are still weak like ants. At this moment, it seems like the county prince saw the royal princess.

"Have seen Miss Jiang!" Although Luo Jingtian and the three were expensive powers in a yin and yang unity, they could only bow their noble heads and salute in front of such a powerful force.

"Three seniors!" Jiang Tianyue also nodded with a smile. At this moment, she deeply felt the kind of satisfaction brought by power, which made her inner desire for power even stronger.

Luo Jingtian thought of that day outside the Zhenyang Baolou, the boy of Wei Chi Yunlong dare to provoke the young lady, he really did not know the life and death, he must warn the head brother back home, let him pay close attention to this troublemaker.

and many more! Luo Jingtian suddenly thought of a very important plot. At that time, the lady Jiang seemed to come out to send Zhao Yuande, and she was also very enthusiastic. Could there be any relationship between the two?

Is that legend true? He thought of a legend again. The master of Zhao Yuande is a hermit master, could it be that Ms. Jiang wanted to win over the hermit master so treat him so?

Luo Jingtian's mind is so chaotic, and many clues are unreasonable.