Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Can't Reach

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Zhao Yuande was overjoyed and began to do some preparations to promote the combination of Yin and Yang. He first made Moling Pill into a decoction, and then prepared some Lingdan elixir just purchased in Wantong Baolou. These are his life. Protection of Yin and Yang.

Having prepared these, he thought about starting deep in the wild.

He dashed all the way, slammed some sixth-order seventh-order beasts into the copper furnace space after being captured alive. Last time, he promised Qin Xingyu to find some evil beasts for him to hone himself.

He deliberately divided a region in the copper furnace world, let these fierce beasts live in it.

Before others reached the depths of the wild, they felt that someone behind them seemed to be tracking themselves, and there was a vicious intention to kill.

"I was exposed in several places, probably I was exposed!" Zhao Yuande did not hide his body during this period, but walked outside with a real capacity.

He is not afraid that someone will follow him, because the next thing to go through is the catastrophe, whoever dares to follow, will die!

So he did not care at all, but went straight into the depths of the wild.

During this time, he was in contact with the spirit of Wanshan. As long as he could contact this man, he could go to heaven at any time.

But at this time, this great **** could not be reached anyway.

He couldn't help being anxious. This contact would be very passive. If a strong man came to kill him, he would only send a letter to Lin Tianzhao. He didn't know if he was around.

Zhao Yuande didn't know how far he had traveled in the wild, and suddenly he saw thunder bursts on the mountain peaks in the distance, as if a large area of thunderlight poured down from the sky.

"Someone is also here?" Zhao Yuande was curious and rushed in that direction.

However, Zhao Yuande was quickly disappointed. It wasn't that someone was here, but there was a gorgeous lake of thunder.

"I know, here is the very famous Eye of Thunder among the wilderness!" Zhao Yuande looked at the Thunder Lake, and found a golden island in it like a golden eye inlaid in the center of the lake.

"If I could ride the Heavenly Tribulation here..." Zhao Yuande's eyes suddenly turned on. It is said that the eyes of a congenital **** and demon were transformed here. One of the eyes of this congenital **** and demon is the eye of thunder and the other is the flame. Eyes, Thunder's Eyes fell in this wilderness after death, while Fire Eyes fell in the Fire God Mountain in the Wild West.

According to legend, in this piece of Thunder's eyes, crossing the sky will have an unexpected big chance, but first of all, your ability to resist this terrible double thunder.

Zhao Yuande will naturally not be afraid of Thunder. His body continuously jumps like a big grasshopper. Two or three rises and falls came to the side of Thunder's Eye.

There are hundreds of miles behind Zhao Yuande. The two big men are similar in appearance. They are brothers at first glance. At this moment they are looking at Zhao Yuande's figure with some hesitation.

"Brother! Did the kid find us, shall we kill him directly to kill him?"

"He is only in the spirit stage of Lingtai. According to me, this is the first time he has come to this Thunder Eye. It is new!"

"Wait first, it is said that this place is very evil, we better not shoot in this place!"

"Yes, let's find a place to hide and wait for him to leave!"

Zhao Yuande was sitting cross-legged on the central island of the Thunder Eye, feeling the strange feeling from the island under him.

"It seems to be alive, and it seems to be just a dead lake!" Zhao Yuande's eyes closed slightly, his voice very soft.

"What happened to the spirit of Wanshan, why can't I get in touch?" Zhao Yuande frowned, feeling that something was awkward. He felt that there were several murderous intentions sweeping on himself. "The person who wants to track me first Dont shoot!"

He could not contact the spirit of Wanshan, so he had to start contacting Lin Tianzhao. He didn't know if he had followed himself to the world of the Eastern Emperor.

Soon Lin Tianzhao got in touch and is now traveling somewhere in the Arctic Ice Sheet. He doesnt know where Zhao Yuande is now, and why he cant sense Zhao Yuandes current breath, he cant tear the void out, he cant help but Can fly towards the wild, but it takes half an hour to arrive.

Zhao Yuande had already felt the strong breath of four or five shares approaching himself at this time, but he had not yet felt the emergence of a strong man beyond the realm of the Emperor, so the situation was still under control for the time being.

He felt that it would be best if he could just drag on, dragging him to Lin Tianzhao, or contacting the spirit of Wanshan even if it was safe.

But things were not as optimistic as he had imagined, and soon someone could not bear it and came out of the darkness.

Appearing not far away from Zhao Yuande was a young man with a shadow on his head, and only a pair of shiny eyes exposed.

Zhao Yuande smiled, this disguise had no effect on himself.

"Mo Zisheng, one of the three elites of the Mo family, the sixfold realm of the realm, the body of the dragon, the medium-level ingredients..."

Dragon Body! This guy is a hybrid of Mozu and human race. I didn't expect that the Mo family had already collaborated with the Mozu already. It seems that they have also been related to the matter of the Kongshan Daozong!

Mo's water is too deep! Zhao Yuande couldn't help but think of this in his heart, there must be a mix of Mozu strong among Mo family, Mo and Mo are homophonic, is it...

Zhao Yuande seems to have discovered the reason why the Mohists soared in Zhongyu so quickly. They are not pure human races at all!

It seems that I want to take down Mo Zisheng and get a little information about the demon from his mouth.

Zhao Yuande slowly stood up and gently waved at Mo Zisheng: "Mo Zisheng of Mo family has been admiring for a long time. Are you here to avenge Mo Zifeng? Come here!"

"You... you even know my identity!" Mo Zisheng heard Zhao Yuande's words, and suddenly his heart suddenly burst out. The other party can know his identity, and he is so calm, is there a terrible master hidden by his side?

"Yes, I naturally know your identity, and I also know that you are a hybrid of human race and demon race, and a traitor of the Eastern Emperor Great World!" Zhao Yuande raised his voice and screamed everywhere, so that everyone around him could kill him Hear.

"Ah! Haha! Don't try it in vain, who will believe you, how can my Mo family be a traitor, you are deliberately disturbing the right and wrong and blame!" Mo Zisheng's face changed, but he was very cunning and soon I thought of a way to counter Zhao Yuande.

"Okay, don't perform, I know that you are colluding with the Shadow Sect, and now the Shadow Sect has been destroyed, only you are in a lingering pant!" Zhao Yuande stood up from the eyes of Thunder and jumped out of Thunder. The scope of the lake came to a place dozens of feet away from Mo Zisheng.

"Hum! No matter how you talk nonsense, you can't change your fate today. Mo Zisheng killed you today to use your blood to wash away your slanders against my Mo family!" Mo Zisheng first made trouble, and a **** behind him Facing each other, it turned out to be a black demon dragon, and Zhao Yuande, who was overwhelmed by the demonic energy, slammed Zhao Yuande at this time with a strong power!

The power of this palm has far exceeded the limit of the realm of the field, let the void collapse, the world roared, and the whole wildness was shaking!