Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 292

Chapter 292: How Do You Know Me

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"The power is not bad, but this palm can't hurt me!" Zhao Yuande's body did not retreat, and his palm gently held a piece of thunder. The thunder energy immediately contained in his body began to flow into his palm frantically.


Zhao Yuande sipped softly, and his fist seemed to be understated towards the palm of his opponent's palm.

Mo Zisheng saw that Zhao Yuande's palm was accompanied by bright thunder, but those thunders weren't enough to hurt him. This punch was like a woman's fist to him, and he beat it lightly, not even tickling. !

But when two punches were about to touch, he suddenly felt something was wrong.

He rushed to a thrilling feeling, he only felt that the surrounding space seemed to freeze all of a sudden, and the water of the Thunder Lake next to him seemed to be called by some kind, and he suddenly set off a huge wave and rushed towards him. .

These lakes are all made up of thunder, condensed together in the sky, and formed a fist like a fierce blow towards Mo Zisheng.

Mo Zisheng didn't use his full strength. He felt that he was two big realms higher than the other side. Nine small realms, all shots were crushed, but unexpectedly this sudden thrill made him have to work hard. go!

However, it was a little late at this time. Zhao Yuande came up with the thunder fist of the sky fist, and went all out, leaving no room at all, planning to solve the problem directly with one blow.

This is like fighting against two people of equal strength, one is a common move, and the other directly throws out the cards, and the success or failure is naturally divided directly.


A bright thunder burst when the fists touched. Zhao Yuande only felt a powerful force to withdraw his shock. He continued his hind legs for seven or eight steps before stabilizing his steps.

On the other hand, Mo Zisheng was blown off like a meteor at the moment. One of his arms was gone, and half of his shoulders were bloody. He was as black as a man who had been burnt by flames.

"Ah!" Mo Zisheng snarled in pain, he didn't understand what happened! Why is it that a person who hasn't been able to reach the yin and yang unity can punch himself into a serious injury with a punch, why he is almost invincible with the blood of the dragon blood, but he is still crushed by the other party, he does not understand!

However, although he was unwilling and screaming in pain at this time, he still did not lose his mind. He found that the enemy lost back quickly through the power of the anti-shock and quickly escaped. He knew that he could not stay here, otherwise the end would be miserable.

However, Zhao Yuande would let him go. One jump in the body was thousands of kilometers. It seemed to be a big grasshopper all the time. Only one jump came to Mo Zisheng. He stretched out his hand and caught him.

But at this moment, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a strong wind coming behind him. He felt a tingling in the back of his head, as if a needle had penetrated into the flesh, which made him unable to resist the whole body. Following this warning If this really hits his back, it will kill him.

He couldn't care about catching Mo Zisheng anymore, something changed into a bullet, a terrifying thunder force popped between his fingers, directly penetrated Mo Zifeng's eyebrow, strangling his soul instantly.

Since he can't catch the live one, he will be killed, and it will be a trouble for him to escape afterwards.

Between the fingers, his body bowed slightly, and a black sword stabs his scalp, taking away a strand of hair.


The long sword missed a black maneuver and cut directly to his head.

Both swords greeted his head in succession, and it seemed that the assassin knew his weakness and was on his head.

Zhao Yuande was not in a hurry, he suddenly had that mirror sword in his hand, and he chopped directly towards the black sword.


The two swords confronted each other with a clear sound, and the black sword was cut off like a tofu.

The black sword broke, and there was a horrible hiss, which turned out to be an acquired spirit treasure that gave birth to a spirit. The mirror sword not only cut off the black sword one piece, but also killed the spirit with it!

Zhao Yuande was unreasonable, and the mirror sword followed him, as the hand holding the sword slashed toward the opponent.


How could the other party think that the mirror sword was so sharp, that the top-order acquired Lingbao was so unbearable that the arm was directly eliminated by the returning sword.

"Humph! I dare to kill the master!" Two halves.

"I'm leaning! This kid is terrible! Fortunately, I didn't jump out in a hurry!" The pair of brothers hiding in the distance shuddered in their calves and moved on their feet.

"My mother! This is the little guy, it is simply death! Mo Zisheng in the king of the realm actually killed with one punch, and this mysterious assassination master is the result of two swords. Do I really dream?"

"Brother, let's run away!"

"Escape a fart, we fled, and he saw him, catching up with three, five, and two to kill us?"

"Oh! Then... let's stay here!"


Zhao Yuande, a man who hacked himself and attacked himself, saw a black sword embroidered on his chest, and he immediately understood that this guy was the killer of the black sword.

"Haha! Zhao Yuande is Zhao Yuande. As the owner of the world's first gourmet, he is still so powerful. If he doesn't kill you today, he will threaten us if he grows up!" There was a sudden burst of laughter, one The old man in white came from the wind, "Zhao Yuande, I will give you two options, join my forces, or die!"

The old man has a strong body, a sturdy face, and a sharp and compelling word. His body is extremely murderous, as if an old warlord who has won a battle has just returned from the battlefield.

"Jiang Chengnian, Jiang's parents, the world's dual true spiritual realm, Xuantianba body, intermediate ingredients..."

"Jiang Chengnian, you are Jiang's parents, did you let me join the Jiang family?" Zhao Yuande looked at the Jiang parents with a smile, not nervous at all, but with a hint of ridicule.

"You... how do you know me?" The old man in white, Jiang Chengnian, looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably. He couldn't think of himself. An old Jiang parent who didn't walk around the world of the East Emperor was also recognized by the other party. Is the other party in Jiang's family? Is there a spy?

"Humph! I know more!" Zhao Yuande pretended to be unpredictable. He was disintegrating the enemy's will, suppressing the enemy's confidence, and finding time to kill the opponent in one blow!

"I care what else you know, since you are so ignorant, I will kill you directly!" Although Jiang Chengnian is powerful, but very cautious, he saw how the two people died in the hands of Zhao Yuande just now. He stared at the mirror sword in Zhao Yuande's hand with a trace of greed.

He decided to fight steadily, hiding his body in his true spirit world, and using the terrible spiritual force to lively kill the other party!