Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 294

Chapter 294: Little Bird Dont Waste Your Time

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At this time, Zhao Yuande was close to the falling star pool, and found that the two guys were not catching up, and could not help being slightly disappointed. The two guys were too refined.

However, he was not in a hurry, sitting cross-legged directly by the waterhole. The big deal was to wait for the spirit of Wanshan and Lin Tianzhao to see who consumed the energy.

"Hi! This kid is sincerely mad at us!" Jiang Chengnian saw that Zhao Yuande was completely ignoring them, and the magnificent eyes closed there to practice, and he was suddenly angry, "This kid has the ability to stay here for a lifetime, Its really not possible. We sent back a message to let the family shoot the strong one to kill him.

"No... don't do it first. If your family shoots the stronger, we will have no advantage at all!" Li Zhen doesn't want to see this happen, otherwise she will have to work in vain.

Their Dali dynasty did not have a strong man above the emperor. If the Jiang Jiaqiang came, maybe the other party looked at him, and he would pick him up together. At that time, he could only walk away.

"Okay, let's take a look first!" Jiang Chengnian didn't give up, but he was handling affairs in the broken star ring all year round, and there was nothing too much oil to catch. This time he happened to come back to the family to release this task. Down, I wanted to make a lot of money, but I don't want to give up like this.

Zhao Yuande pretended to practice with his eyes closed, trying to deceive those two old guys, but after a long time these two guys were not fooled.

"Well! What's so fragrant?" Zhao Yuande suddenly smelled a tangy scent. He just asked a sip and felt refreshed.

He opened his eyes and looked in the direction where the fragrance came, and found an old vine crawling on the high cliff, and the old vine was full of flower bones, and at this time there was a flower bone flower blooming.

"This is a gourd vine!" Zhao Yuande saw the type of this old vine at a glance, and he was surprised that this old vine was winding upwards, as if it had covered the entire cliff wall, and was just covered by the waterfall that fell straight down. Looking away, now I take a closer look but I see this kind of wonder.

A gourd vine can grow so luxuriantly, I wonder if the gourd it produces is something against the sky?

He looked up the high cliff and found that at the top of the extremely high cliff, there was actually a slap-sized crystal gourd shimmering and shining, as if it were made of beautiful jade, exuding colorful streamers.

This is a baby!

"Windshaw gourd, innate spirit treasure, contains the innate windshave qi, which can slash human spirit!"

Zhao Yuande looked at the gourd in shock, and felt a congenital force circulating around, which turned out to be an innate spirit treasure!

Is it... Is this old vine the same gourd vine that existed at the beginning of the world?

This is somewhat incredible!

When Zhao Yuande's heart was surging, the two old guys seemed to smell the fragrance. They also saw Zhao Yuande's movements and couldn't help but also looked up Zhao Yuande's gaze, and found the gourd.

"Innate Lingbao!"

The eyes of the two of them suddenly light up, full of greed.

At this time, the two old guys were finally calm. They stared at the gourd body involuntarily and walked forward involuntarily.

Innate Lingbao is definitely a huge temptation, even Zhao Yuande can't help but breathe slightly.

He carefully walked down the edge of the pool to the cliff, and did not disturb the terrible existence in the pool. He came to the thick gourd vine and reached for the gourd vine. He wanted to crawl along the gourd vine to the top. Take off the gourd.

But before his hand was close to the gourd vine, he felt a terrible breath emanating from the deep pool. This is the wild beast that warns against letting Zhao Yuande touch the vine!

Suddenly in Zhao Yuande's heart, he felt a strong deterrent, but he didn't feel the fear of killing.

This is a kind of indifference. The horrible existence in the deep pool does not think that Zhao Yuande can take away the gourd. He is just deterring Zhao Yuande and not letting him be delusional.

Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart. Fortunately, this wild beast did not kill himself, otherwise he would be unlucky.

The two old guys behind him couldn't sit still when they saw this situation. They didn't want to let this innate spirit treasure fall into the boy's hands. Their speed became faster and faster. Thousand feet range.


An angry roar came from under the deep pool.

A panic that came from the depths of the god's soul suddenly appeared, and the two old guys stopped at once. They just felt like they were wandering between life and death. If they went one step further, the wildness in the deep pool Giant beasts can tear them apart.

Just when Zhao Yuande wanted to climb up again, Suddenly a white light flew from Skyrim, which was extremely fast.

Bai Guang was close to the top of the cliff, and easily took away the wind gourd that exuded the colorful light.


The wild beast in the deep pool was finally angry. Someone repeatedly challenged its majesty, and even took away the long-served wind gourd.

"Nine-level fierce beasts burn the sky crane, the body is strong, there is a trace of the sky-burning inflammation in the body, high-end ingredients, matching recipes..."

A water dragon rose into the sky from the deep pool, the huge body stretched, and directly caught the white light towards the sky.

The speed of the water dragon is incredible, it is like a teleportation, and it appears directly in front of white light.

Bai Guang was beaten fiercely by the water dragon, and the gourd was caught by the water dragon.

"I rely on! Water Avenue is in control of it, it's so fascinating, this guy is amazing, almost comparable to the God Emperor's strong!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but admire, this water dragon is just a phantom of the water, and he can directly turn a nine-level Fen Tianhe patted flying, how powerful this must be!

Although the Burning Sky Crane was shot and flew, it was not hurt. The wind gourd was snatched away, making the white crane angry. It turned into a fairy sword and rushed towards the water dragon.

In the end, Burning Sky Crane is a ninth-order beast. Its power is comparable to that of the emperor's strongman. He is more angry with his elegant shape, and his speed is much faster than the water dragon.

Although the water dragon is strong, it is a dead thing after all, and it was punctured by dozens of holes continuously in a flash.

The water dragon's body collapsed, and the wind gourd fell from the field.

Burning Tianhe screamed and rushed towards the wind gourd again, trying to take it away.

But at this time, the huge paws were suddenly found in the water pool, and they shot towards the burning Tianhe.

This claw seems to be dragon claw, scale armor, the claw is like a hook, and the sharp cold mans is even cold.

"Little bird, don't waste your time!"

A dull voice came from the deep pool, the sound was trembling, and the shaking high cliffs were all trembling.