Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Destined

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"Huh! Old turtle, you can help me, you have the ability to come out and catch me!" Burning Tianhe's voice has a provocative taste, and a bit of self-confidence and publicity, "You have been locked here for so many years , I probably have forgotten your purpose of guarding here! The one who said that you got it, Im this one who got it!"

"Huh! Bird, is it my old turtle who has the destiny? You must get rid of me for the old ghost, otherwise I will kill you if I work hard!" The existence in the deep pool responded rumblingly.

Zhao Yuande instantly heard the story from their conversation, and his eyes suddenly lighted up. It turns out that the terrible existence in this deep pond is just a guardian, not a treasure. It seems that this matter has a way.

"We can also be destined!" Jiang Chengnian and Li Zhen glanced at each other, and they came to this conclusion. They no longer hesitated and came towards the direction of the deep pond.

However, they are still very alert. In case of any disturbance, they will still run away as soon as possible.

The claws collided with the fairy sword transformed by the burning crane. The fairy sword was shot directly into the high cliff, and the claws were unscathed. This collision made Zhao Yuande see the gap between the two guys.

Burning Tianhe is not a terrible opponent under the pool at all, but it is fighting against the horrible body, and it is looking for opportunities.

"Wow!" The cliff shook, and Burning Crane rushed out of it, and rushed toward the wind gourd again without fear.

"Old Turtle, if you can't kill me, let go!" Burning Tianhe's voice was loud, and it contained a perseverance of will.

"Bird! You angered me!" The terrible existence in the deep pond roared again and again, and the water of the deep pond rose like a river, and a huge head of tens of acres of laughter slowly eased from the deep pond. Slowly reach out.

This is indeed an old turtle. The pleated skin is covered with black scales, and the blue flame is burning on a curved unicorn in the middle of the forehead!

The water pool was tossing on demand, and the small half of the old turtle slowly appeared in front of the lake. The two thick front claws were as terrible as the dragon claws, but there was a thick iron chain on its body, let him There can be no extra inch.

Even so, it has reached half the height of the high cliff, and the huge body breathes gently, causing the whole world to tremble with it. I dont know how big it is if it really comes out.

Originally Jiang Chengnian and Li Zhen were walking in this direction, but the appearance of the old turtle scared them almost to lose their souls, their brains rumbling and chaos, they no longer dared to seek any innate spirit treasure, and turned around escape.

The old turtle spit out a magic rainbow, as if it were a sky knife, and slashed fiercely towards the burning crane.

The sky and sky were almost horizontal, and almost the entire wilderness became bright. The void was cut into a large area. The stars in the black hole could be seen blinking.

"You... Old Turtle, why do you have any trouble! Your knife cost at least thousands of years of life!" Fen Tianhe's voice trembled, and he was afraid!

This knife is enough to divide him into two halves, tearing up his soul and destroying him!

"Hum! My old turtle is my lifeless endless, how about a thousand years, I can afford it!" The old turtle sneered sneered and responded with domineering.

"I... I don't want it anymore!" Burning Tianhe came and went quickly, and he just turned around and left.

"Nothing afraid of death, no wonder you do not get the chance, still staying in this state!" Laogui grumbled back the sky knife spit out, a closer look turned out to be a radiant bead.

"Hey, little guy, you haven't left yet!" The old turtle looked down strenuously and looked at Zhao Yuande, "Don't be in this ink, you are too weak to give you this baby and you can't hold it! "

At this time, the wind-scented gourd, which exudes colorful light, slowly fell and landed on the old claw of the old turtle.

"Senior, do you have a brother?" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of the flame tortoise that he had encountered under the Huoyun Mountain. The two guys were about the same size, and their cultivation practices were similar. relationship.

"Huh?" The old turtle was very real. It looked at Zhao Yuande a little puzzled. "Little fellow, how do you know I have a brother?"

"Is it the flame tortoise?" Zhao Yuande was not too long-winded, he directly said the big guy in the fire veins of Huoyun Mountain underground.

"My brother is the Fire Spirit and I am the Water Spirit! Flame Profound Turtle? Oh, maybe it's really the name." The old turtle is like an old man in his old age, and the nagging is not normal.

"Is it in the fire vein of Huoyun Mountain?" Zhao Yuande continued to ask.

"It seems to be..." The old turtle gently shook his head. "Hey, what do you ask? Do you know my brother?"

"It's useless to know, don't talk anymore, you go! You are not a fate, you are too weak!" Laogui shook his head, "You go! Don't disturb my deep sleep, otherwise I will be angry, I It would be terrible if I was angry, and even I was scared!"

The old turtle ignored Zhao Yuande by his own words, his body slowly sinking into the pool, and the iron chain on his body was rattling in the water.

"It's a waste of effort!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly, but he didn't plan to go. He just found a place to sit cross-legged. He decided to wait here now and wait until Lin Tianzhao came.

At this time Jiang Chengnian and Li Zhen had fled thousands of miles, and suddenly saw a large group of strong men flying in this direction.

"Eh, that's..." Jiang Chengnian looked at the clothes the people were wearing, and his face suddenly became a little ugly.

These people are dressed in red and embroidered with a **** flower on their chests.

"The people of Heaven Demon Sect! Haven't they been destroyed? How can they appear here again?" Li Zhen changed his face even more.

Devil Sect is not a good sect on this day, but is a member of the Demon Clan in the Outer World. Earlier in the early years, because of the cholera Zhongyu, it was jointly eradicated by several super families such as the Jiang Family and the Ji Family. See the remnants of the Devil Sect.

Each of these demons is very powerful. Although they are all strong in the world, but there are many families, and the demons are strange, the cultivation methods are peculiar and strange, and they often make people unpredictable. .

"People in front of me stop!" The first of this group was a five-foot dwarf. This man was wearing a blood-stained robe, his face was even more dead than a zombie, and his eyes were protruding like dead fish. Just looked at the two.

Others' eyes are dark, as if they don't have their own souls, just controlled by others.

"We just passed by here, don't get me wrong!" Jiang Cheng was away from all the year round, used to dealing with some strong men, he came up and lied casually, preparing to pull Li Zhen away.

"Wait!" The dwarf's eyes swept and swept around Li Zhen's body, and then grinned, "You are Li Zhen of the Dali Dynasty!"

" did you know me!" Li Zhen was shocked and felt that something was not right.

"Hey! Take them down for me, and we will sacrifice the flags for a while!" The gnome shouted, and seven or eight powerful men of the world rushed up and surrounded the two of them.

"No! Don't get me wrong, we have no hostility!" Jiang Chengnian hurriedly waved his hand.

"Yeah! Don't be excited, everyone has something to say!" Li Zhen looked as if he was unlucky today. He felt that it was a bad luck today.

"Huh! There's nothing to say. When you chased Grandpa, I didn't expect it to be touched by Grandpa again today. Take it for me!" The dwarf stepped forward personally, and his eyes were scary.


Several powerful players in the world teamed up against the enemy, it was simply crushed, and the two old guys were photographed on the ground without resisting a few rounds.