Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 297

Chapter 297: The Spirit Of Wanshan Awakens

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Seeing Jiang Chengnian agree, Zhao Yuande no longer hesitated, and directly contacted the old turtle who was in rage.

The old turtle heard Zhao Yuande's "True Demon Blood Banner", and his complexion also changed. He had heard of this chaotic spirit treasure legend, but he dared not try the flag by himself.

"Boy, what do you want to do?" The old turtle still roared angry at the blood boy on the surface, but in private he vocalized to Zhao Yuande and asked him.

"I want to take advantage of it and kill him directly! Senior, you must take good care of the rest of the puppets when I kill him, and look at their eyes. Procrastination." Zhao Yuande said his plan again.

The old turtle nodded secretly and looked at Zhao Yuande differently.

"Give me death!" The old turtle suddenly made a huge wave first, and turned into a terrible water dragon to open his teeth and dance his claws towards the blood boy.

The giant wave slammed and flew Zhao Yuande and Jiang Chengnian out of the way, and it fell to a place not far from the blood boy.

"Yinsha Wuyun Formation!" The blood boy giggled and commanded the five blood puppets to form a formation to block the water dragon. "Old turtle, hurry up and hand over the innate spirit treasure, otherwise I will tear you into pieces!"

"Roar! Your little Douding is dreaming!" The old turtle commanded the water dragon to roar, and the terrifying power roared, almost flying the five blood puppets.

"Catch those two together and prepare to sacrifice the flag!" The blood boy glanced at Zhao Yuande and Jiang Chengnian and directed a puppet around him.

Jiang Chengnian was originally restrained. Zhao Yuande was struggling symbolically for a few times before being caught by the puppet and brought to the blood boy.

"Well, it's a pity that it's just a little guy in Lingtai's pregnant realm, otherwise it will make the True Demon Blood Banner more violent, but it will work well!" The blood boy grabbed Zhao Yuande, pulled him to the front, and looked up and down After a while, he shook his head and sighed, and seemed not very satisfied.

"Actually, I don't need to sacrifice, there are better sacrifices!" Zhao Yuande suddenly said, his tone was flat, not afraid or frightened, but had a special kind of self-confidence.

"Oh! Boy, you are not simple, so calm in front of my blood boy, but I really want to hear where this better offering is?" Blood boy looked at Zhao Yuande, not knowing where this boy's faith came from .

"Come on, you are closer, I will tell you!" Zhao Yuande beckoned at him, beckoning him closer.

"Hey!" The blood boy approached indifferently, and an evil smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

"This sacrifice is you!" Zhao Yuande shouted fiercely and threw a punch at the blood boy's chest before smashing it.

"Hey!" As if the sound of a night owl sounded, the black-blooded boy grabbed Zhao Yuande's hand, "Boy, I guessed you would have shot, but your strength is too weak!"

"Really?" Zhao Yuande was grabbed his hand. Instead of panic, he smiled mysteriously at the blood boy. A figure penetrated the void and appeared in front of the blood boy. A snowy fist was flat against his head. Strange is a punch.

The speed of this punch was incredible, even the blood boy, the world's double true spirit realm, did not react, and he was directly hit by the head before he opened the inner world.


There was a thunderous burst of sound in the blood boy's body, his inner world exploded, and his body was also torn apart. A blood-red flag burst out of the flesh and flew in the sky.

"Old Turtle!" Zhao Yuande suddenly exploded in blood and blood, and the smoke above his head rose into the sky like a volcano that erupted in an instant.

A mirror sword flashed in his hand, and he directly cut the blood puppet beside him that instantly lost control in half.

And Zhao Yixin once again punched at another blood puppet.

"Boom!" The blood puppet burst, and a burst of blood suddenly rushed out of the blood puppet toward the forehead of the blood puppet that formed the Yinsha Five Cloud Array, and directly submerged into the sea of knowledge of the blood puppet.

The old turtle heard Zhao Yuande's roar, and at a glance saw the situation just now. It lifted up its huge paw and shot it fiercely towards the blood puppet.

The old turtle is equivalent to the powerful of the Divine Emperor Realm. When this paw comes down, it will break the blood puppet without any effort.

"Hoo!" Just as Zhao Yuande took a breath, waiting for the other puppets to lose control and suddenly scrapped, suddenly one of the blood puppets jumped up suddenly, grabbing the big flag in his hand, and vigorously dancing.

The blood puppets who had just been killed returned the blood of the blood boy, as if summoned and flew towards the banner. Suddenly the wind blew and the ghosts cried and howl, a blood red suddenly enveloped the whole sky, and the whole world suddenly changed It became blood red...

"I rely on!" Zhao Yuande cursed, "Hurry up to stop him!"

The old turtle shot again, and Zhao Yixin also rushed out lightning, rushing towards the blood puppet.

It's a pity that the banner is getting brighter and redder, and everyone seems to smell a strong **** gas. They seem to be in a **** hell, surrounded by a sea of corpses and blood, and there is a voice in his ear Scream, keep screaming.

This roar, as if an invisible big claw is constantly tearing the souls of the people, so that everyone is now in extreme pain.

The banner is getting bigger and bigger, and finally swept the sky, and the whole sky was included. Countless blood-red flags seemed to be a bloodthirsty demon rushing out of the banner and entangled in all creatures in all directions.

Zhao Yixin and Lao Gui were caught in the banner for the first time, and they could not break free no matter how they struggled and roared, followed by Zhao Yuande, Jiang Chengnian, Li Zhen...

They were like grasshoppers in their cages, entangled in blood-red flags, unable to move.

"It's over!" Everyone felt their own blood at this time. It was like a flood that was flooded by the blood-red flag, and in a blink of an eye it was sucked away by a third.

Even Zhao Yuande was a little flustered at this moment, he could not escape now after trying everything he could, and even the Mirror Sword could not split the blood-red flag.

"Are you really going to die here?" Zhao Yuande looked at the others, and despair grew in his heart.

"Oh!" The old turtle struggled desperately, screaming!

However, even though his vision was comparable to the early days of Divine Emperor, he could not break free from the blood-red flag.

It's really not possible to directly provoke Heavenly Tribulation. This is the last move. If Heavenly Tribulation has no effect, it will really die!

"Boy, what do you tell me to do? Do you want to start the robbery again?" A voice rumbling out of the earth, from far and near, only took a thousandth of an instant!

"You... you went there! I called you for a long time, and I'm going to die now!" Zhao Yuande complained loudly, "Save me now, or else I'm going to provoke Heavenly Tribulation!"

"Hey! I got a lot of benefits after the last catastrophe. I just slept for a while! I didn't expect this kind of thing to happen!" Wan Shanzhi smiled, and really felt a little guilty. "This is a small thing, I Help you solve it!"

The earth was torn apart, and a large hand covering the sky dashed out of the earth, tearing the blood-red sky directly, and grabbing the blood-red flag.

A wave of wailing came from the banner, as if to beg for mercy.

"Return all the sucked blood, otherwise I will tear you directly!" There was a terrible sound from the earth shaking the sky.

Suddenly, everyone felt that the blood that had been sucked back came back all at once, and all the blood-red flags wrapped around them also turned into blood shadows and disappeared.


With that hard hand, the blood flag of the true demon suspected of Chaos Lingbao was cut off directly.

"You... you don't count!" This is obviously the blood boy's voice, full of anger and unwillingness.

"Huh! How dare you want to kill my contractor and want to ruin my future, do you think I can keep you?" Wanshan Spirit snorted coldly, a red flame rose in his hand and would break the truth The magic blood flag immediately wrapped and began to burn!