Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 298

Chapter 298: You Have Bad Breath

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Tens of thousands of miles away from this place, a strong man stood in the void and stared in this direction. When he saw the big hand on the ground, he could not help frowning slightly!

"This kid turned out to be the contractor of the spirit of Wanshan. It seems that I didn't do it right. Otherwise, it would be a headache for anyone to meet this guy!"

The strong man's body disappeared in the void, not knowing where to go.

"Wan... Spirit of Wanshan! What's going on with you!" The old turtle was obviously calmed down. He didn't understand how the legendary presence appeared in front of him all at once, and saved himself.

and many more! What did he say just now? Contractor!

Is this kid actually his contractor, it seems that the origin of this kid is not simple!

"Little guy, you have to seize the chance! He is..." The voice of Wanshan Spirit suddenly faded, and he used the voice of God's Soul, "He is the reincarnation of the universe!"

"What!" Lao Gui stretched out his head suddenly, stretched his head in front of Zhao Yuande, left and right, and sucked hard with his big nose... "Sure enough, it really has his breath!"

Jiang Chengnian and Li Zhen on one side were shocked by the sudden appearance of this savior. They listened to them as if they were listening to Tianshu. They looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes more and more that he was mysterious. .

Jiang Chengnian suddenly thought of the contract with Zhao Yuande just now, and suddenly blossomed.

"Cough! Old turtle, don't be so close to me, you have bad breath!" Zhao Yuande covered his nose. He felt that the other party must have eaten more fish and shrimp today. This smell of smell almost made him faint.

"Cough!" The old turtle was extremely embarrassed, and quickly withdrew his head and a big paw, and handed the wind gourd to Zhao Yuande. "This... little brother, the old turtle thinks that you are a good friend I have to wait for. As long as you promise to help me unlock the shackles in the future, the old turtle will give the gourd his hands."

"Boy, promise him! This little guy is not easy, locked here for millions of years!" Spirit of Wanshan whispered to him quietly.

"Fortunately, an innate spirit treasure is exchanged for freedom, you know the turtle!" Zhao Yuande took the gourd. This treasure is not very important to him, but he can give it to his own woman or Friends, this is definitely a very sharp weapon.

"The old turtle is here waiting for the arrival of the little brother!" The old turtle was promised and slowly sinking into the deep pool.

"Give you two choices, submit to me or die!" Zhao Yuande came to Jiang Chengnian and Li Zhen again and looked at them coldly.

"I surrender, surrender!" Jiang Chengnian said nothing but knelt down and bowed to Zhao Yuande. Because of the agreement just now and the appearance of the spirit of Wanshan, the old turtle seemed to know his identity and took the initiative Offering treasure, let him see the great potential of Zhao Yuande.

The most important thing is that Zhao Yuande promised to regenerate his limb, which made him finally determined to submit to Zhao Yuande.

"Good! Jiang Chengnian, you first go to Luoxue Shengcheng to help me protect two people. When I find you next time, it is when you will regenerate your limbs!" Zhao Yuande's soul transmitted the messages of Shui Youdao and Adong Give him, let Jiang Chengnian wait on the side.

"You..." Zhao Yuande looked at Li Zhen, "Do you want to die?"

"No... I also surrender, and also surrender!" Li Zhen finally fell to his knees under the coercion of Zhao Yuande.

"Okay, I know you are very unconvinced, so... we just make a deal, this time you go back to help the three princes Li Tian take the heirs, if I succeed, I will let you go, otherwise after this promotion to Yin and Yang unity, I Will be the first to kill you!" Zhao Yuande sneered at Li Zhen and waved his hand at will.

Jiang Chengnian and Li Zhen glanced at each other to see the relief in each other's eyes. The two rose into the air and each flew towards their own goals.

"How are you doing here?" The voice of the spirit of Wanshan came from the earth.

"No, not here, go to the Eye of Thunder, where there may be unexpected gains from crossing the robbery! Less wait..." Zhao Yuande frowned and looked in one direction suddenly, said softly, "No! Why Lin Tianzhao has not yet rushed Come, it should be almost according to time!"

"No matter, I will send a voice to him first, so that he will not come over for the time being!" Zhao Yuande contacted Lin Tianzhao again, did not want to fight each other was actually stopped by a terrible opponent, the two are fighting, and that person just for no reason Retreated.

Zhao Yuande suddenly knew that those who wanted to kill himself already knew the existence of Lin Tianzhao, and had long sought someone to block his way, leaving him too late to rescue.

Zhao Yuande explained the situation to him, so that he could rest assured that he would meet him after he went through the robbery.

After the end of Lin Tianzhao's affairs, Zhao Yuande said to the spirit of Wanshan: "Sorry, we can pass now!"

Zhao Yuande knew the means of the spirit of Wanshan, and it was not enough to describe the speed of it.

Zhao Yuande only felt the flower in front of him, and he directly appeared in the eye of Thunder, the lake of Thunder was rippling on all sides, and the endless Thunder screamed in the lake!

"This yin and yang combination will definitely be terrible. I have to prepare in advance!" Zhao Yuande took out a large amount of panacea and placed it in front of him, letting Zhao Yi sit cross-legged in front of him.

Hope to be promoted directly to the extreme!

"Thunder Tribulation is coming!"

The area was originally dark with thunder and thunder, but at this moment the world seemed to fall into darkness at once, and the terrible dark clouds that came out of nowhere, pressed against Zhao Yuande's head.

There were electric dragons roaring through the clouds, and there seemed to be a series of whining sounds in the clouds, as if someone was blowing the thunder horn and calling the thunder god!

"The boy is not easy, be careful!" Wanshan Spirit sent a message, and even he felt that the Heavenly Tribulation was unusual.

"Relax!" Zhao Yuande was confident.

He has now merged the two great souls with his own fetus, and a powerful force that has never been emitted from his body makes him feel like a god.


At this time, what Zhao Yuande had already thought about happened, his stomach began to grumble, and he even became hungry and unbearable. This moment of hunger almost interrupted his Yin and Yang.

"I knew it!" Zhao Yuande sucked in his mouth and sucked all the prepared food and elixir on the ground into his abdomen.

A powerful energy burst into his abdomen, and these energy complexes exploded like explosives, but at this time the black hole in his body came as scheduled, and began to help Zhao Yuande absorb and arrange these messy energy, and then Return one by one.

"It seems that the next time I advance, I need to prepare a few large portions of food. It's better to be the one with the most powerful effect. Anyway, this black hole can devour everything!"

This kind of thought flashed in Zhao Yuande's heart, and he fell into the fusion again.

The thunder is getting fiercer in the sky, as if a terrible attack is brewing continuously.

wrong! Why do I really want to hear a faint roar, the Thunder Eye under me seems to be alive at this moment and makes a roaring roar, as if echoing the terrible thunder in the sky, a bad hunch from his My heart popped up, is this innate **** demon's eyes still conscious of life?

At this moment, his soul and the real fetus are truly one, his body feels full of endless power every inch, he feels that he can now hit a wild monster with a punch, even he has a feeling, even He can also punch through the world with a strong world.