Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Beast Tribe You Hai Kunpeng

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"The combination of Yin and Yang is not enough, I have to break through the extreme to reach perfection!" Zhao Yuande's two great souls are united in just a few breaths, but he is still not satisfied and continues to sublimate and take out the demolition **** The soup drank directly.

After decaying into the abdomen, he suddenly felt a strange energy walking along the meridian of the whole body, and then all gathered into his sea of knowledge, began to continuously refine his soul and strengthen his sea of knowledge...

"Come!" The voice of the Wanshan Spirit warning came from below the earth.

Zhao Yuande opened his eyes at this moment, and the two gods pierced the void, illuminating the entire Tianyu.

He was in the soul city, condensed into a real person sitting cross-legged in the middle of his sea of knowledge, breathing and vomiting, as if another Zhao Yuande was practicing at the same time.


A red **** electric awn fell from the clouds, and at the moment when it fell on the top of Zhao Yuande's head, it turned into a heavenly path shining with a red blood awn, and fell fiercely towards Zhao Yuande's brow.

"Great! The first blow came towards my soul!" Although Zhao Yuande was surprised, he was not panicking.

A brilliance rose above his head, and a three-inch-sized villain rushed out of his head at once, punching at the sky knife.

The golden light of the villain was wearing a colorful and colorful holy cloth, and the holy cloth blocked everything. The blood of the sky knife leaned down as if dew dropped on the lotus leaf, without touching him.


The sky knife was crushed by the villain with a punch, and turned into blood and spattered.

At this time, tens of thousands of miles away from Zhao Yuande, the strong man stood still in the sky. When he saw the scene of Zhao Yuande's crossing, he suddenly looked very ugly.

"His spirit is so strong that he can be compared with the emperor before he is promoted to be a unity of yin and yang. This is a peerless evil, and he must be killed if he cannot be a friend!"

The strong man slowly clenched his fists, his face showing fierce murderousness.


Zhao Yuande's soul broke the sky sword with a boxing, and slowly fell into the sea of knowledge. At this time, he heard a sound like a wave of water flowing. The sky was originally black and ink, but at this time, it turned red.

Zhao Yuande raised his head slightly, and saw a cloud of fire in the sky flying in his direction. The cloud of fire swirled around, as if hiding a terrible monster.

When a powerful crisis came, Huo Ran of Zhao Yuande got up, and he slowly took out the mirror sword and held it in his hand.


Huoyun came to the top of his head and dissipated completely, and a fiery dragon all over him rushed towards him.

"The second robbery is the fire dragon robbery!"

Although Zhao Yuande was terrified, he did not panic. Instead of avoiding it, he suddenly leaped into the air and rushed towards the huge fire dragon. The mirror sword in his hand gave a brilliant brilliance and launched a terrifying battle with the fire dragon.

Although the Mirror Sword is extremely sharp, the Fire Dragon's body is composed of flames, and it will be unharmed if he hacks at will.

"I fight with you!"

Zhao Yuande simply put away the mirror sword and squeezed his fist towards the fire dragon.

A thunderous thunder fell from the sky, a large flame sprinkled the sky, and a fluffy blood was scattered on the ground.

Zhao Yuande was quickly injured under the fireclaw's claws and fangs, but he didn't care. His wounds healed instantly when the body's blood and blood rolled around the undead body.

No matter how powerful the fire dragon is, he was also consumed by Zhao Yuande's powerful offensive, and the body of the fire dragon became smaller and smaller over time.

The two battled for nearly one hour in a row, and finally the fire dragon suddenly turned into a sky-wide flame and slowly scattered across the ground.

Zhao Yuande felt that the power of the flame in his body had become thicker. This is the benefit of fighting Sky Tribulation.

"What a fierce little guy!" The spirit of Wanshan at this time repeatedly sighed under the earth. It survived the infinite years and concluded contracts with countless strong men, but never seen such a terrible young strong man. It seems that this time it can really be completed!

The thunder in the sky gradually stopped, as if the Sky Tribulation was nearing its end. Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be surprised. Is the Sky Tribulation of Yin and Yang united so simple?

But at this time, he suddenly felt a damp breath coming, and suddenly the black clouds began to drip raindrops.

The rain fell slightly salty at the corner of the mouth, this is seawater!

Zhao Yuande suddenly looked into the sky. I dont know when a huge gap opened in the dark clouds. It seemed that there was a big world. This big world was extremely vast, but all were vast oceans and terrible undersea giants. The beast is roaring wildly!

"That is!"

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande was shocked, because he saw a huge fish that was breaking through to a huge rift. This big fish had a pair of gray wings. The speed of spreading wings in the sea made Zhao Yuande change color.

The big fish penetrated the rift and suddenly appeared in the sky. His wings spread out to cover the sky and the sun, and the giant tail swayed and scattered the dark clouds in the sky.

His blood-red eyes saw Zhao Yuande all at once, swooping down at him with an angry roar.

The big fish seems to have received some kind of order. Only Zhao Yuande is its enemy in the whole world. As long as he kills Zhao Yuande, he can fly freely on this vast land.

"This is a strange beast robbery! Even a terrible strange beast with Kunpeng bloodline, can this kid persist?" The spirits of Wanshan underground began to worry for Zhao Yuande.

"Eight-level beast Yuhai Kunpeng, the overlord of Youhai World, has a strange world in her body, medium-level ingredients, and matches the recipe "Yuhai Feast", which can help practitioners stabilize the inner world... list of ingredients..."


Beast Tribulation! This is a living beast, Zhao Yuande's mirror sword came in hand this time!

Zhao Yuande rose into the air and killed him towards this sea-kun Kunpeng.

The sharp and unmatched Mirror Sword, coupled with the huge size of this sea-kun Kunpeng, brought Zhao Yuande into contact with one and flew in flesh and blood.

However, You Hai Kunpeng is huge and immense. Although the mirror sword cuts its skin, it cannot hurt its roots.

Regardless of the blood splashing in the sky, it would not affect the terrible combat power of You Hai Kunpeng. Zhao Yuande was gently swept by a tail, and he felt that his body's bones didn't know how many broken, and flew out thousands of feet away, embarrassed. Spit up blood.

"What a terrible power!" Zhao Yuande frantically operated his immortal body, and when he returned to the war again, his body injury recovered and the dragon and tiger became fierce again.

It seems that I continue to fight like this. Every ten days and a half months, I can't get this big guy. Zhao Yuande evades the terrible attack of You Hai Kunpeng while thinking about how to defeat the other party.

The Mirror Sword continuously cuts wounds on the opponent, but the opponent is too large. The damage he caused has little effect, but will continue to anger the opponent.

It's as if a person has been scratched with a fingernail, which is not fatal at all!

In general, the head of a fierce beast is a weakness. I attacked its eyes and head, and Zhao Yuande's body flew in the sky, constantly flying towards the top of the head of You Hai Kunpeng.


You Hai Kunpeng roared, as if she already knew Zhao Yuande's thoughts. It was torn by Zhao Yuande's skin again and again, and his heart was extremely irritable. His wings fluttered and black ripples appeared, rippling in the void.

Zhao Yuande didn't notice these ripples for a while. He was directly cut into a body by a ripple. His leg was suddenly cut off, and the blood was scattered like a fountain.