Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Angle

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"Dark Demon Real Man, God Emperor Cultivated as (weak) in mid-term, ancient Dao Demon King's grandson, Demon Sect Sect Master, man-devil mixed blood, possessing demon king's blood, intermediate ingredients..."

"Oh! Boy, are you spying on me?" A dark sneer was raised in the corner of the real demon's mouth, and a pair of eyes stared at Zhao Yuande, wanting to see something in his eyes.

"I really didn't expect that the Shadow Demon Sect hadn't been wiped out, and the Dark Demon Real Man didn't know how you escaped from so many strong men?" Zhao Yuande knew that he could not be kind today, but fortunately the other party didn't like to listen to anything, he said what.

" do you know me?" The dark demon frowned, but it was quickly relieved. Since he can know the other party's identity, the other party has a way to get their own message, "Boy! If it's not you, we devil Why was the Shadow Sect destroyed overnight, how could I wander around, now that the spirit of Wanshan is not here, no one can save you!"

"Wait, I have something to ask you!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly stopped the other party's urge to shoot.

"Hey! I'm not stupid, I won't let you call the rescuer, you die for me!" Dark Demon real person eye Mori cold killing unlimited, appeared in front of Zhao Yuande in a flick, and slapped him hard with a palm Forehead.

"Old things, you can't kill me!" Zhao Yuande saw the sword in his hand and cut it toward the palm of the dark demon.

"Small trick! Holding the innate Lingbao in your hands has no effect on me! You don't understand it at all. Reaching the realm of God Emperor means what it means. This world will be used by me, and the world is upside down in my hands!" Dark The demon was stinky, and his palm flicked gently, and the world was twisted. Although Zhao Yuande's mirror sword seemed to be cut on the other's wrist, the attack was easily twisted, and the blade was rubbing his wrist. Cutting through did not cause a little damage.

And because of the sword's change of direction, Zhao Yuande tilted his body forward involuntarily, and his forehead was just slapped by the opponent.


Zhao Yuande himself could hear the sound of a broken bone, and then his body was thrown high, and he slammed towards the mountain behind him.


He slammed hard against the mountain peak, and a mouthful of blood spewed out. The whole person only felt that his head was faint, and he almost collapsed to the ground.

Although the palm of the Dark Demon Reality did not use full strength, but also used four or five points of power, it only talked about the depression of Zhao Yuande's forehead, which did not hurt the knowledge of the sea.

The frontal bone in the human body is the most solid. Zhao Yuande's frontal bone is almost comparable to the top-order acquired spirit treasure, but it still shatters under this easy hit, which shows how powerful a **** emperor realm is. Powerful.

Zhao Yuande's body hit the mountain, instead of hitting the mountain, he crashed his back bones, and didn't know how many knots it broke.

He slipped from the mountain peak and crashed to the ground. There were thousands of doubts and puzzles in his heart. Is this mountain stronger than the innate spirit treasure? Why would he break his spine?

But now it was not time to think about it. He hurriedly urged the immortal body. When she stood up, her body had completely recovered.

"What! Your flesh is so powerful?" Dark Demon Reality is a bit unsteady at this time. His own flesh is not so strong, "eat me again!"

The real man of the dark demon slapped Zhao Yuande with a palm, and no matter how he dodged, the palm was finally printed on his chest.


Zhao Yuande was like a broken sandbag. The bones in the province were almost cracked. His body was dripping with blood, and his mouth was spurting blood. His body hit the mountain again.

This time he originally wanted to call out Zhao Yixin directly, but unfortunately he had not been put into action yet, so he was beaten again.

This time it was a chest. The other party obviously added a little more strength. His bones were almost broken at this moment, but he was not worried that he would die, because the immortal body was strong, he was only worried about the other party if it was next time. With all my strength, can I still survive?

He suddenly got nervous, Divine Emperor controlled Heavenly Dao, the speed is incredible, almost all teleportation, he wanted to take out Zhao Yixin for simplicity, but the soul was infused very slowly, if it is interrupted directly, I am afraid that the soul will be Exposed directly, it would be even more miserable to die.

After hitting the mountain behind, he slid down from the mountain like a dead man, and his body began to recover again. Unfortunately, this recovery did not go so fast, because the injury was too serious.

"It turns out that you master a powerful method of recovery. Give it away! I can spare you!" The dark demon real person carefully observed Zhao Yuande's reaction this time and found that his recovery speed was super fast, and he wanted to legend. The undead among them.

His glasses suddenly light up. If he can get an undead body, his combat effectiveness will be doubled again, and he will be able to rebuild the Shadow Shadow Sect.

"Bah! Old monster, don't even think about it!" Zhao Yuande took a hard sip and stood up again.

He heard the hope of life from the other party's words. The other party wanted his own undead body and would not kill himself!

"Bang!" The dark devil kicked Zhao Yuande away.

Zhao Yuande hit the mountain for the third time. At this time, the mountain was stained with Zhao Yuande's blood, and he slid down again.

"Well! Who is disturbing my rest!" A thunderous voice resounded through the sky.

The mountain swayed gently, and finally bent up, the whole mountain suddenly lifted up, turned out to be just an arm!

Then the whole world was trembling, and countless powerful beasts, sacred beasts, and even a huge dragon in the big river began to tremble at this moment.

A giant who didn't know how tall he slowly sat up from the ground, his eyes projected in this direction.

The dark demon was so frightened that the dead souls were all frightened. He felt that the powerful presence in front of him, which was a mountain with fingers, exuded an extremely dangerous atmosphere. Even if he faced the pursuit of several **** emperors and powerful men, those gods The emperor together is not as powerful as a little finger of this existence.

"This senior, the junior doesn't know that the senior has rested again, disturbed the senior, and asked the senior not to be surprised!" Dark Demon lived very respectfully, and his head almost touched the ground.

"Well! Seeing you being so sincere, I will spare you this time. If there is another time, I won't have such a good temper!" Humility, waving his hand to let him go.

If the dark demon is really relieved, he has to go to catch Zhao Yuande.

At this moment, a faint voice suddenly came.