Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 305

Chapter 305: I Think Then You Come To Alchemy

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Zhao Yuande was severely wounded continuously, his recovery rate was getting slower and slower, and he had not stood up yet, but he finally knew that he was so familiar with the mountain.

Because this is his old acquaintance, the innate **** magic angle that took him out of the extreme north!

"Huh! It's your little fellow, why are you here!" Jiao grabbed Zhao Yuande on the ground excitedly, placed it on his shoulder habitually, and looked at him covered with blood, the glasses of the horn suddenly became a bit harsh Get up, "How did you get hurt? Who dares to hurt horn friends!"

When the real demon over there saw Zhao Yuande even knowing this terrible stone giant, he was almost scared to the ground. He hurried back, and quietly wanted to tear the void away.

"It's him!" Zhao Yuande pointed at the Dark Demon Real Man. The Dark Demon Real Man had already stepped into the void with one foot.

"You... dishonest!" The horned pupil looked at the dark demon in a flash.

The real man of Dark Demon stepped out of his feet and suddenly listened in place. He seemed to feel that the space around him was imprisoned by a powerful force, and he couldn't move even a little finger.

The horn's fingers stretched out and gently pinched the dark demon, sandwiching him between his fingers.

"Forgive me! Forgive me!" Dark Demon Reality recovered his ability to act, screaming in horror.

He felt like he had been stepped on by a thousand heads of grass and mud horses, and he certainly didnt look at the Huang Li when he went out. He even got mad at this terrible existence. He became a prisoner of others' ranks, and this contrast made him almost spit out old blood.

"Little guy, he gave it to you!" The horn finger gently exerted a force of terrible demon into the real body of the dark demon, causing him to instantly lose the terrible combat power, like a dead dog. Beside Zhao Yuande.

"Thank you, my friend!" Zhao Yuande heartily thanked Jiao. If he was not here today, he would definitely be bad, and he might die here.

But now the situation is reversing, the dark devil is crawling under his feet, and he stands up again.

Thinking of being able to torture a powerful Divine Emperor, Zhao Yuande felt a little excited and excited. This is Divine Emperor Strong, one of the world's top combat powers!

"Zhao Yuande! Zhao Xiaoyou, as long as you don't kill me, I am willing to promise you all the conditions!"

"Mozu, I want to use you to make alchemy!" Zhao Yuande sneered sneered. This guy is mixed with human and demon, and has most of the blood of the demon in his body.

Ordinary demons can get the magic pill after death because of their different cultivation practices. Does this guy know if they need to be refined after death?

"Zhao" The dark demon lived in sweat, unable to imagine what it would be like to be stuffed into the Dan furnace. He began to yell in horror, "I am a human race, not a demon! You come to make alchemy, this Its just heartbreaking!"

"Is it?" Zhao Yuande smiled coldly, "Dark Demon Real Man, you are the son of Gudang Demon King, with the blood of the devil in your body, you can deceive others, but you can't deceive me!"

"How do you know!" Gudang Demon sat on the ground with a shocked buttocks. He could hardly imagine why a secret hidden in his heart for countless years would be known to a human being. How could this be possible!

"Devil! Everyone gets a blow!" When the horn heard this, his eyes suddenly stood up, emitting a dangerous light.

The Demon Race is the enemy of the Beginning Realm. All the creatures born in the Beginning Realm have an unsolvable hatred with the Demon Race. I heard that this dark demon real person is the Demon Race, and the horns have begun to be calm.

"Dark Demon Real Man, I will give you a chance. As long as you tell whether the Demon Clan has any remnants in the Eastern Emperor's World, I will give you a happy heart when they are there!" Zhao Yuande felt threatened and asked for an opportunity.

"I... I won't tell you!" Dark Demon Reality was a little hesitant at first, and finally, his eyes were wide, and he came to die.

"Okay, no problem, it doesn't matter if you don't tell me, I will slowly adjust you in the Dan furnace!" Zhao Yuande turned his head to ask Jiao, "Jiao, he won't suddenly break free of you!"

"It's okay, I have cut off his connection with Benyuan Avenue. He is now a mortal!" Jiao shook his head and smiled, "You can conceal him at will!"

"Good to come!" Zhao Yuande took out the gluttonous real Ling Ding excitedly, and even the shoulder of the horn would be eager to tuck the dark demon into a real medicine.

"Do not"

When the real demon heard the words of the horn, after seeing the excited look of Zhao Yuande, he finally became completely soft.

According to his account, the Mo School and the Devil Sect were all eroded by the Demon Race, and all the high-level demons became Mozu!

This also certifies everything that Zhao Yuande saw in his previous life. The Mo family has indeed become a traitor to the Eastern Emperor Great World, and the Devil Sect was originally a demon outsider. note.

It seems that after this trip to the Sword Field in the South China Sea, these two big troubles must be solved first!

Zhao Yuande didn't eat his words. He shattered his knowledge of the sea directly with a palm, and let the weak spirits dissipate directly, and the body of the dark demon real person was carefully included in the storage space by Zhao Yuande. And, the other party is the blood of the Demon Race, and he has no burden in his heart.

"Little guy, are you going there? I'll send you." The horn is as enthusiastic and honest as ever.

"go with"

On the shoulder of the big cornered guy, Zhao Yuande quickly reached the holy spring, and really saw the bone of Dan Ding Real Man again.

He carefully buried the corpse next to the holy spring, collected the relics, and prepared to send them to Shengdanzong in the future.

In the end, with the enthusiasm of Jiao, he traversed the wilderness with him and talked about many things about the Eastern World, which made the lonely guy's face smile a little more.

Jiao finally decided to settle down next to the holy spring. If Zhao Yuande had a chance, he would have to look at himself more.

Zhao Yuande readily agreed and said goodbye at last.

Farewell to the corner, and soon Zhao Yuande returned to the God Ruins.

Came to the world's first gourmet.

At this time, the black wind is practicing in the world's first gourmet. This guy is worthy of the bloodline of the ancient strong devil bear, with the engulfing body. In this short period of time, he has been promoted to the double heaven of the realm, and Faintly has reached the edge of promotion again.

"Boy! You are finally back!" Black Wind went up and hugged Zhao Yuande, and said in grievances to Zhao Yuande's ear, "I'm going to starve to death!"

"Black Wind... Is this what you want to say most?" Zhao Yuande kicked him with a kick.

"Hey! Real person is a real person, don't you say anything else is hypocritical?" Heifeng trot rushed back, ridiculed in front of Zhao Yuande, and kept rubbing his hands, "Come on, get some delicious food, I already I haven't eaten in months!"

"It's really impossible to take you!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that this guy's smile was so kind!

Zhao Yuande reopened the stove, and specially prepared a full meal for the black wind and himself, and even took out the collected monkey wine, the two people who ate straight were full of oil, the face was red and shiny, and some were drunk. .

The whole body of the black wind is black light, and a huge black hole appears in his body, constantly engulfing the aura of the outside world.

"Click!" As if the sound of broken eggshell sounded in the body of the black wind, under the strong medical force at this moment, the black wind even directly promoted the triple destiny of the realm!


The dark wind excitedly roared upwards in the sky, causing everyone in the city of Gods to panic, thinking that a powerful beast rushed into the city, scaring the city defense to chase the streets in search of the trail of the beast.

After eating and drinking, the two guys sat shoulder to shoulder together, and Zhao Yuande smiled and said, "Heifeng, you are now repairing it for nothing! This time you can go with me to the South China Sea Jianyu, there. There are countless opportunities for you to take advantage of!"

"Boy, are you or me? I want to quit the bald man!" Heifeng scratched his head and felt a little lonely. He missed the days when he and I quit together.