Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Little Stars

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"Well, bring them this time!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and there were two more people in the room, one was ground breaking and the other was Qin Xingyu.

The two guys are fighting and practicing in the copper furnace world. As a result, some inexplicable flowers came here.

Po Tian always did not like to talk, and when he saw Zhao Yuande in, he stood behind him consciously, and Qin Xingyu paid his respects to Zhao Yuande, and even called him a master!

"This little guy, are you a disciple? Not bad!" Heifeng walked up and looked at Qin Xingyu around, tapping on his head with his greasy hand, "I didn't hurry to call Shibo when I saw the real person !"

Qin Xingyu was only eleven or twelve years old, and hardly experienced any major events in the world of Snow God. Now he is knocked on his head by the black wind that looks fierce and evil. I wished aloud, Uncle!

"Hey! The little guy is good, and he will be mixed with Master Uncle in the future! Master Uncle..." Before he finished talking, he noticed that the little guy in front of him slipped to the ground behind Zhao Yuande before he noticed, and he worked hard. Clutching the sky-breaking armor.

"I don't want to mix with you, you're not reliable!" The little guy told the truth very politely, so that the black wind felt dull.

"Boy, who is this monkey? Cultivated enough times, it hasn't been transformed yet!" Heifeng only noticed the existence of the sky at this time, and immediately stepped forward to look up and down.

"Broken Sky!" Zhao Yuande didn't say his true identity, but only told Heifeng a name.

"Hi! A domineering name, but it's a bit inappropriate for a monkey to call Potian!" Heifeng suddenly felt that his name was a bit old-fashioned and unreliable, "We might as well change, you call Heifeng My name What do you think of it?"

"No... OK!" Po Tian was very determined.

"Monkey, you're doing something wrong. It's your honor that you really want to change it with you!" Heifeng unkindly put his big hand on the ground breaking shoulders.


Black Wind's arm was just resting on Po Tian's shoulder, and he felt a strong force coming and sent him directly to Zhen Fei.

"Oh! Monkey, you're not kind. Today, you really have to compete with you!" Heifeng squeezed his teeth, and the wind rushed over, opening his mouth towards the sky.


The speed of breaking the sky is faster than that of the black wind. I don't know how much, and punched the black wind in the punch with a punch, flying it out again.

However, Po Tian also knew that this unreliable guy was Zhao Yuande's friend, and he only used one or two points of power.

After being punched, the black wind suddenly realized that the other party was so powerful!

"Boy! You pit me!" Heifeng turned to look at Zhao Yuande, his eyes seemed to be wet, and his face was wronged.

That punch almost made him spit out all the good things he had just eaten. At the moment, his stomach turned over and over, as if a thousand elephants were treading back and forth.

"I forgot to tell you his identity, but the sky is Zhu Yan's bloodline. Don't provoke him casually!" Zhao Yuande looked at the black wind's embarrassment and suddenly smiled, this guy had to break up to clean up.

"Wow! Zhu Yan, that's a beast!" Heifeng's eyes became brighter, and he trot on the broken sky with his feet, looked up and down again, and suddenly smiled on his face, "Zhu... Brother Monkey, Brother Monkey! You will be my elder brother in the future, and the younger brother Heifeng will mix with you ever since!"

Heifeng, who has no skin and no face, makes a smile, and that almost made Zhao Yuande laugh.

Potian was complimented, and there was an unnatural smile on his face. He seemed very willing to listen to the black wind calling himself.

Seeing Po Tian's expression, Heifeng suddenly put on more effort, almost, "The kid said he would take us to the Sword Field in the South China Sea. When he got there, the monkey brother must cover the younger brother. Let's get rich together!"

Nodded, he said a good word with very fluent words!

"Humph! Bullying and fear, villain's behavior!" Qin Xingyu beside him murmured softly.

"Teacher nephew! This is not to be bullied and afraid of hard, Black Wind I am deeply shocked by the strength of the monkey brother, I am called righteous submission, you little guy do not talk nonsense!" Black Wind is not annoyed, a bear Speaking of cheeky things, they will answer you, our cheeks are already very thick!

"You..." Qin Xingyu felt that his world view was suddenly blown away by this bear.

"Hey, by the way, what is your name?" Heifeng looked at Qin Xingyu and thought this little guy was very cute.

Qin Xingyu said nothing, he did not want to talk to the bear, fearing that he would be damaged.

"Boy, your apprentice is innocent! He dare to ignore me, come and tell me what his name is! I can't always call my nephew or nephew!" Heifeng saw the little guy ignore him and turned his head suddenly. Zhao Yuande.

"Qin Xingyu!" Zhao Yuande thought it was okay to tell him his name.

"Oh! Qin Xingyu!" Heifeng got his name, turned his head and smugly grimaced at Qin Xingyu, "OK, Master will call you Little Star in the future!"

little stars! Hearing the name, Qin Xingyu almost passed out.

"No! You can't call me like that. My name is Qin Xingyu, not Xiaoxingxing!" Qin Xingyu protested.

"How good is the name Little Star!" Heifeng was puzzled and turned to look at the sky. "Brother Monkey, what do you think of the name Little Star? Is it cute and cute, used on this kind of teacher's nephew? The most suitable!"

Qin Xingyu looked at Po Tian with expectation, hoping he could say a fair word.

"!" The sky-breaking nagging once again, nodded deeply, "Ok..."

"I'm dizzy!" Qin Xingyu suddenly felt as if he had been completely defeated, bowing his head weakly, a look of love.

"Haha!" Zhao Yuande looked at Qin Xingyu and couldn't help laughing. He felt that the apprentice was very good, but he was not very lively. The guy with the black wind was there, and he should be able to change it.

"Since that is the case, let's go!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and shouted, "This time we will go high-profile and go to the South China Sea!"

Because Zhao Yuande is now in crisis, many people want to get rid of Zhao Yuande and then quickly. Zhao Yuande appears in such a high-profile, coupled with his relationship with the Water God Palace and the Ten Thousand Saints, many people will be afraid of it and dare not openly kill him.

After he came out of the sword field in the South China Sea, he had his own confidence, and he no longer had to be afraid of someone killing him in secret.

Many plans will be launched by then, and he has really set foot on a pinnacle of this world.

Soon, a news spread in the **** market.

The owner of the world's first gourmet, Zhao Yuande, will return to the South China Sea to participate in the opening ceremony of the South China Sea Sword Field.

Many people saw Zhao Yuande stepping out of the world's first delicacy, followed by the under-beating black man.

All of a sudden, the whole shrine city was in an uproar. It took less than half a day for the entire world of the East Emperor to be in an uproar.

The owner of the world's first gourmet that has disappeared for a long time, has taken the initiative to pave the road, and will also participate in the Nanhai Jianyu Festival!

Suddenly, countless people headed towards Shenxu City. They planned to meet the owner of the world's first gourmet. Of course, they also wanted to make friends with them and enjoy the leap of cultivation brought by the cuisine.

But what disappointed these people was that by the time they came to Shenxu City, Zhao Yuande had embarked on a teleportation array and went to the South China Sea.

Suddenly Nanhai City became the target of many people, because Zhao Yuande would eventually appear in Nanhai City, where it was the base camp of the South China Sea Sword League that ruled the entire South China Sea.