Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 308

Chapter 308: Dark Shot

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"Shameless!" Uncomfortable, Qin Xingyu next to him jumped out, making the black wind with a thick skin always black.

"Little Star... I just made an opinion, you don't have to be so obsessed with me!" Heifeng was very dissatisfied and felt very wronged.

Qin Xingyu stopped paying attention to him, devoted himself to attacking the food in front of him, and the angry black wind blew his beard and glared, but when he saw the broken eyes, he suddenly softened again.

"Boy! They bully me!" Black Wind cried to Zhao Yuande.

"Okay! You are all so old, and you are still angry with a child!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help crying, "There will be weapons you can use in a while..."

"Good!" Heifeng didn't wait for Zhao Yuande to say the following, and he interrupted directly, his face glowing with excitement.

Just as a few people were talking, suddenly a voice echoed from the palace.

"We Tianxiang Pavilion, we got a few good treasures, and we are still auctioning in the form of a dark auction. Adults in VIP rooms, we must seize the opportunity!"

"Come!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, what he really wanted.

"I don't know what kind of baby will be there?" Heifeng longed and looked forward.

"There should be no weapons!" Qin Xingyu seemed to be deliberately unable to get through with the black wind, always stimulating him by hiding behind the sky.

"Little star, you are very kind!" Heifeng gritted his teeth with hatred!

"You're not kind!" Qin Xingyu sneered back, disliked Little Star very much.


Zhao Yuande looked at the two guys fighting like you, and I didn't feel angry in my heart, but there was a warmth flowing, so that I would be closer to life!

Soon a waiter came to them with a storage ring.

Zhao Yuande first asked Heifeng to investigate with his soul, and he shook his head in disappointment.

Zhao Yuande just reached into the soul and found three items inside.

A small bronze bell, a strange tree, and a large piece of black metal.

"The Thunder Bell, the acquired treasure, contains a mysterious thunder sound, which can make people's hearts empty and enter the state of cultivation as soon as possible. They can emit thunder sound waves and cannot become ingredients!"

"Qinglin fruit tree, a small tree watered by the blood of Qinglin beast, the fruit can help the practitioner to expand the sea of blood, stabilize the fetus, and low-level food..."

"Meteorite ink gold, the precious metal contained in the meteorite, can be refined into a spiritual treasure, and cannot be used as food!"

Zhao Yuande also shook his head gently. These three things didn't work much for him. He just wrote a number on the paper of Qinglin Fruit Tree.

This kind of fruit tree can strengthen the foundation of the cultivator. He feels that it can be planted in the world of copper furnaces and considered for his next generation.

The auction was tepid, and Zhao Yuande finally won the Qinglin fruit tree at a price of three million yuan, and immediately sent it to the world of copper furnaces, allowing Li Rushuang to plant it carefully.

What Zhao Yuande did not expect was that there was a second round of this auction, and soon a waiter brought a storage ring again.

This time Zhao Yuande didn't let Heifeng look first, he first dived into the soul.

This time there is only one thing in this space. It is a Fangtian painted halberd, and it is a top-order acquired spirit treasure. It weighs tens of thousands of pounds. It also seals an eighth-order Mojiao **** as a true spirit. Let this The weapons are fierce.

Zhao Yuande directly handed the storage ring to Po Tians hands and showed him,

Po Tian was a little puzzled before, but his eyes brightened when he saw it. He nodded to Zhao Yuande longingly, but did not speak.

Zhao Yuande smiled slightly and nodded to know.

"What the **** is it! You two eyebrows!" Heifeng hurriedly snatched the ring away and dived into the consciousness to watch.

"Hey! It's a pity! If it's a hammer," Heifeng lowered his head in frustration.

"Deserve it!" Qin Xingyu on the side came out again, and these two words popped out!

Straight black teeth!

Zhao Yuande wrote his price on the note.

Soon the results of the auction came out again, and Zhao Yuande won the Fangtian Huaji at a price of 1.5 billion.

When Fang Tianhua's halberd fell into Po Tian's hands, his glasses lit up instantly!

"Good halberd!"

The black greedy harras all flowed out!

"Haha!" Qin Xingyu laughed again to stimulate him!

"Fine! Xingyu, don't joke with Uncle Shi!" Zhao Yuande looked at Heifeng as if he were about to cry, and he scolded the apprentice without any sincerity.

"Oh!" Qin Xingyu stuck out his tongue, and his body stretched back toward the sky.

Just when they thought the auction was over, the hall remembered the voice again.

"In view of the fierce competition in this auction, we Tianxiang Pavilion decided to take out a batch of treasures again and hold the third auction. There are still a few qualification tokens in this time. I hope you will grasp it well!"

Qualification token!

Zhao Yuande was very happy. He didn't have the qualification token to enter the South China Sea sword field. What he really wanted.

Soon a ring appeared in front of them for the third time, and Zhao Yuande could not wait to come over and probe into Dementor.

"The Nanhai Jianyu Qualification Token has the qualification to enter the Nanhai Jianyu and explore the secrets before the birth of the realm!"

There are six tokens, and Zhao Yuande only needs one.

He didn't go to see other treasures first, he wrote his bid directly on the note. The price he quoted refers to the price of the previous life, and he can definitely get one of them.

After having the token, he went to see other treasures.

The heart of the wind demon, the core of the wind demon, can be brought around to allow the practitioner to feel the rules of the wind and form the prototype of the field of wind in advance!

"Wanhua Jinlian, an eighth-order elixir, has a strong vitality and vitality, can reorganize the body, medium-level ingredients, matching recipes Jinlian Shengtai can bring the dead back to life, ingredients list..."

Zhao Yuande was interested in the remaining two things, but he didn't know if he had enough spirit jade. He had to fill in the price and listen to his destiny.

The results of the auction soon came out, except for a South China Sword Domain token, he did not shoot the remaining two.

Especially the last one, Wanhua Jinlian, did not capture his bid of 4 billion.

Only then did he feel that his spirit jade was not enough.

But now is not the time to make money. When he comes out of Jianyu in the South China Sea, he must take a few months to reopen the world's first gourmet, so that the spirit jade in the space will swell again.

"Hey! No way, it's good to get a qualification token!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly.

"But what if I don't have a weapon?" Heifeng's face was bitter, and he no longer dared to use the golden light pestle.

"Broken sky, use the euphorbia you replaced for the black wind!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the broken angel.

Po Tian handed the euphorbia that had lost its spirit to the black wind.

"This is too shabby!" Heifeng took the euphorbia with disgust.

"It's a shame, but it's a top-notch Lingbao, but it's just the spirit!" Zhao Yuande laughed and scolded. "Don't you dislike those disobedient spirits? There's no spirit in it, how do you love toss Row!"

"Okay!" Heifeng's face is bitter, and this is better than nothing.

Just as the four were full of food and were about to leave, suddenly there was a burst of laughter outside the palace, and several cultivators walked outside.