Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 309

Chapter 309: Snow Dragon Prince

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"Hey, Brother Jiang, how many geniuses did your Jiang family dispatch this time to participate in the Sword Domain of the South China Sea?" A voice immediately caught Zhao Yuande's attention.

"Jiang Tianzhao, Jiang Tianyue and several other disciples!" The Jiang family's voice was hoarse. He asked, "How many of you from the Black Dragon World?"

"How can our Black Dragon World be comparable to the Eastern World, but sent a few young men who are not capable of being led by the third prince!" Although the first voice was very plain, there was an arrogance in the words Qi.

Black Dragon World!

Zhao Yuande knows that the Black Dragon World is not a very powerful world. It is the closest to the Eastern Emperor World and has been occupied by the Black Dragon family. Most of his men are some powerful demon clan.

"The third prince actually led the team in person. It seems that this time the sword domain will be opened again, and there will be a **** storm!" The Jiang family suddenly heard his voice when the third prince was coming.

"There there! Brother Jiang, just rest assured, we have a hands-on appointment with the Jiang family, and you will definitely be fine!" the man laughed proudly.

"Oh, that's that!" The Jiang family's man grinned reluctantly.

The two guys talked and quickly entered the palace next to Zhao Yuande, where they sat,

Zhao Yuande simply listened here, in the end they can tell what news.

"What's the matter?" Heifeng saw Zhao Yuande just got up and sat down again, asking curiously.

"Listen to the news in the nearby palace!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the next door.

Although the spirit of the black wind is not strong, but together with the spirit of Zhao Yuande, it is covered by the powerful spirit of Zhao Yuande, covering the nearby hall, and neither of them was aware of it.

These two guys are the cultivation practice of the dual world of the realm.

The Jiang family is called Jiang Chengkun and is a deacon. The other middle-aged man with a dark complexion is called Yu Guang. He is the waiter of the Black Dragon World contacting the Jiang family. This time, because of his familiarity, he led him to the South China Sea.

The two guys chatted casually for a while, and finally the topic was brought to Zhao Yuande.

"Hey, recently I heard that the world's first delicacy has appeared in your Eastern Emperor Great World?" Yu Guang looked at Jiang Chengkun curiously, "I heard that this person is extraordinary, and the food made has the effect of immortality."

"Yes, there are such people!" I don't know why when talking about Zhao Yuande, this Jiang Chengkun's face is not very good-looking, "but this person is arrogant, my Jiang family has invited him many times, he has not responded, and it is clear that he will not give me Jiang. Face-saving!"

"Don't worry about it! Your Jiang family is also one of the super-large families of the East Emperor Great World. He dare a lone monk dare not give you a face? Is he not afraid that you will destroy him?" Yu Guangqian There is even more curiosity.

"This kid didn't know what **** luck he had left. With such a skill, he started to have no one in sight. It's really a sight! One day I will let him know how powerful our Jiang family is!" Jiang Chengkun said more, his face was uglier, and finally he started to gritt his teeth. stand up.

"Brother Jiang, do you have any hatred against this kid?" Yu Guang saw something.

"He humiliated my disciples of the Jiang family and humiliated my goddess of dreams. I don't share it with him!" Jiang Chengkun's face was fierce, his fists clenched, and he was on the verge of breaking out.

"I insulted his dream goddess? Insult the Jiang family disciples?" Zhao Yuande whispered to himself.

"Boy, I know it must be Jiang Tianyue's little girl!" Heifeng looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile. "This kid must be her concubine!"

Zhao Yuande nodded, it was really possible.

"Hey! Why don't I think of a trick for you, and how do you think of that kid?" Yu Guang suddenly smiled mysteriously.

"What? Do you have an idea? Hurry up, hurry up!" Jiang Chengkun hurriedly asked.

"You know the purpose of my coming here!" Yu Guang said.

"Know, you are here to welcome a VIP from the sea." Jiang Chengkun said.

"Yes, this distinguished guest is a dragon prince in the South China Sea!" Yu Guang mysteriously said, "Do you know what this prince likes most? He likes to challenge the strong Quartet!"

"You mean?" Jiang Chengkun's eyes lit up, and the vicious scheme suddenly brewed in his heart.

"Yes, we have the owner of the world's best food, boasting and adding vinegar in front of this prince. By then, this prince will definitely not be able to resist this person. At that time, we will just wait to watch a good show!" Yu Guang Suddenly, he looked outside and whispered, "Here, which noble guest is coming, don't let him down easily!"

When Zhao Yuande heard this, he couldn't help but cheer the two guys.

"These two **** things dare to count you behind your back. After a while, we will kill them and take them away!" The black wind exclaimed. Someone even wanted to harm Zhao Yuande. How could it not be angry.

"What's the matter?" Qin Xingyu heard two people talking and couldn't help being curious and asked.

"Children's inquiries, hurry to eat!" Heifeng finally had the opportunity to bury this kid, and quickly seized the opportunity.


"Haha! His Royal Highness Prince Xuelong is driving away, and he also asks the prince to forgive and forgive sins!" Yu Guang had received a young man dressed in white and looking cold and proud at the gate of the palace.

"Ao Zhengxing, the realm of five gods in the field, the Snow Dragon prince, contains a trace of real dragon blood, intermediate-level ingredients, matching the recipe "Snow Dragon Skewers", has enhanced physical fitness, and increased understanding of the laws of water properties, List of ingredients."

"The Jiang family Jiang Chengkun has seen His Royal Highness Prince Xuelong!" Jiang Chengkun also hurried forward to salute.

Although they are all powerful players in the field, they always feel an inexplicable pressure in front of the Xuelong Crown Prince who is also in the field, even breathing a little.

"Well! You are so careful! Come in and sit together!" Prince Xuelong looked proud, and there was an indisputable meaning in his words.

"Thank you, Prince Xuelong!" The two sat down respectfully.

"I don't know where the third black dragon prince is now?" Prince Xuelong is in the main position, with a magnificent manner, suppressing the two below.

"His Royal Highness Prince Xuelong, His Royal Highness Three Princes are now feasting on the Jianzhen Patriarch of the South China Sea Sword League. It should be over now, and we will soon come over to meet His Royal Highness Prince." Yu Guang hurriedly respected the report.

"Well! The third prince has a heart!" Prince Xuelong won a glass of wine and said softly.

"I don't know how much your Highness Prince Xuelong has challenged and how many elites have been killed?" Yu Guang asked with a smile on his face.

"Hehe!" Prince Xuelong seemed to like to mention these things very much, and smiled softly, "I just returned from a tour of the West Sea. This time I challenged 23 strong sea clan strongmen in the West Sea. If you lose three, the others will get away by chance!"

"His Royal Highness Prince Xuelong is truly an invincible master, and he is invincible!" Jiang Chengkun also hurriedly smashed his ass. "I don't know if His Royal Highness has heard of a peerless power among the human races recently?"

"Oh?" Prince Xuelong suddenly showed a very interested look. You would not say that you are the Jiang family. "Jiang Tianchen or Jiang Tianzhao, or Jiang Tianlin? They are not my opponents!"

Prince Xuelong is extremely arrogant and doesn't seem to regard Jiang's family at all.

"Hehe! His Royal Highness misunderstood, not my Jiang family, but a human teenager named Zhao Yuande!" Although Jiang Chengkun didn't like the tone of Prince Xuelong's tone, he still said Zhao Yuande's story with a smile. !

"Oh, there are so young people who can kill so many terrible opponents when the yin and yang are united. I have heard some blood boiling. It seems that this time I really want to fight him!" Prince Xuelong's eyes Squinting, which shoots two Hanmang.

"The most important thing is his chance. He doesn't know what great chance he got. Is it the ancient Vulcan?" Prince Xuelong pondered, softly lower than the words, "Only the ancient Vulcan is in charge of food. I must take it down, and the fusion of ice and fire may produce incredible changes!"

His eyes became brighter and brighter, and finally gave out divine light, like two golden lamps.