Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 310

Chapter 310: Home Slap

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"Who knows where he is now, I must kill him!" Prince Xuelong seemed to be unable to wait any longer and stood up at once.

"His Royal Highness is not in a hurry, I have a way for His Royal Highness to successfully assassinate him!" Jiang Chengkun got up and stopped Prince Xuelong. "I have an old friend who has a relationship with him. If he asked him to come in and invite Zhao Yuande, I miss him We will not refuse, when Zhao Yuande appears, we suddenly rush to kill him..."

Jiang Chengkun showed a vicious look on his face.

"Assassination, this is contrary to my intention to discuss, it is a bit wrong!" Prince Xuelong hesitated a little, "However, there must be something amazing in him, and for this kind of thing, it is nothing to attack him!"

"Second seconds! Brother Jiang didn't hurry to find your old friend!" Yu Guang heard Jiang Chengkun's plan and clapped again and again.

In the nearby palace, the black wind was suddenly angry and yelled!

"These guys are so shameless, they want to die!"

Zhao Yuande was really stunned at this time. If he hadnt heard the conversations of these people just now, if he was really attacked from behind, he wouldnt hurt, but the black wind and Qin Xingyu would inevitably be hit hard and even die!

"Hum! Dare to count me behind my back! It seems that I should follow this opportunity to stand up! Let's go! Let's kill!"

Zhao Yuande waved his big sleeves, wrapped three people out of the hall, and instantly appeared in front of the door of the adjacent hall.

As soon as he dropped, the door kicked open and strode into the meteor.

Behind him, the black wind and the broken sky followed closely. As for Qin Xingyu, he was left outside the door. He was afraid that the war would affect him here.

"Who are you, how dare you break into our palace!" Yu Guang's black lacquered face showed a fierce light.

"Zhao... Brother Zhao, how are you!" Jiang Chengkun obviously knew Zhao Yuande, don't look at him with a bad stomach in his back, he was extremely dissatisfied with Zhao Yuande, but in front of him he saw Zhao Yuande's body trembling constantly, the other party's strength was too Strong!

Based on the information of the foundation family, he only entered the Yin-Yang unity realm and had the powerful strength to slash the world's heavy chaos realm.

"Hum! Jiang Chengkun! Deacon Jiang family, you are very good, very good!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again, striding towards Jiang Chengkun, his face showing a terrible color.

"You... what are you going to do!" Jiang Chengkun stepped back in fear, exasperated.

"I'm going to trample you hard!" Zhao Yuande finished, and the figure had appeared in front of Jiang Chengkun, kicking him to the ground with a foot, and then stepping on his face with big feet.

"You wanton... let go of Brother Jiang!" Yu Guang saw this situation beside him, his light flashed, and a silver awn struck Zhao Yuande.


Po Tianshen turned into an electric light, grabbed the silver awn in his hand, turned out to be a cone of silver light flashing.

"Down... next!" Po Tian backhanded the silver cone back, and at the same time learned the way Zhao Yuande kicked into Yu Guang.

"Finding death!" Yu Guang's eyes flashed murderous intentions, and he kicked fiercely into the sky.

He relied on himself as a fierce beast in the sea, with a huge body, thinking that his physical body was stronger than the other party, so he dared to fight back.

But he was obviously wrong, and he didn't know that his frustrated person turned out to be a tire.


Yu Guang was kicked, and one leg was kicked alive, and his foot kicked on people as if he was kicked on a mountain.

"Let you be ridiculous!" Heifeng rushed forward and ruthlessly beat him on Yu Guang's black paint face, rolling hard back and forth.

"Oh!" Yu Guang growled, trying to struggle.

However, the black wind is also a powerful devil bear, and is also known for its strength. Although it is not as perverted as Zhao Yuande and Zhu Yan, it is still better than Yu Guang. He can't escape the black wind's big feet regardless of how he struggles.

"Brother Zhao! It's all misunderstandings, this is all misunderstandings!" Jiang Chengkun was about to cry. He was planning to find someone to come directly to his face to beat his face, which made him still get mixed in the Jiang family in the future. I can hope for that old friend, "My brother Zhou Tianliang and Zhou are friends, and I also invite Brother Zhao to watch on Brother Zhou's face...oops!"

He did not say that Zhou Tianliang was okay. When he said that Zhou Tianliang and Zhao Yuande felt angry, how could the family head of Zhou know such a shameless person, if he had not heard the conspiracy himself, maybe he and Zhou There will be misunderstandings.

Thinking of Zhao Yuande's foot here again, stepping hard.


Jiang Chengkun's mouth and teeth were all stolen by Zhao Yuande's exertion, and he vomited all over the place with blood foam!

"Zhao Yuande! You deceive people too much, but I am the messenger of the Jiang family. If you kill me, our Jiang family will not spare you!" Jiang Chengkun found that Zhou Tianliang could not impress him, and he could only launch the family's biggest trump card.

"Bah! Jiang Family!" Zhao Yuande snorted softly and said coldly, "What do you know about the outsiders of the Jiang family? Your Jiang family's Jiang Cheng has recruited me early this year!"

Jiang Chengkun was stunned, and the amount of information in Zhao Yuande's words was too great. The Jiang family had already shot the strong man to chase down Zhao Yuande, and he also used the world elite Jiang Cheng Elder, but the elder was defeated by him...

There was a crisis behind Zhao Yuande. He felt a person approaching himself silently.

He looked back and found that the Snow Dragon Prince was quietly approaching himself.

"Cough..." Prince Xuelong's footsteps stopped, and Zhao Yuande found him sneaking in, and he didn't show any embarrassment, but just proudly said, "Well, go to Rao and Rao, this Jiang brother just said Its just a few words, its worth your effort!"

"You want a chance on me?" Zhao Yuande smiled coldly, "If you want it, don't be so hypocritical, come and get it!"

"What's going on here?" Suddenly there was a noise outside, and several powerful practitioners came in.

Behind these practitioners, they followed a large group of lively strong men. These are the VIPs of the surrounding halls. They are coming first. After hearing that there is a fight here, they suddenly come to the spirit.

Zhao Yuande gave Black Wind a glance, and Black Wind suddenly kicked Yu Guang with a fierce foot, and strode up.

"This brother is from the Tianxiang Pavilion?" Heifeng looked at the first person. He was hunting in Tsing Yi with a long sword in the back. Obviously, he was a cultivator of the Sword League in the South China Sea.

"Good! Why are you making trouble here?" the man asked frowning. "These people who can enter the VIP Pavilion are people with faces and faces. He must not dare to act rashly."

"Brother, you don't know..." Heifeng didn't have any other skills, he was very strong at telling bad things, and he talked about the cause and effect of things.

Suddenly, all the people around the place exploded, and behind this they said bad things about people, but they also designed to murder others. Finally, they were strongly arrested by others. This kind of thing is really suffocating!

The strong man in Jianyu of the South China Sea glanced at the scene and found that the two people who were stopped and the one who was confronting Zhao Yuande did not show grievances, and they immediately had a count in their hearts. Never leave ten!

Even he glanced at the three with some disgust, and threw a sentence coldly and turned away.