Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 312

Chapter 312: Prince Of War

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The people around me smelled the fragrance and looked at Zhao Yuande's golden roasted fish, their eyes were straight.

At this time the hall was very quiet, only to hear their chewing and swallowing saliva.

Zhao Yuande looked around and looked at people's expectant eyes, and couldn't help but an idea came up in his heart.

It was also a trouble to kill Prince Xuelong and say this. This burden is too heavy on my own, so let everyone carry it together!

"Oh! Fellow fellows, I was fortunate to meet here today. I would like to invite everyone to taste Xuelong meat. Everyone..." Zhao Yuande got up and offered this suggestion to everyone with a smile.

Everyone was stunned and immediately knew what he was thinking, but the taste was too fragrant, and they could not bear the torment.

"Since this is the case, I would like to thank Brother Zhao!" There was a human rights balance right away. He was strong and not afraid of the Xuelong family. He rushed to Zhao Yuande's side and cut the meat by himself.

Someone took the lead, hula all of them all around, and almost filled the whole hall.

As the so-called law does not blame the public, dozens of hundreds of big forces all participate, they do not believe that the Xuelong family dare to come to the door.

Xuelong is too big. Zhao Yuande has eaten them for a long time, but only half of them. Some people have felt a fever all over their body, and they need to find a place to practice. At this time, there are still dozens of strong people in the hall. Eating, they and Zhao Yuande were called brothers and brothers, they even took out the wine and changed the cup with Zhao Yuande.

At this time, in a hall that was relatively far away, a tall man with a tall height was presenting an old man in white. When the old man walked away, the tall man slowly straightened up and looked in one direction. .

"I don't know if Xuelong is coming, I will rely on him and me to join this time when I enter the sword territory of the South China Sea!" The tall man's eyebrows are extremely strong, with two beards under his jaw and a protruding forehead. A pair of black dragon horns is the black prince.

"Hey! What's so fragrant there?" The black dragon's third prince's nose flicked, and he smelled an enticing aroma. Even if he could not help feeling a hunger in his abdomen.

"What are you doing over there?" He asked a waiter who had passed by.

"I heard that someone was fighting in the palace and beheaded a beast, and then roasted and eaten it!" The waiter's face appeared strange, and he had never encountered such a thing.

Prince Black Dragon couldn't help but look up, he thought, why don't I go and get some food too! He strode in the direction of the fragrance.

But he felt more and more wrong as he walked away, because that direction seemed to be the place where he arranged for the reception of Prince Xuelong.

An unpleasant hunch rushed into his heart. He packed up and quickened his pace, and he appeared in front of the palace as soon as his figure shook.

When he entered the palace, he saw the mess, and his men Yu Guang and a human being beaten to the side of the human form, while dozens of people were eating and drinking around a huge corpse!

When he saw the appearance of the body, his heart was suddenly cold!

At this moment, he forgot that he just wanted to come and eat and drink, he was furious, but this was his noble guest, his ally who entered the South China Sea sword territory, so he was roasted and eaten.

"Who is it! Who killed Xuelong!" The Black Dragon's third prince growled, his face grim.

Zhao Yuande had noticed this guy who had rushed in and looked him up and down.

"Ao Yuankui, the realm of the sixfold heavenly realm, the third prince of the Black Dragon World, with a real dragon bloodline and basalt bloodline in the body, intermediate ingredients, matching the recipe'Dragon Snake Dabu soup', enhance physical fitness, physical strength, and have a chance to obtain Xuanwu True Dragon Bloodline, list of ingredients..."

From this point of view, Zhao Yuande almost flowed out of Harazi. This guy is even bigger than Prince Xuelong. If this can be taken down...

Zhao Yuande looked at Ao Yuankui with fiery eyes, making the black prince feel cold for a while.

He felt like he was being preyed on by a tiger, his body covered with sweat, and his back oozed sweat unconsciously at this time.

He wanted to escape from here immediately, but at this time everyone turned around and was looking at him curiously up and down.

"It's you! It's you who killed Xuelong!" Ao Yuankui strongly suppressed the feeling in his heart. He was a proud dragon family. How could he escape because of a person's eyes, he pointed to Zhao Yuande wanting to use his momentum to deter each other.

"You are the third prince of the Black Dragon World?" Zhao Yuande didn't answer questions, his eyes full of provocation.

Zhao Yuande now wants to kill him, but he needs a reason, a reason to let him shoot.

"Good, exactly!" Ao Yuankui was furious, his fists clenched, his face extremely cold.

"You sent these two people to calculate me secretly?" Zhao Yuande got up and walked towards Ao Yuankui step by step.

"You... what you are, it is worth me to send someone to calculate, I think you are deliberately finding fault, want to go to war!" Ao Yuankui is an understanding person, and immediately guessed the other party's idea, he is a proud dragon family, how? It is possible to avoid war in front of so many strong men. This is a kind of pride of the dragons and a dignity that cannot be profaned. "Since you want to fight, then we will fight!"

Ao Yuankui attacked first, and a black spear pierced Zhao Yuande's eyebrows.

"Haha! Well, since you want to start first, then I'm welcome!" Zhao Yuande waved his fist, smashing the spear tip from next time, rushed forward, and launched a fierce battle with Ao Yuankui.

Suddenly, everyone around the whole body was up, and they saw that Zhao Yuande had slashed the Snow Dragon Prince. The battle was not enjoyable. They did not expect another black dragon to find fault.

They can obviously feel that this black dragon is much stronger than Xuelong. I don't know what gesture he can use to defeat his opponent or be killed by his opponent?

Ao Yuankui's strength is much stronger than that of Prince Xuelong, and he was able to confront Zhao Yuande hard.

Zhao Yuande also sighed in his heart. It seems that he really can't underestimate the people of the world. This black dragon's physical strength is not much worse than his own. Moreover, the other party's body is huge, and the body's blood and blood are rolling like sea. Power, it seems this is a tough battle!

At this time, Ao Yuankui's heart was also surging, and he felt the other's cultivation behavior at the beginning of the battle, but he was just a little cultivator of the yin and yang unity, that is, such a little guy can even be with himself He didn't fall into the wind, even his body was better than himself. He finally knew why Xuelong had lost.

This human being is terrible. Although Ao Yuankui is arrogant and has the dignity of the dragon clan, these are built on the condition of life without worry. If he knows that he will die, he will not care about these. Can these be more important than life? ? There was a hint of withdrawal in his heart.

It is this slight retreat that has plunged him into the abyss of death. The master is the most fearful and impetuous. The two people with the same fighting strength, one fighting forward and the other fearing, must be a victory for the former.

Now Ao Yuankui is like this. He retreated in his heart, and suddenly he couldn't let go of his hands and feet at all. He was hit on the face by Zhao Yuande's heavy punches, and his blood and flesh were suddenly blurred.