Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Assassination Of The Black Sword

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The fact that Zhao Yuande cut off the three black princes and the prince Xuelong in the first battle quickly spread throughout the entire Nanhai City, and spread to all corners of the entire world of the East Emperor with incredible speed.

Everyone had a new understanding of Zhao Yuande at this time. This guy was not only able to make gourmet food, but also his combat power was ridiculously powerful. Just as the Jiang family secretly estimated, everyone thought that Zhao Yuande's combat power is now comparable to a world. The power of the double true spirit realm.

At this time, some people who intersect with Zhao Yuande are all happy and happy for him, and some of the strengths that are hostile to him begin to re-evaluate him to see if he continues to confront or change his attitude while he does not know.

At the scene, everyone was enjoying themselves, and the laughter and laughter quickly called the brother and brother, and they were very happy.

People are all eating red, and the glow is thin, and each one looks like a little golden person. This is the result of their physical improvement.

At this time, many people said goodbye. They urgently needed to find a place to retreat and practice for a short period of time to consolidate this physical strengthening.

"Senior, Wushuang Brothers, we also left!" Zhao Yuande clenched his fists with the black wind, and the three of them hurriedly left, because at this time, the black wind and Qin Xingyu needed to retreat.

After leaving the Tianxiang Pavilion, the four people walked on some crowded streets. Zhao Yuande always felt as if something was going to happen, and felt uneasy.

Zhao Yuande suddenly stopped and turned his eyes in one direction. He saw a figure quickly disappear into the flow of people and disappeared.

"Not good!" His guideline was like throwing Qin Xingyu around him into the space of the copper furnace, but it was a little late at this time.

A sword light pierced from the crowd, spurting toward the black wind head beside him. The speed of the sword light made the black wind too late to dodge.

Zhao Yuande hurriedly took back the hand holding Qin Xingyu and pushed the black wind away.

"Zi!" The tip of the sword wiped the black wind's scalp and brought a large piece of blood.

"Broken to protect them!"

Zhao Yuande yelled and punched in the direction of the sword light. Thunder light exploded in the void as if a brilliant rainbow directly penetrated a person's head.

"Wow!" A black sword fell to the ground.


The two black lights were assassinated towards Qin Xingyu again, and Fangtian's halberd waved in the hands of Potian, blocking the attack of the two swords, but the third black sword rushed straight out of the ground to Qin Xingyu.

"Get away!" Heifeng was laughed at his scalp, his face covered with blood and angry roaring, and he punched the third black sword with a punch.

Who knows that at this time the fourth and fifth black swords also pierced Qin Xingyu at a cunning angle.

"Laozi doesn't show you power when I'm a sick cat!" Zhao Yuande turned into an electric light and blinked beside Qin Xingyu. His two hands held two black swords with thorns at the same time. Two strokes exerted force at the same time. The moment of the people's clothing is near.


Black Wind and Po Tian shot at the same time, shaking these two into a flesh.

At this time, the crowd on the street reacted, frightened and screamed and fled to the Quartet, leaving only four people on the entire street.


Suddenly, a black shadow appeared in the sky, and struck Zhao Yuande's eyebrows at an incredible speed.

"Damn Black Sword!" Zhao Yuande cursed, and was ready to block.

Suddenly felt a strong strong wind hit, dozens of black arrows with fire tail shot from all directions.

The targets of these black arrows are all Qin Xingyu.

"Damn! You group of bastards, come towards Grandpa Black!" Black Wind roared angrily and rushed out first, blocking the black arrows in one direction.

However, the black wind obviously underestimated the power of these black arrows. After blocking two, the arm was penetrated by the third one, and the blood suddenly spilled into the sky.

"Master Uncle!" Qin Xingyu eyes tears.


The sky shouted angrily, and the dream of the body turned into a large bright grid, blocking most of the black arrows.

At this time there are still several black arrows shot at Qin Xingyu.

"Black Sword! You really annoyed me!" Zhao Yuande couldn't care about the black sword that only dealt with himself at this time, only slightly tilted his head, his hand grabbed Qin Xingyu and directly sent it into the copper furnace space. among.

"Pomp!" The blood flower collapsed, and Zhao Yuande's shoulder was stabbed with a black sword. The four black venom contained in the sword was injected into his body at once, and he instantly fainted and almost fell to the ground.

"The undead body works for me!" Zhao Yuande yelled in his heart, and the majestic energy in the blood sea spewed out, instantly decomposing this terrible venom.

The black figure appeared in the sky, but it didn't stop after a hit, and suddenly dived into the void to lurk again.

"Broken Sky! Take the Black Wind first! Go to the Water God Palace stronghold!" The Water God Palace came to a powerful presence in the late Emperor Realm. With this strong man in existence, Black Wind and Po Tian will have nothing to do.

Then he knew that the assassination was all directed at himself, and the two were safe.

Zhao Yuande had all his hair at this time, his body was full of blood and tumbling, he decided to kill today!

Po Tian glanced at the mad Zhao Yuande and grabbed the black wind still spraying blood,

His soul radiated the entire Nanhai City in an instant, and suddenly in the many tall buildings around him, figures in black appeared in his sense of soul, even if it was the figure hidden in the void, it was looming at this time.

Zhao Yuande didn't deal with the figure in the void for the first time. He knew that it was impossible for him to retreat without killing himself or by himself, so he was not in a hurry, but flew towards a tall building as a stream of light. .

How fast he was, he reached the tall building in a blink of an eye, at this time there were three men in black with bows and arrows in the chaotic crowd, trying to sneak away.

"Where to escape!"

Zhao Yuande turned into a streamer, punching a black man into flesh and blood with one punch, kicking the remaining two black men into the air with two consecutive feet, and exploding flesh and blood in the air!

Zhao Yuande didn't stop, leaping among the surrounding buildings, flying like a jump, killing thirteen people in black in a row, and then landed firmly on the ground.

At that moment, the man hidden in the void had not given up and was approaching him quietly.

If it weren't for his powerful spirit at this time, he might really suffer.

He didn't move at all, just stood in the middle of the street, a pair of tiger eyes looked around, still seemingly looking for the enemy.

Feeling that the figure in the void is gradually approaching, Zhao Yuande's spirit began to be highly tense, because he felt that this guy was very powerful, and he must kill him in one blow to kill him, otherwise there might be some uncontrollable situations.

"Yes! This is the position, move a little to the left!" Zhao Yuande felt the other party's position and calculated quietly in his heart.

"Dead to me!" Zhao Yuande suddenly burst into thunder, and thunder fist slammed into a void in his hand.

"Click!" The thunder exploded and the void was broken. A figure fell out of the void, covered with blood, and his head was smashed!

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande often exhaled a breath, slowly relaxing his body.

The assassination of the Black Sword is getting more and more terrible. This guy's sword has a terrible poison. If it weren't for his immortality, it would probably be planted here today.

He turned around and left, walking in the direction of the Water God Palace stronghold.

But at the moment when he turned around, a black ray shot from which dead body, directly penetrated into Zhao Yuande's back heart, a shadow sprang from the body, turned out to be a dwarf, a hand in the dwarf's hand The black dagger pierced Zhao Yuande's back!