Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Lying Body

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Zhao Yuande's figure flickered, and sometimes he was arrogant and overbearing like a dragon. For a while, he fluttered like a willow branch. The chaotic sky seal held in his hand killed seven or eight strong men for a while.


He pretended to be a palm behind him, and a black blood arrow spouted from his mouth, which seemed to be quite poisoned, but actually the black blood accumulated last time spouted through this mouth.

"He can't do it! The blood fight has become black!" At this time someone shouted excitedly again, and the second batch of people rushed up again.

"Huh! You villains who are in danger! I will kill all of you today!" Zhao Yuande circulated his hair, his eyes red, and he seemed to be in despair. In fact, a round of lore was brewing.

"Kill! Kill this guy to seize his chance!" The man in the back shouted again, as if this person was constantly inciting the crowd to attack Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande was furious in his heart, this person was extremely vicious, it seems that he must be killed first.

His soul locked this person, and it was found that this person was also the person who just talked to him just now. He was also a patriarch of the Dragon Sect, and he cultivated to reach the five-fold **** situation in the field. He is definitely a master, but I dont know how this person is. Insidious, this is to die to say that he and everyone, then he came up to pick up cheap.

"Deceivers, kill!"

Zhao Yuande shouted, and a tunnel was slammed out of the rushing crowd. All the bones of the people he smashed were smashed, and he flew out and lay down on the street like mud. He couldnt even move his fingers. Move.

The man saw that Zhao Yuande was rushing towards himself, and he was so frightened that he was frightened. Although he had confidence in himself, he was definitely not Zhao Yuande's opponent. He wanted to rush into the crowd while he was chaotic. Who in the game kicked hard.

Instead of escaping, the whole person was kicked and flew back, rushing towards Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande went away and smashed this guy's head directly.

"Stop me!" Zhao Yuande spewed black blood again, screaming and killing the crowd just now.

The group of people only felt a powerful sigh coming, they suddenly felt that the person opposite did not want to be a seriously wounded and dying person, but more like a devouring demon!

He is opening his fangs and waiting for himself moths!

Although Zhao Yuande looked upside-down and was occasionally injured, his method was extremely violent. A large seal in his hand had become blood red. Everyone's death method was torn his head and his soul was absorbed by the big seal.

"This is a devil!" But in a blink of an eye, this group of people had only two or three live mouths left. They no longer had the courage to fight and turned around and ran away.

It is a pity that Zhao Yuande had already killed his red eyes at this time. How could he let them run away? He felt that there was a voice in Chaos Tianyin constantly echoing in his mind.

kill! kill! kill!

He was stained with blood all over, catching up with these people and smashing their heads hard, and then sitting on the ground with a thud, gasping for breath.

He found that the sound was getting louder and louder. He seemed to be dominated by a devil, and he only knew killing in his head!

Zhao Yuande tried his best to turn the soul of the soul, and suppressed the idea of killing with abruptness. He felt as if he had lifted a heavy burden.

What is in this chaotic skymark? Why does it interfere with my thinking? No, I can't use this big seal for now!

He put away the big seal, took out the mirror sword and held it in his hand, his body slightly ricketing.

He wants to play big today, as long as anyone dares to come out and kill him, kill him!

Lin Tianzhao quietly contacted Lin Tianzhao just before the killing. He was just informed that he had arrived here, and even if the Emperor's strong shot, he was not afraid.

"He doesn't seem to be able to do it anymore!" Some people around him saw Zhao Yuande's dysphoria, and seemed to have reached the point where the lamp was dry.

"No... he must be pretending! I'm sure!" When someone shook his head and killed him, he wouldn't dare to go to death. At this time, the streets were all corpses with smashed heads, and Zhao Yuande was sitting like a devil.

"You found it. No one who killed the Nanhai Jianmeng until now has stopped, maybe they are also cooperating with this Zhao Yuande!" Some people speculate.

"Huh! I think they also coveted the opportunity of Zhao Yuande, deliberately did not appear to stop it!"

"hold on"

The scene was quiet, everyone was observing Zhao Yuande's present situation, they were waiting for the opportunity!

Zhao Yuande gasped for a while, and found that no one dared to start anymore, and couldn't help but talk.

it is good! Since you don't do it, I will give you a reason to do it!

He stood up as hard as he could, leaned his sword on the ground, and wobbled toward the street. After crossing a few streets, it was the power of the Water God Palace. He believed that these people would not let him out of this street!

"Look, he is bleeding constantly, black blood is flowing, it seems that there is really no strength for the poisoning attack!" Someone quietly followed, showing the murderous intention of Chiguo in his eyes, but this person did not dare to chase alone. Come up, but agitate a few people around.

"This is a great opportunity, don't let it go!" Someone was tempted in the back, the voice was very soft, as if it were a woman.

"We don't want to do it, let's take a look first."


Suddenly Zhao Yuande stumbled and fell directly to the ground. The whole person struggled a few times, as if he had no strength, and finally gave up, just lying on the ground motionless.

"he died?"

The nearest person took a few steps, escaped a big sword from the empty sword and threw it directly at Zhao Yuande!


The big knife pierced directly into Zhao Yuande's back, and suddenly blood spattered. Zhao Yuande struggled a few times and then remained motionless!

At that time Zhao Yuande's heart suffocated!

The big sword is simply an ordinary magic weapon. If it were not for his deliberate control of the flesh, the big sword might be thrown away if thrown on him.

It was as if he had inserted his own knife, it hurts!

"He's dead, really dead!" The first person in the excitement rushed over and was about to **** the items on Zhao Yuande's body. He just reached out and suddenly felt a cold heart, and a big sword came directly from him 'S chest revealed.

Then a ray of light swept away, and the man's head flew away.

This man was reluctant to fly out of the sea of knowledge. Only then did he see that he was his best friend.

But this friend was not close to Zhao Yuande, he was smashed his head by another person.

These people are so likely to see others get a chance, they suddenly get a black hand at the people around them, and there is a big scuffle around.

Zhao Yuande originally planned to open the killing ring, but in a blink of an eye, he found nothing about himself. As long as he was lying down, those people started killing each other.

I already knew what to do with so much effort, just lying down!

The whole street was slain with blood and corpses, and hundreds of people were fighting. Most of these people were the younger generations of various forces. They forgot to kill each other, but they didn't know what the ultimate goal was.

Is it the great chance of Zhao Yuande? Do not! They were completely stunned by strong possessiveness, and now they are dominated by strong possessiveness!

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande felt a river of blood flowing down, almost drowning him, he no longer had the mood to lie down here, his whole body was dirty to say nothing, and now he would be infected with blood, he felt really down appetite.

"Forget it! You boring guys continue to play! Lao Tzu is gone!" After that, the figure soared into the sky and flew away into the distance.