Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Zhao Dakeng

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Everyone was stunned. Why did they kill themselves and die?

People who were supposed to die are now patting their **** and leaving, do they need to continue?

"Haha!" A large number of onlookers in the distance suddenly sneered.

There are many people who feel lucky. They just wanted to rush to grab the chance of Zhao Yuande, but they suppressed the strong possessiveness in their hearts.

Now it seems really wise!

In a tall building not far away, the three old men were drinking tea around a table, and behind them stood several young men and women. One of these men and women was quiet and elegant. It was Jian Wushuang.

"This kid really pretends!" An old man patted the tea in his hand on the table, his face showing anger.

"I said how could this kid get hurt so easily. You must know that the Jiang family's message said that he has strong resilience!" Another old man's face showed a slight smile and looked at the other side lightly.

"In my opinion, this kid is definitely not annoying. I feel that a powerful spirit has been watching him. This person's cultivation is even stronger than me!" The third old man's face looked solemn. The strong men above the middle of the emperor are guarding, and I dont know if they are the people over the water palace.

"Hey! It's another teenager who can't afford it!" The first old man sighed softly, "A few of you must have a good relationship with this Zhao Yuandela. After entering the sword domain, he may be able to help you!"

"Yes!" All young men and women should be in unison, these are the disciples of the South China Sea Sword League entering the South China Sea sword territory this time.

After Zhao Yuande slapped his **** and left, the street was quiet for a while, and then dispersed suddenly, leaving only a large number of bodies on the ground.

After a while, a large number of Nanhai Jianmeng disciples rushed to remove the bodies and clean the ground with water. Soon the street was restored to its original condition, and no trace of the war was left.

Zhao Yuande's feat of killing the strong players of the Quartet quickly flew all over the world as if he had wings, and spread throughout the entire world of the East Emperor in a short period of time.

"This man is too unremarkable, and even used a conspiracy to kill a lot of strong men!" Soon some people came forward to scold him.

As soon as this voice came out, many people expressed their anger at the speech.

"Guangming Leiluo? If you go to kill someone, it will be Guanglii Leiluo? It deserves to be deserved!" A strong man in the Water God Palace came out to support Zhao Yuande in public.

"Huh, I think he did it on purpose, wanting to destroy the relationship between my Eastern Emperor World and the Black Dragon World, and provoke the separation! Sooner or later, I will get the liquidation of the Snow Dragon and the Black Dragon!"

"Fart! Prince Xuelong's conspiracy is calculated to be Zhao Yuande. Isn't it allowed to fight back? The Black Dragon clan is so high-handed that it's fooling me into the world of the East Emperor. Is it necessary to endure in silence? The person you just spoke to is too servile. It's heavy!" One of Wan Shengzong's world powers also came out in solidarity.

"This matter may have been done by Zhao Dakeng, who is your water **** palace and Wan Shengzong, he is just a little **** in front of the scene!" At this time, some people attacked the two forces maliciously, trying to make them a target.

You should know that this time there were several powerful disciples participating in this siege. Although they didnt say anything, they were all bleeding. Although these disciples were not the most elite, they were also some geniuses, so they died. They definitely resented Zhao Yuande and planted a huge fetus for the future.

And in a word, the man burned the fire to the Water God Palace and the Ten Thousand Saints.

"The two cases did not participate in this matter. I, Nanhai Jianmeng, can testify!" Jian Wushuang of Nanhai Jianmeng was immediately promoted as a representative and made his own remarks.

As soon as the Nanhai Jianmeng made a noise, the people of the world were shocked. They were speculating that the Hainan Jianmeng would also join forces with the two major forces. The three major forces supporting Zhao Yuande were a bit awful.

If these three forces are really because Zhao Yuande united together to form an alliance, who in the future will dare to provoke them?

The whole world was in an uproar, and then fell into silence.

This dialogue allowed everyone to see the forces behind Zhao Yuande, and many people were in awe of him. At the same time, the nickname Zhao Dakeng also spread, and even overshadowed the name of the world's first gourmet owner.

But then there was another news.

"You don't know the true identity of Zhao Yuande!" Someone appeared in high profile, but was a senior member of the Zhongyu Alliance. He announced the origin and details of Zhao Yuande to the people of the world. "This Zhao Yuande is a disciple of Huo Yunzong. , With a peerless chaotic body, he is a man with no future!"

"What! He turned out to be the Chaos Eucharist, a peerless waste body that can only be promoted to the Yin-Yang unity and can no longer enter. No wonder he is so powerful now!" Soon someone will breathe out, if this guy is not The Chaos Eucharist is really a bit too much, and now that they know it, they are also at ease.

"Haha! It turned out to be an extinct body. What a retribution! Some families have some sects who want to wait for his rise. Now let's be disappointed!" Some others roared in excitement and began to ridicule several big families.

"A waste that can only linger in a yin and yang environment is really ironic! Some people are still treasures!" Such voices continued to make people feel very noisy.

"What do you know! He is the owner of the world's first gourmet. With this method, even if he can't be promoted, he has great value. Ask which big power does not need it?" Someone immediately sneered and pointed out Zhao Yuande's identity.

"Yes, he is still a holy princess master! Even if he can only wander in the yin and yang unity, it is better than you clowns!" Another person jumped out to speak for Zhao Yuande, and turned out to be the contemporary patriarch of the patriarch.

"Hum! But a junior with a combination of yin and yang can be picked up and imprisoned by any major force, becoming a slave of his own force, and then slowly training him into a cook!" Some people seem to be reminding everyone, Zhao Yuande is not worth paying attention to, just a junior who is a mermaid.

Suddenly, the entire world of the Eastern Emperor suddenly calmed down, and many major forces were considering this person's words and thought it was absolutely feasible.

This is a world where the strong is respected and the weak is enslaved. In case Zhao Yuande is really caught by someone, it may really be the same as that person said.

And Zhao Yuande didn't even know at this time.

"Senior Lin, come out!" Back to the residence, Zhao Yuande made Lin Tianzhao show up.

"The little friend is really powerful, killing dozens of strong realm in the field alone, and letting hundreds of people fight blood for you!" Lin Tianzhao smiled on the surface, and there was also a wave of sighing in his heart. This guy is really too dangerous, too frustrating. The second time I was intercepted by a strong man, I am afraid that this kid has brought me disaster!

"Senior, you must be scolding me!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly.

"I really can't hide you! Yes, I just scolded you in my heart!" Lin Tianzhao was very direct. "In order to save you, I ran for thousands of miles for a long time, and I was intercepted by the powerful halfway, if not Old man, I have some skills, I almost fold it there, and just kill it, but you said no! You said I should not scold you!"

"That's right!" Zhao Yuande also felt a little sorry for this predecessor.

"Okay, I also got a lot of good elixir this time, you come to help me to see!" Lin Tianzhao traveled in the world of the East Emperor, just to find the elixir to increase Shouyuan.

"These..." Zhao Yuande looked at the elixir in the storage space with a shock, there were thousands of them.

"I don't know too much about elixir. You can see it for yourself! Call me if you have the result!" Lin Tianzhao knew that so many elixirs wouldn't be over at all in one and a half times, so he just left.

"Senior helped me inform my friends and said that I have returned to my place and give them peace!" Zhao Yuande was afraid of the black wind and they were anxious.

"Your boy, I have become your messenger!" Lin Tianzhao smiled and disappeared into the room.