Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Full Bag

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"That's not the case!" Ximen Yumei glanced at Brother Zhang, and felt that this brother made her hate more and more. "Zhao Yuande killed the third prince of the Black Dragon, but that is the strong man of Heavenly King Realm, is it also a wine bag?"

"Oh! Zhao Dakeng? He also killed the Black Dragon 3rd Prince?" Feng Wuji heard interest, "Although this Black Dragon 3rd Prince is not a peerless master, but the flesh is terribly strong, I am not as good as the flesh. He, he was killed by someone? Hurry up and listen."

Brother Zhang quickly told Zhao Yuande about the matter.

"Huh, it's just a waste, brother, you have a hundred ways to kill him!" Feng Tianyi said coldly.

"Okay, my sister Black Dragon Three Prince is also considered a strong man. Since they are all dead, don't humiliate him at will!" Feng Wuji waved his hand and motioned his sister to shut up.

"Huh! Although this waste can kill the Black Dragon's third prince, it is not necessarily strong, even if I am sure to kill him!" Feng Tianyi's arrogant face, obviously her combat effectiveness is not bad.

"You don't have to talk about it!" Zhai Linxuan had seen Zhao Yuande's true strength, and he couldn't allow others to despise Zhao Yuande in this way.

"Sister Zhai, don't talk nonsense!" Brother Zhang glanced at Feng Wuji, and seemed a little scared of this, and found that he didn't seem to be angry, but instead looked at Zhai Linxuan with interest, and then he took a long breath. Some complained to Zhai Linxuan.

This Senior Brother Zhang has traveled the infinite world and challenged Feng Wujie, but he was defeated by three strokes, and even Lianfeng Tianyi is not his opponent, but he knows that the surface of Feng Wuji looks gentle and humble. However, it is absolutely unsuspecting to burn the earth when the fire starts.

"Huh! Brother Zhang, we have lost all of our faces in Beihuang Shenshan! Brother Shimei, let's go!" Zhai Linxuan never wanted to see Brother Zhang's pair carefully in front of others, but in front of Brother Shimei, he was ugly and ugly. Face up, get up and leave.

"Humph!" Ximen Yumei turned around and snorted coldly, then turned around and left.

"Sister, you are waiting for me!" Brother Song also hurriedly followed behind Ximen Yumei, and fled as if to leave.

"You..." Brother Zhang's face was green, if not in this large crowd, I really wanted to catch up and scold them.

Zhai Linxuan had just walked a few steps away, but saw that someone was waving at him not far away.

When she saw the man's appearance, she was dumbfounded, and then a bright smile appeared on her face, striding over.

"I haven't seen you for a long time, Lin Xuan, you are beautiful again!" Zhao Yuande got up and teased at the two women, "Sister Ximen, your temperament has changed greatly, it seems that your mood has changed, congratulations! And this brother... Lin Xuan hurry up Introduce the introduction!"

"Yeah! Zhao..." Ximen Yumei almost called Zhao Yuande when she saw him, but she covered her mouth very consciously, but there was excitement in her eyes, she secretly looked at the distant ones. Brother Zhang doesn't think the corner of his mouth is bent.

"This is Song Shuhao, Brother Song!" Zhai Linxuan turned and introduced Song Shuhao again, "This is Brother Zhao!"

"Have seen Brother Zhao!" Song Shuhao was a stubborn person, and did not care that Zhai Lin omitted Zhao Yuande's name.

"Come, sit, sit down, let me introduce to you, this is my good brother Black Wind!" Zhao Yuande patted Black Wind's shoulder and introduced to everyone.

"Hey! Boy, your woman's fate is so good! Where did you know these two beauties, come from the real!" Heifeng smiled, swept around the two women's faces, and then to Zhao Yuande The thief laughed.

"Dark wind don't talk nonsense, this is my good friend, best friend!" Zhao Yuande gave him a hard look, this guy couldn't talk anymore.

"Mistakes, mistakes! I punish myself for three cups!" Heifeng grabbed the wine glass and drank three glasses.

"Brother Black is so cool! Come on, let's have a drink!" Song Shuhao is also a bold person, seeing the Black Bear so suddenly looked at him exceptionally pleasingly.

The two guys doubled you, I had a drink, and soon got together to talk about the world, and it was lively, and Zhao Yuande whispered with the two women, talking about things after they came back, of course, the two women also continued Ask him about the beheading of the Black Dragon Three Princes and Snow Dragon Princes.

Zhao Yuande was very happy to chat with them, and promised to invite them to eat a big meal!

Brother Zhang over there saw that his favorite sister and sister were having a good time chatting with a teenager, and suddenly jealousy developed in their hearts.

At this time, Feng Wuji's siblings were about to leave. He got up and sent off, just passing by Zhao Yuande and their table.

"Sister Zhai, come with me to send Brother Feng!" Brother Zhang came and interrupted the chatting of several people with a cheeky face, pretending to be gentle.

"Some people are addicted to dogs, and they want others to be dogs together, so their brains are sick!" Heifeng is a rectum, and he doesn't care about other people's eyes at all, even if Brother Zhang is willing to listen after listening.

"You... what are you talking about?" Brother Zhang's face flushed red, and he was scolded as a dog in front of Brother Shimei. He almost ran away, and his hands trembling at the black wind kept shaking.

You know, this is the lobby on the first floor. At least hundreds of people are eating, drinking and chatting around, and the black wind is very loud. Everyone looked at Brother Zhang in an instant. At this moment, he just wanted to find a ground seam.

"Did you hear clearly? Need me to say it again? You are really a quirk!" Heifeng deliberately pretended to be a very strange look, "Then I will say it again, if you want to be a dog, do it yourself, don't Pull the others together!"

At this point, dont say Brother Zhang, even if Zhai Linxuan all three of them have red faces, although they are a little annoyed by the black wind, but they are right, why are they leaving, they just dont want to behave like dogs in front of Feng Wuji brothers same.

"You are looking for death!" Brother Zhang reached out and pointed to the black wind. "You have the ability to come out to me, and I will kill you like crushing an ant." He saw that the black wind's cultivation base was a few lower levels than himself. , Want strength to crush him to find face for himself.

Seeing the flaming atmosphere in the field, many people all around began to pay attention to it. They began to talk about it, some sympathized with Brother Zhang, while others were gloating!

"That's Zhang Bin, a mountain in the northern wilderness. I didn't expect it to be scolded as a dog. It was really unlucky!"

"Huh, look at his dog-like appearance, it is really a shame to our emperor."

"Okay, what people love to do, we can't control it!"

"Forget it! This time, Beihuang Shenshan was discredited by himself, and he is super powerful. I see that Old Man Zhai and his face are coming out blindly!"


Many people say that the more unpleasant it is, which makes Zhai Linxuan, who is the daughter of the master of Beihuang Shenshan Mountain, look more and more unsightly.

"Brother, are you still ashamed?" Zhai Linxuan glanced coldly at Brother Zhang.

"Sister Sister! Why did they provoke you first..." In fact, Zhang Bin is just older and likes to pretend to be a brother. His practice is really not as good as Zhai Linxuan, so when Zhai Linxuan was angry, he suddenly felt a little afraid.

"Humph! Is this the North Mountain God Mountain? Really disappointing! My brother was scolded as a dog, and he still has a face to scold!" Feng Tianyi looked at Zhai Linxuan with a sneer, his face disdainful.

"You..." Zhai Linxuan is a woman who doesn't like talking too much. She was ridiculed like this, and her face suddenly turned red.

"Okay Lin Xuan, this kind of empty-eyed person does not need to worry about her. One day she will run into a big bag." Zhao Yuandela pulled La Di Lin Xuan to signal her not to be angry.

"I am full of big bags, I will hit you with a big bag today!" Feng Tian was suddenly angry, she was a princess in the infinite world, and she once dared to talk to her like this, this little today The yin and yang monk dare to be so bold, she decided to take the lesson to teach each other.