Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Why Take It Yourself

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She shot like a power, and flicked towards Zhao Yuande.

This palm does not contain powerful spiritual power, but only pure physical power.

The Promise Sect is a powerful sect with both physical and spiritual strength. They not only have the physical sanctification method, but also the know-how of the double cultivation of the law and the law. Since the ancients, there are countless strong people, so they can always be at the top of the infinite world. Take control of the dominant position.

The palm of the hand roared, and the terrible power raged. The five people present except Song Shuhao all looked plain. They didn't seem to worry about Zhao Yuande at all, because they all knew how powerful Zhao Yuande was.

"Where did the flies buzz and let me get away!" Zhao Yuande waved his arms at random, it seemed to be driving away the flies, but when his palm touched Feng Tianyi, Feng Tianyi felt nothing. The vigorous resistance came from the palm of the other party. If she was struck by lightning, she flew out a dozen feet directly, ruthlessly smashing a table and the delicious food on the table.

"I'm going to kill you waste!" Feng Tianyi apparently did not use her full strength. She suddenly overturned the table, and the whole person seemed to be thrown into the dyeing tank, her hair was disheveled, and her body was soup.

The original slim girl was dyed into a mad woman by soup and wine.

"Sister, don't be excited!" Wind Promise threw a ball of water at random, poured the sister up and down, and instantly cleaned the dirt on her body.


Feng Tianyi seemed to be breathing fire in his eyes, glaring at Zhao Yuande, and if it wasn't for her brother to stop her, she would immediately rush to fight again.

At this time, in the hall of the mouth, a large space was suddenly vacated with several of them as the center.

In the eyes of many people, they are the Lords who are not afraid of chaos in the world. When they see a battle, they suddenly feel excited and form a big circle.

"This Xiongtai, my sister is a little reckless, but you shouldn't have such a heavy hand!" Feng Wuji looked at Zhao Yuande, exuding several dangerous breaths on his body.

"Black Wind, what you said just now is not very good. What a dog is a dog, some people are born dogs, and they like to bark everywhere!" Zhao Yuande seems to be ridiculing Zhang Bin. In fact, the water can be heard, He is scolding the wind.

"Yes! I'm wrong, Sister Lin Xuan, Sister Yumei, and Brother Song, don't blame me for the black wind. I am born with a **** and don't turn around! I punish myself for three cups!" The person is guilty.

A few people talked and laughed, and they didnt even understand the wind, and no one answered his words, which made his face suddenly cold.

"It seems that I haven't walked around Donghuang Great World for a long time, and many people have forgotten my majesty. Today I..." Feng Wuji's face was so dark that he had to grab his hand and grab it toward Zhao Yuande.

"Where is another fly! The sanitary conditions of Jianlou are getting worse and worse!" Before Zhao Yuande finished, he waved a hand, which seemed to be an understatement. In fact, it contained the terrible power in Zhao Yuande's body. If a palm hits a mountain, it can instantly turn this mountain into powder.

Before Feng Yuanji's palm caught Zhao Yuande, he saw that the other person's understatement shot him towards him. He felt a powerful crisis and quickly rushed into the palm of Zhao Yuande's palm.


The two palms intersect, making a loud and earth-shattering noise. The whole Jianlou couldn't help but violently shaken. Zhao Yuande couldn't sit still. The whole person was like no one. On the other hand, the whole person was thrown out by powerful force and knocked over a dozen times in a row. Just stopped at a table.

Zhang Bin was stunned, Feng Tianyi was stunned, even the people watching around were stunned. Who is this man, how dare he be able to fly such a strong man like Feng Wuji?

The original saucy son turned into an embarrassing chicken soup, the most uncomfortable thing on the colorful food soup on his body, he instantly understood how much the sister had been wronged.

"I will kill you!"

Wind Promise rushed to the crown in anger, shaking off the filth of his body. He rose directly into the sky, and a jade-colored sky knife in his hand split towards Zhao Yuande.

"Really looking for shit!"

Zhao Yuande still did not hide or hide, the mirror sword gently blocked the jade-colored sky knife in his hand.


The sharpness of the mirror sword is rare in the world. Its material is Chaotian Zhibaojian Realm. The material alone is higher than the jade-colored sky knife. Although there is no spirit yet, it is already comparable. Innate Lingbao also needs a sharp and terrible killer!

One can imagine the result of the succession of swords.

Wind Promise sluggishly grabbed half of the blade and stared at Zhao Yuande, seeming to growl!

"Brother! Let's kill him together!" Feng Tianyi and his brother stood together, his eyes burst into a cold light, facing Zhao Yuande's cold stare, as long as the brother agreed, she would shoot the first time.

At this time, a lot of people saw the mirror sword in Zhao Yuande's hands, and immediately caused a heated discussion.

"What kind of weapon is that young man's hand? Why is it so sharp? Is it an innate spirit treasure?"

"That sword looks ugly, like a shield!"

"This boy is so familiar, it seems... Zhao Dakeng and Zhao Yuande!"

"What is he Zhao Dakeng? Sure enough, it is really well-known to meet!"

"It seems that Wind Promise is no exception. It is not Zhao Dakeng's opponent at all. Why is this guy so strong!"

"This time the brothers and sisters of the Feng family have stepped on the iron plate, and then called them arrogant, when I am no longer in the world of the East Emperor?"

"Unfortunately, he is useless no matter how strong he is. After all, he will stay in a state of yin and yang!" Someone could not help sighing in the dark.

"What nonsense..."


"What's going on, no hands are allowed within Jianlou!" Suddenly a group of people rushed upstairs, and the first one was Jianwushuang.

When Jian Wushuang saw Zhao Yuande's disregard, he couldn't help but smiled bitterly at the corner of his mouth, and came forward to complain: "Brother Zhao, why are you again, do you plan to dismantle our Nanhai Jianmeng industry?"

Jian Wushuang looked at Zhao Yuande. He didnt expect that Zhao Yuande turned out to be a chaotic holy body. He could not be promoted in his life. If he was himself, he would have found a big force to take shelter and live a life of alchemy making food, but at this time he still looks at him Overbearing, do not pay attention to such remarks, is someone misrepresenting?

"Hey! Brother Jian is not me to tear down, but them!" Zhao Yuande smiled at Jian Wushuang, but his words were extremely overbearing and arrogant. "I have been sitting still here for a while, it is their brothers and sisters who take turns attacking me, if not I thought this was Brother Jians territory, and I had already slaughtered them!"

"You... a lot of big talk, you dare to fight against me right now!" Feng Wuji's angry face kept shaking, and the whole person became extremely irritable.

Jian Wushuang glanced at Feng Wuji, and said with a chuckle: "Why should Brother Feng take his own humiliation? I think it's OK today!"

Jian Wushuang had once dealt with Feng Wuji, and even had hands. The other party and himself were about half a catty, and they were almost the same as the Black Dragon Three Princes. They were a level of people. Zhao Yuande could kill the Black Dragon Three Princes, and he could kill the wind Wuji. He is already admonishing each other by saying this.