Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 324

Chapter 324: The Other Side Of The World

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Zhao Yuande had just returned to the house, and he had returned. He successfully survived the robbery, and it was many times stronger than before. Zhao Yuande estimated that he was no longer an opponent.

Po Tian can already be on his own, and his cultivation practice should not be improved blindly for the time being. It needs to be more stable, and some food that increases physical strength, physical quality, and qi and blood to make him tonic.

What is most needed now is to enhance the strength of yourself and Black Wind. Black Wind now has a triple destiny in the field. If you want to be promoted, there is now some lack of materials.

And his current direction is the five attributes of Jinmu, Shuihuotu, and fellow practitioners, each understanding their rules, and finally forming the prototype of the five-element field.

As long as you promote the realm of the realm, you can directly form the five-element realm, and then take out some of your previous life's comprehension experience and some of the avenue perceptions of the spirit of Wanshan, and you will soon reach the sixth level of the realm. The promotion of the realm of the world is just a handy effort!

The Five Elements rule now barely grasps the fire. It has undead tree seedlings in its body. It should be able to grasp the rules of wood through it. The other four should be able to comprehend one or two of them in the Sword Field of the South China Sea!

The days are much calmer than Zhao Yuande imagined. I dont know whether his strong deterred others, or whether the three forces joined together to support his remarks.

In the next ten days, they made a few laps in Nanhai City, purchased some materials for the black wind, let him grind the gun, and easily promoted the quadruple freedom of the field, and the power once again increased a lot.

In these days, he also changed his head many times and went out to explore the news. The powers of the hundreds of big worlds around him basically sent young disciples to participate in the opening of the Sword Field in the South China Sea. The tribe has the strong man coming.

In this way, the opening of the South China Sea Sword Domain is definitely a feast. There are hundreds of thousands of young strongmen who have been qualified to enter. The qualification token alone will make the South China Sea Sword Union earn a lot of money, let alone these numbers. The cost of accommodation for 100,000 young people is an astronomical figure!

Fortunately, the South China Sea Sword Territory opened only once every three hundred years, otherwise the South China Sea Sword League will become the richest sect of all realms.

When the three of them were diligently practicing, one person quietly approached Zhao Yuande.

This is a masked woman, although she can't see her face, but her figure is graceful and concave-convex, she can know that she is a beautiful woman just by looking at those eyes.

"Shi Mengyun, Saint of the Wild Alliance, triple **** of the world, Yunmeng Eucharist, intermediate ingredients... matching recipes!"

"This predecessor is looking for me?" Zhao Yuande looked at the woman in front of him and felt a little familiar. However, he had never intersected with the Wild League in his previous life and his life, and he would not know the saint.

"This is the material you need!" The woman didn't talk much, but handed a storage ring to Zhao Yuande, her voice melodious and gentle.

Zhao Yuande took the storage ring and immediately knew the woman's identity.

In the same year, three sets of auctions were auctioned in Shenxu, and the last one was exchanged for a supplementary Tianshi. He chose the chaotic Tianyin, but left the hope for the owner of Tiantianshi, and asked her to find these materials alone. I didn't expect that she was actually found today.

"OK! I'll make it for the seniors immediately!" Zhao Yuande is not too wordy, but Tian Tian is what he has always expected. If he has it, he can perfect the copper furnace world and make it a complete small world. There is no need to bury the spirit jade underground to provide spiritual power.

He has produced it once, and this time the gluttonous true spirit tripod has been completed. It is even more handy to use, and it saves a lot of time than the original.

After two hours, Shi Mengyun was excited to eat the food made by Zhao Yuande, and her eyes suddenly became brighter.

After another hour, the sound of thunder rumbling faintly in the sky, the whole Nanhai City trembles in this thunder.

"This is Bu Tianshi!" Shimeng Yun also simply dumped Tian Tianshi to Zhao Yuande, and then disappeared in one step.

Zhao Yuande's heart was full of excitement as the thunder rumbled away.

"Bu Tianshi, innate spirit material, contains Bu Tian Avenue, can repair all defects of innate spirit treasure, can not become food!"

"Now you can finally complete the copper furnace world!" Zhao Yuande clenched his fists in excitement.

He planned to start repairing now, but he didn't know if it would affect the people in it.

Fortunately, everyone in the brain temporarily moved out.

His parents, Li Rushuang, Luo Jingtian's family of three, and Po Tian, Heifeng, Qin Xingyu, and Li's family have seven more people. More than a dozen people immediately remembered the room full.

"Xiaotian, what happened?" The mother asked softly as she looked at her long-lost son.

"Mother, I want to complete that world, and it will be a real world in the future!" Zhao Yuande was still the boy who had not grown up beside his mother.

"Really?" The mother was pleasantly surprised, and then said a little sadly, "Although it is very good, but there are too few people, the few of us are really lonely!"

"Yes! Xiaotian, you have more people to come in, otherwise we are really boring!" Father also made the same opinion.

"Well! I know, after this matter is over, I must find more people to move in!" Zhao Yuande also felt very sorry for his parents and people who lived here for a long time.

To know that humans are social animals, suitable for group living, there are a dozen people inside and outside here, and can not drink outside communication, it is too annoying.

If only a small city could be moved in, everything would be solved in one fell swoop.

"Okay, Xiao Tian's father and mother just complained, you should start!" Father saw Zhao Yuande in deep thought, and immediately reminded his son.

You should know that Zhao Yuande has been fighting outside all day long. He doesn't want his son to be troubled by this little thing.

"Well! Wait for the world to complete, we will find a way." Zhao Yuande nodded and began to put the Tiantian stone into the copper furnace world.

When Tian Tianshi was put into the world of copper furnace, it seemed to be a huge light source, which began to emit light and heat.

Avenues rushed out of the supplementary stone and merged into the world of copper furnace...

Gradually, the dim sky of the copper furnace world began to sparkle stars, and there were even traces of aura in the sky, which fell like fog and enveloped the whole world.

One day...two days...five days...

Until the eighth day, the whole copper furnace world was renewed. The red sun hung high in the sky, the ground was full of vitality, the green mountains and the green water, the big rivers and lakes, the blue sea, and even all kinds of small animals did not know when to appear inside.

Although the space inside is not as huge and immense as the Eastern World, it is enough to be equivalent to a small world.

After everyone re-entered the world, they were all stunned by the huge changes inside.

"Don't use the name of Copper Furnace World anymore!" Li Rushuang held Zhao Yuande's arm at this moment, his eyes twinkled as if the stars were shining.

"The name is given to you!" Zhao Yuande looked at her with a smile.

"Everything is born, the water and the sky are the same, this seems to be the beautiful other shore in my dream, so call it the other shore world!" Li Rushuang's eyes hazed snuggly in Zhao Yuande's arms, unwilling to leave.

The other people also quietly pushed away and visited their new home.

Zhao Yuande also cherishes this short period of warm time and gently embraced her slim waist. The two nestled together but did not pass by, but stayed quietly together.

Soon the day when the South China Sea sword territory opened.

After receiving the notice, Zhao Yuande returned the black wind and the broken sky back to the world of the copper furnace and walked towards the largest dock in Nanhai City.