Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 325

Chapter 325: Old Acquaintance Goatee

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The South China Sea Sword Territory is a huge ruin left over from the ancient gods. Only through a chaotic sea area deep in the South China Sea, in this chaotic sea area, I dont know why any strong man cant fly, and its very easy to get lost. .

The entry and exit of the Sword Domain in the South China Sea does not have too many restrictions, no matter what you do, you can enter it, but when you enter, even the Divine Emperor will drop to the realm of the Sixth Heaven.

This is the fairest trial ground.

Of course, Divine Emperor, Divine Emperor Strong disdain to enter this kind of place, and few Emperor and World Realm dare to enter, because if they were killed by a junior in a realm of realm, it would be really suffocating.

The South China Sea Sword League is already on the huge dock, full of ships, each of these ships is thousands of feet long, capable of holding tens of thousands of powerful people.

The speed of this big ship is extremely fast, almost comparable to the speed of a strong man in a yin and yang union, of course, the cost is also extremely expensive. Everyone needs to pay 100 million top grade jade on board.

This is almost several times more expensive than riding a starship that travels between the worlds. Of course, as long as you can ensure that you are not lost on the way, you can safely reach the chaotic sea, you can also not take this big ship.

"Brother Zhao is here!" As soon as Zhao Yuande came to the dock, Jian Wushuang came to the door.

"What is Brother Jiang?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Come on this ship, this is a big ship that my Nanhai Jianmeng VIP level strongman can ride!" Jian Wushuang quickly took Zhao Yuande to a larger ship to introduce him.

"VIP level! Ha ha, it seems that I'm really valued by the Guimeng! First help me out, and let me come to the VIP ship." Zhao Yuande chuckled, "Guimeng will not ask me anything!" "

"Hehe! Brother Zhao really is a smart man!" Jian Wushuang took him to the big ship and smiled, "In fact, nothing, just want Brother Zhao to take care of me in the South China Sea sword territory."

"It turned out to be this! Since we are already friends, this matter does not require you to say that I will do my best!" Zhao Yuande is such a person, as long as he is a friend, as long as he is friendly to him, he will wholeheartedly help.

Even if the other party has a certain purpose, it does not matter as long as it is friendly to itself.

On the VIP ship, all kinds of tyrannical atmosphere permeated, and almost every one was a strong man above the world.

Zhao Yuande immediately understood that almost every leader of the big forces gathered on this big ship.

"Zhao Yuande! Zhao Dakeng!" Suddenly someone called out.

Zhao Yuande turned his head and saw that an old man with a goatee was waving at himself.

"It's this old guy!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the corner of his mouth. The old man once saved his life and rescued him from the palm of the ancient demon god. He was very fond of this old man.

"Oh! Brother Zhao knows this person?" Jian Wushuang glanced at the old man with a goatee. He felt that this person was familiar, but he couldn't remember his identity for a while.

"Know, old acquaintance! Brother Jian, go for it first! I will talk to this senior!"

"Yes, if you want to rest for a while, just find a waiter." Jian Wushuang is a disciple of the image introduced on the surface of the Nanhai Jianmeng. He is naturally very busy saying goodbye to Zhao Yuande to entertain other VIPs.

"Mo Dongsheng, mid-Emperor, deacon of the outside family of the Lei prison family, the prison prison body, intermediate ingredients..."

"Seniors don't come unharmed for a few years!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward, although the clouds on his face were light and breezy, but there were some waves in his heart.

He did not expect that the other party was actually a member of the Thunder Prison family, although it was only an outside deacon, but this identity was on the bright side, and it was higher than the elders of the super powers.

The Thunder Prison family is the guardian family of the East Emperor Great World, and it can even be said to be the guardian family of the whole world (the beginning). They have a very detached position in the East Emperor Great World and override all super powers.

He did not expect that such a family would even send people to participate in the opening of the Sword Territory in the South China Sea. He wanted to get the Eternal Tower a little dangerous!

He remembered that no people from the Thunder Prison family had appeared here in the last life. Is it because his history has changed? This is not good.

"Boy, don't give me a sham to the old man, come out with a good wine!" Mo Dongsheng was nowhere to be seen, and he held Zhao Yuande affectionately.

"Senior!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help crying, the old guy was really direct.

But he didn't hesitate, took a bottle of soaked Sansheng wine from the space and handed it over.

"Senior saves a little drink, this wine is not much!"

"Your little boy came to fooling my old man, but you are the owner of the world's first gourmet. You will not be able to run after a while, and I have to eat a big meal, it is best to directly eat the kind of God Emperor!" Mo Dongsheng is not at all. Politely, he grabbed the bottle and the lion made a big request.

"Senior, you killed me directly!" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly, "If you don't, you will count me in the eyes of the extreme Beihai!"

The Arctic Sea Eye is a forbidden place in the Eastern Emperor Great World, and is a place where the Thunder Prison family suppresses criminals. Most people really don't know this place.

"Oh! Your kid knows the identity of the old man?" Mo Dongsheng looked surprised.

His identity is secret. No one on this boat knows it. Otherwise, how could he stay on the deck and have been invited into the luxury cabin for a long time?

"Hey! The name of the predecessors is like Lei Guan'er, which one does not know which one in the East Emperor's World..." Zhao Yuande just said that the eyes of the North Sea came, but he also had some intention of temptation.

"Where did your kid know the identity of the old man?" Mo Dongsheng glared with a beard, no matter how he used his brain, he couldn't imagine how Zhao Yuande would know his true identity.

"Actually, I guessed it!" How could Zhao Yuande tell his secret, but he could not help but say nothing.

"Your boy, don't tell me the truth! Believe it or not, old man, I will really suppress you!" Mo Dongsheng could believe this.

"Okay! This is a secret, let's not talk about it. My predecessors told me to do something? Wouldn't it be as simple as saying hello to jugs of wine?" Zhao Yuande didn't want to **** him.

"Come on, your kid follow me!" Mo Dongsheng touched the goatee with one hand and Zhao Yuande with one hand to drill into the cabin.

"Where is this? You always want to find a place to kill me!"

"Bah! What do you think our family is, and still kill you, aren't you just a cook? I'll take you to see a person." Mo Dongsheng very arrogantly exposed Zhao Yuande's fault.

Zhao Yuande knew what this old guy was, so he didn't care about his words at all, just chatted with him all the way, and soon came to a luxurious cabin.