Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Enter The South China Sea Sword Territory

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The big ship quickly set sail and traveled continuously in the vast sea for three days and three nights, and finally came to a sea where there were rolling waves and reefs.

Here, the speed of the big ship is obviously slowed down, and it often turns in place, or even makes a U-turn, traveling very carefully.

Finally they saw in the middle of this sea area, there was a huge vortex in the sea with hundreds of thousands of squares, the vortex seemed to be able to swallow everything in the world, and there were non-stop fierce beasts in the whirlpool screaming in pain, There is a powerful force of void in the vortex, as if connected to a mysterious world.

On the big ship, Zhao Yuande and Jian Wushuang stood side by side, and they looked towards the huge vortex.

"It's finally here!" Jian Wushuang's eyes showed expectations, and he was here for the first time.

"It's really spectacular, it's worthy of the remains of the earth-shaking god!" Zhao Yuande also sighed. Although he had been here in his previous life, he was still shocked to see it again.

"We need to wait here for a few days to wait for the vortex to stop turning. Now if we enter, we will be crushed by the terrible power of the void like those sea beasts, and the spirits will not survive!" Jian Wushuang explained to Zhao Yuande.

"Well!" Zhao Yuande nodded softly. They not only have to wait for time here, but also wait for the arrival of another group of people.

South Sea Demon Race!

Like the Nanhai Jianmeng, they all have the secret map of the path to get here and the other half of the opening key, but they have no intersection with other big worlds, but come alone.

Only after the Nanhai demon clan arrives, they can jointly open the sword sword in the South China Sea.

Soon not far away came a thunderous rumbling sound, a tumultuous wave rolled, and a huge figure like a giant mountain in the sea appeared in front of everyone.

This is a terrifying sea whale with tens of thousands of feet. It stands densely on its spine and does not know how many figures. It comes from the wind and waves, rushing through the reef-filled sea without any pause.

"The people of the Nanhai demon clan are coming!" Jian Wushuang looked at the huge sea whale with some sorrow. This terrible creature is at least the strongest of Divine Emperor Realm. It will cause heavy casualties, and this time their most powerful team leader is just the emperor's peak powerhouse.

"Haha! The little boys of the South China Sea Sword League came so early!" A rumbling laughter shook Cangyu, and the whole ship shook a little under this laughter.

The terrible sea whale shook the countless people on his back into the sky, but he turned into a black and strong old man, and in a blink of an eye came to the big ship where they were.

The demon tribes seem to have been used to this situation for a long time, and they have thrown their means out of a large ship, and even turned into a body and fell into the sea to swim.

"Senior Lan is so close that I am really flattered!" Several old men came together and bowed slightly to the black strong old man. They were the leader of the South China Sea Sword League.

"Okay, dont use it if its useless. This time Im here to let you know. I brought the underground demon clan this time, and they will also enter the South China Sea sword field with this time. You give me three. Thousands of places are coming!" The black strong man was very rushed as soon as he came up.

"This..." which was the first old man's face embarrassed, "We have all distributed the quota, it is really gone!"

"Huh? No? Do you want me to clean up some of you!" The black strong man turned to look at the other big ships, his mouth full of threats, "There should be a lot of people on these ships! If I get it If you sink a ship or two, can you make up three thousand places!"

"Senior, don't do it!" The old man looked bitter. He felt that today is not a good day, why did this matter make him stand up.

"Don't hurry and get me done. If it's enough, I'll just leave. If it's not enough, I'll do it myself!" The black strong man has a tough attitude, and you don't give them a face.

The old man had no choice but to discuss with a few old men, each flying to another big ship.

"Underground demon clan actually came?" Zhao Yuande felt confused, but there was no underground demon clan in his last life, but he and the underground demon clan had a deep hatred. It seems that this time he will open the killing ring again.

But he quickly thought of Zhu Luan again, don't know what happened to this woman now? Have you entered the Heritage Hall?

It seems that after entering the sword territory of the South China Sea, one or two underground demon tribes are to be interrogated.

The efficiency of a few old men is very high, but their faces are very unsightly. Obviously, there are too many offenders. This trip to the Sword Field in the South China Sea was originally thought to be very simple, but this kind of twists and turns occurred.

They respectfully handed the three thousand tokens to the black strong man, and the other party left with a sneer.

None of the people on the entire boat from start to finish dared to say anything, they could feel a terrible breath over them, and they could be killed by this old guy at any time.

Zhao Yuande tried his best to converge his breath, and don't let the other party see any clues in himself.

After the incident, there were no more waves, and the two forces waited here for a few more days, and finally the huge vortex that seemed to be the door of the starry sky slowly stopped and turned, as if stopped by time.

"Hurry up and enter quickly, otherwise you will be strangled by the terrible void force when you are late!" several old men shouted loudly and spread throughout the sea.

All the people on the big ship jumped excitedly at the same time, rushing on the surface of the sea, rushing towards the stopped vortex.

Zhao Yuande and Jian walked together without a pair. Their speed was very fast, and they reached the front of the crowd in a blink of an eye.

At this time, the sea was calm and no waves, and the vortex seemed to be frozen. They stepped on it without any slight waves. They quickly rushed over and appeared in the center of the vortex. There is a black void gate, which is hundreds of feet in size. Inside is the South China Sea sword field.

"Brother Zhao, remember to return to the original point within a year, otherwise you will have to wait another three hundred years!" Jian Wushuang reminded him.

"Thank you Brother Jian, I hope we can meet inside!" Zhao Yuande nodded with a smile, strode into the door of the void, the figure disappeared suddenly!

Jian Wushuang looked forward, but he was also a little sad, and stepped into the gate of the void together with Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande only felt the power of a void transform, and the next moment he appeared in an endless sea.

The waves rolled in the sea, the terrible beast roared in the sea, there was no one around him.

The pressure in the sky was so great that he fell sharply and quickly fell into the sea.

Zhao Yuande had been here in his previous life. Flight is not allowed here, and he can only move forward step by step.

"Hey! Why didn't I prepare for a big ship sailing in the sea? It's really a mistake!" Zhao Yuande murmured while running towards the front, treading the waves in the sea and moving all the way.


It was only a few tens of miles to run out, and there was a terrible roar from the sea below.