Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Then Kill It

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A behemoth protruded out of the sea and bit towards Zhao Yuande.

This is a huge sea snake, with a body of hundreds of feet, meandering and twisting in the depths of the sea, feeling the huge breath of Zhao Yuande, and immediately launched a predation against him.

But what happened to him, Zhao Yuande, was destined to be very miserable.

Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, his fist hit the forehead of this big sea snake fiercely.

Suddenly, the big snake's head was punched into a big hole by his punch. The terrible thunder rushed out of the big snake's head along his fist, destroying its spirit directly.

The sea snake is not low-level, but a seventh-order beast, but this strength is a dish in front of Zhao Yuande.

The sea snake floats, and Zhao Yuande throws it directly into the other side of the world, and keeps it as food for the future.

He continued to move forward, and soon terrible beasts continued to attack him. He repeatedly beheaded the beasts in the sea, including lobsters, crabs, and sharks... anyway, Zhao Yuande had enough seafood Banquet, when there is time, these will be made into food by him.

I don't know how long I ran, and suddenly I saw a huge ship ahead.

His eyes are like electricity, and he has heavenly eyes. His eyes are extremely deep, and he can clearly see things hundreds of miles away.

He saw the figure on the bow of the boat, and there was even an acquaintance, Song Shuhao from the North Mountain God Mountain, but at this time his situation seemed to be bad. Several people were surrounding him, and his face was dare to speak out. Emoji.

After thinking about it, he rushed towards the ship, and came to the ship in a few breaths.

"Who are you?" Someone saw Zhao Yuande get on the ship and asked immediately.

"Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande didn't mean to hide at all. Here he is basically invincible. Who dares to sway his mind and absolutely kills him.

"Zhao Yuande! Zhao Dakeng!" The man's face was not very good-looking, and suddenly backed away. Zhao Yuande's fierce reputation was too strong, which made him feel a little shocked.

"Warning you, it is best not to call me Zhao Dakeng, otherwise I will really kill you!" Zhao Yuande warned him, very severely.

"Yes!" The man was terrified.

"Hey! Who is this person? It looks very majestic?" Someone obviously wasn't from the Eastern World and asked the people around him in confusion.

"I don't know! It seems to be Zhao Yuande, I don't know what came from!" The other person was also puzzled and turned his head to ask the other person, "Hey, Brother Lin, you are from the Eastern Great World. Tell us about this one. What is your identity?"

The other person carefully looked at Zhao Yuande's back and pulled the two people away, whispering to explain Zhao Yuande's story.

"This guy is too good! It is possible to kill so many strong men. No wonder people call him Zhao Dakeng..." The man quickly covered his mouth!

This is just a corner of the big ship. Similar things happened in many other places. Zhao Yuande's name quickly spread to all corners of the big ship. Almost everyone knew Zhao Yuande's terrible and powerful.

Zhao Yuande stepped closer to Song Shuhao regardless of the discussion behind him.

"Brother Song, don't come unharmed!" Zhao Yuande laughed, "Heifeng, come out and meet old acquaintances!"

Zhao Yuande directly pulled Heifeng and Potian from the other side of the world.

"He even brought a small world with him!" Someone exclaimed at that time, this is a great treasure.

It is important to know that there are many kinds of treasures with space, but the space among these treasures cannot survive. The only thing that can allow living people to enter is an independent small world.

Such treasures with independent small worlds are very scarce and basically invisible in all big worlds.

Because you want to refine such a treasure, you need to fully master the twelve kinds of roads of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, yin, yang, light, darkness, and void. No, not even in the fairy world or innate gods and demons.

Although each of the treasures made by these people is not an innate spirit treasure, it is far beyond the innate spirit treasure and can even reach the point of chaos spirit treasure.

So this kind of treasure is basically the treasure among the treasures, and anyone who sees it will be hot.

However, refining such a treasure is not worth the gains, because as long as you reach the worlds dual true spiritual realm, the inner world can accommodate living people. With the improvement of the inner world, you may even grow into a small world. This is a lot of cultivators. The situation that can be achieved is much less laborious than refining a treasure!

And in this South China Sea sword field, it is impossible to exert its strength above the world, so the inner world can not be opened at all, and this Xiu knows for everyone at a glance, it is just a combination of yin and yang, so he It must be a treasure comparable to Chaos Lingbao!

Such treasures as Chao Ling Ling Bao are not easy to see in a big world, and now they are right in front of this person, and everyone's breath is rushing at the same time.

Zhao Yuande was deliberate. He deliberately revealed the other side of the world to see who dares to do it on his own!

In some cases, directly squeezing to death can be considered a shock.

"Brother Zhao! It's you! You also come with the black wind!" Song Shuhao saw them and suddenly showed a surprise on his face. Now he is in a dangerous situation. When he saw Zhao Yuande appearing, he almost cried in excitement. come out.

The few people surrounding Song Shuhao didn't even notice Zhao Yuande's arrival, and a series of sensations after his arrival.

They all turned around and looked at Zhao Yuande and three people very badly.

There were a total of seven people in the other party, male and female. Their faces were filled with coldness and pride. It was not nervous to see the arrival of the three Zhao Yuande. Instead, the eyes showed sarcasm.

Everyone on the big ship is now paying attention to Zhao Yuande's every move, they want to see Zhao Yuande's real strength, and then decide whether to take action on him.

Song Shuhao rushed out of the crowd and came to Zhao Yuande. After seeing Zhao Yuande, he knew he was saved!

"Hey, what the **** is going on, who is this guy's family?" Hei Feng and Song Shuhao were very close to each other. When he saw that his face was not good-looking, he suddenly showed anger.

"They are the people of Shenlong Mountain, and we have always been at odds with our northern wilderness God Mountain. If it were not for you this time, I would definitely die!" Song Shuhao's face was the color of the rest of his life after the robbery.

"Song Shuhao! Do you think you're saved? You Beihuang Shenshan robbed our site and let us look at the face of Shenlong Mountain. Today I'm here..." Song Long, headed by Shenlong Mountain, who looked at me with a bad look, didn't care. Zhao Yuande a few people.

But before he had finished speaking, Zhao Yuande was interrupted abruptly.

"If they are enemies, then kill them! Breaking the sky, it's up to you!"

Po Tian had just been promoted to the eighth rank, and the flesh once again made a big cut. Now the fighting power even Zhao Yuande would be terrified by three points. At this time, Zhao Yuande was commanded, and he immediately shouted excitedly and rushed directly up.

The thought of the person who dared to do something really dare to do it, but before he responded, was torn into pieces by a claw of the sky, and a large piece of blood sprayed it, which suddenly made it a **** slaughterhouse.