Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 330

Chapter 330: Harvest And Joy

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"He killed the elder brother, everyone killed him together!" Those people quickly reacted and quickly organized the siege to break through the sky.

They don't believe that with their combined strength, they can't kill an armor monkey.

However, the reality is cruel. The power of breaking the sky is far beyond their imagination. The attacks on him are basically bounced off by the powerful body, and every time he jumps, he takes a fresh life, but blinks. Of the six people in Kung Fu, only two are left.

They no longer dared to fight against the sky, and turned around and wanted to escape.

It's a pity that they couldn't fly, they were caught up by the sky and shattered their bodies.

Seven people were beheaded by the sky, but no more than a dozen breathing time before and after, everyone on the ship suddenly froze.

This guy didn't even need to do it himself, there was such a terrible existence under his hand, and the greed in their hearts was suddenly suppressed.

Although the treasure is good, but it must be used to death, knowing that it must die to grab it, it is unreasonable.

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Song Shuhao is very grateful.

"Hey! Boy, you're welcome, we are friends!" Heifeng asked Song Shuhao's shoulder and asked mysteriously, "Hey, you two sisters went there? Why didn't you see them?"

Song Shuhao glanced at Zhao Yuande and said with a smile: "The two sisters don't know where they were sent! I can't get in touch!"

Zhao Yuande was slightly disappointed and worried when he heard the news.

Although Zhai Linxuan's cultivation base is strong, he also has innate Lingbao bodyguards, but he is deeply aware of the danger of the sword in the South China Sea.

"These guys are obviously brothers and sisters. How could they appear together?" Heifeng asked after looking at the corpses.

"Hey! Their Shenlong Mountain is good at making symbols. They have a very peculiar sensor that can sense each other's position." Song Shuhao is very familiar with the enemy of Shenlong Mountain.

"Okay, let's take a break first. I think we will be on the first island soon. There will be a lot of opportunities on the island to fight for!" Zhao Yuandesi thought about it and took out the wind gourd from the space. Give the black wind.

"What is this?" Heifeng took the wind gourd and looked up and down curiously. It felt very light, and there didn't seem to be any medicine in it.

"Hush! Don't say anything!" Zhao Yuande preached to him, "This is a congenital spirit treasure wind gourd. Using the spiritual force to activate the wind shave can cut people and souls, leaving you with self-defense. Don't take it until you have a last resort. come out!"

"First..." Before he said the word of the sky, Heifeng directly covered his mouth with Zhao Yuande.

"I know!" The black wind suffocated his face flushed, and suddenly thought of his gaffe, he quickly swallowed the words in his mouth.

At this time, the excitement in his heart could not be described by words. Zhao Yuande even gave him an innate spirit treasure. His strength was the weakest among the people. Although he continued to work hard and practiced madly, how could he be with Zhao Yuande? Compared with the two metamorphosis of Potian, now that he has such a big killer, he believes that he has the power of self-preservation and has the qualification to compete for treasures in the sword territory of the South China Sea.

"The three of you can enjoy the chances of the nine islands together, but don't enter the last sword mountain! There will be the most intense competition. It is too dangerous to enter. Anyone can fall at any time. Crisis!" Zhao Yuande told them.

"Do you want to go in? Or do you still hold this gourd!" Heifeng felt Zhao Yuande said too horrible, he was a little worried.

"This thing doesn't have much effect on me, it's still in your hands to get the most out of it! But you mustn't show it too much! Otherwise, it will bring a fatal disaster, and you will supervise him if you break the sky!" Zhao Yuande still has some Don't worry about him.

"Brother Song, you are with them, you should keep you safe and sound! But remember, don't be greedy!" Zhao Yuande warned them again.

"Well! We know!" Song Shuhao nodded.

"What's that ahead? Is it a small island?" Suddenly someone shouted, and they saw a vague shadow at the end of the sea.

"No, it's not an island, but... but a terrible sea beast!" Someone soon saw the true look of the shadow, and turned out to be the back of a monster, looming in the sea.

After a loud noise, the ship shook violently.

"What did the ship hit?" Someone looked down under the big ship. The man just leaned out of his head and saw a thick tentacle jumping out of the sea, pulling the person directly into the sea.


The man shouted frantically and struggled desperately, but to no avail at all, he was getting tighter and tighter by the tentacles.

Numerous tentacles popped out of the sea and rushed up the edge of the big ship.


In Hekuai, more than a dozen people were taken away directly, and screams continued to ring.

"No! Just attack with powerful sea beasts, everyone is ready to fight!" Someone exclaimed, and took out their weapons and rushed towards the side of the boat.

"Be careful!" Song Shuhao saw a tentacle popping up, tangled directly towards Zhao Yuande, and exclaimed suddenly.

"Humph!" Zhao Yuande's hands flickered, and the mirror sword cut off the tentacles directly.

The broken tentacles are constantly tumbling on the deck, as if they have strong vitality.

"It's a big octopus!" Zhao Yuande kicked his tentacles and flew directly into the sea. "You protect yourself!"

By the time Zhao Yuande's voice reached their ears, his people had already appeared in the sea.

Even in the sea, Zhao Yuande's speed is still super fast. Under the water, he saw the entire big ship being entangled by a huge octopus, countless tentacles constantly flying, and the practitioners were pulled down from the big ship by it, and then stuffed in In the mouth.

"It's a pleasure to eat!" Zhao Yuande rushed forward, flying the mirror sword in his hand, cutting off the tentacles one by one.


The octopus was occupied by Zhao Yuande for more than ten tentacles in a row, and suddenly roared with pain, and his mouth squirted a thick black ink towards Zhao Yuande!

This ink is too big, and it directly dyes the whole sea into a black color.

Zhao Yuande only felt that his eyes were black, and suddenly nothing could be caught.


The next moment he felt his body seemed to be entangled in something at once, unable to move at all, and was desperately pulled in one direction.


Zhao Yuande was not in a hurry, his thunder burst out all over his body. In an instant, he was like a little sun, his body backlit and thin, almost illuminating the whole sea area.

Lei Guang suddenly rushed into the octopus tentacles that entangled Zhao Yuande, and blinked along the tentacles to the octopus body.


The octopus rolled his eyes straight with electricity, his body trembling, and he immediately let go of the tentacles that had caught the big ship.

Zhao Yuande took the opportunity to pass by and appeared in front of the octopus. The sword of the mirror directly penetrated the octopus' eyes.

Here is the weakness of the octopus, as long as it stabbed here, it will instantly lose its fighting power.

Zhao Yuande succeeded with a sword, the octopus shivered, and all the tentacles seemed to have lost control at this time, and began to fall continuously.

"Humph, die for me!"

Zhao Yuande held thunder in his hand, and thunder fist of the open sky fist shot shot, directly hitting the octopus' head with a punch.

"Don't waste such a big octopus!" Zhao Yuande grabbed the octopus' body and threw it into the other side of the world.

At this time, a corner of the other side of the world was already full of various sea beast corpses.

Li Rushuang stood not far away. He controlled the power of frost and frozen these sea beasts one by one. If not, these sea beasts would stink quickly.

Li Rushuang was tired and panting, but there was a kind of happiness on his face, as if a hunter's wife was packing up her husband's prey!